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im cringing so hard
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Weeb 1: You and I are no longer (Together) Weeb 2 (Really) (Your) Breaking up with (Me) Weeb 1 (Yes), (Nut) we can still be (Family?) Weeb 2 (What?!) (Thanks) for nothing (Idiot) XD Call Me a strange person but did I get this right?
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Weeb 1:you and I are no longer (okay) Weeb 2:(really/seriously) you're breaking up with (me) (*makes it a statement*)(*makes it a question*) Weeb 1: (yes) (but) we can still be (friends) Weeb 2: (no) (thanks) for nothing (idiot)
8 months ago
wait realllllly! Ummmmm!? my first question is is this a joke. I have heard of spanglish so does this make japglish? I mean what would be the proper term here?
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demo = but iie= no tomodachi= friends daijoubu= ???
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Daijobu= ok Daijobu desuka= greetings, akin to "How's it going?" or "how are you?" Daijobu Janaidesu= I'm not alright/ok
8 months ago
Gahhh so cringy へ(>_<へ)
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