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Episode 2

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I'm up at six in the morning. It's like pulling onto the deathbed. I'm going to work at Joseon entertainment from today onwards. Finally, I'm employed. I don't know why but I really don't have any feelings about this. Either I should be excited or nervous. But I'm so neutral. I crawl down from my bed.

After having a warm shower, I do my daily skin care steps and bless my body with DYI lavender oil. I slip into my pair of light blue slacks and match it with a white linen shirt. Mmm! How about brown heels for this? And I will keep my blow dried hair loose. Lastly, I spray my lavender mist all over - it is an all over hair and body spray. I’m ready for this physically.

My mum is ready with breakfast. She's like the summer sun, bright and glowing with happiness. Her useless daughter is finally on her first day to be productive. She must be overwhelmed.

I quickly whack down the sandwiches she has prepared and gulp down the glass of milk.

The day looks warm already. But looks fresh too. I feel that way maybe because I rarely see the mornings. Everyone is taking quick steps to this way and that way. Can't be all of them are late to work. Maybe that is a habit of all working people. Inevitably I'm taking quick steps too.

I get into the first bus that comes as I reach the stand. It is sort of crowded. I creep in and stand by the second seat on the left of the bus. A chap wearing a black hoodie is dozing off on this seat. Wearing a mask covering more than a half of his face, he is like a ninja. And he must be suffering. It’s summer and that’s not the right wear.

Suddenly I hear someone trying to break into the moving bus. And the bus stops for it. That's almost a crash. Everyone who is standing almost falls and whoever is seated are thrown to the forward. Wow! And where am I? Oh, shoot! I'm on this Ninja's lap.

I look at him. His eyes are enlarged at me. He is officially holding me. I freeze for more than a minute. Although I only see his eyes, I'm pretty sure he is insanely handsome. "You wanna sit, lady?" His voice is one of a kind. I take a brief moment to find my words. This is embarrassing.

"Uh...uh...I'm sorry. I...."

"Don't be sorry for anything that you are not at fault for." he says and stands to offer me his seat.

I stare at him. He doesn't look at me even once. I feel sorry for interrupting this poor boy's sleep. But isn't he being too proud? And what did he just said? He just offered me his seat and that's it. I thank him and sit. Is he being a gentleman or did he just gave up his seat because he was worried that I might fall back to his lap again? What a jerk!

He is holding the handrail of the seat in front of me. His hand is pale. His nails are nicely cut. There are two rings on his hand with some weird symbols carved on them. They look like some Chinese characters. I want to look up at his face for one last time. But it feels so awkward.
My phone rings. I pull it out of the bag. It's a number I'm not familiar with. Should be Mr Kim. Oh damn! I didn't tell him that I'm going to work from today. "Hello!"

"Miss. Park?" The voice says. It's not Mr Kim.

"Yes. Speaking."

"Ah! Good Morning! I'm from Joseon Entertainment. I just want to confirm if you are coming to work today."

"Yeah. I'm on my way already."

"Ah, that's great. Then we will see you soon Miss Park"

I hang up and look front. The hand is gone. Yeah, the Ninja is gone. When did he get off? Damn! I missed him. Oh! it's almost my place to get off.

Wow! This place looks like a heaven. A few young girls just walking ahead in front of me. Should be trainees. I walk straight to the reception. "Hi! I'm Park Chae-young. I'm going to work here from today"

The two girls look at each other's face. They don't seem to know anything about it. A boy in a black suit appears from I don't know where. "Miss Park?"

"Oh, Yes!"

"Come with me!" I follow him.

He escorts me to the third floor of the building and into a room looks like an office. "Miss Park, this is your office."

"Sorry?" I heard him but I think I didn't hear him right.

"This is your office, Miss Park. Mr Kim had to go out of the town for something urgent. He will be back in two days. Until then just get used to the work." He walks towards the table. "Everything you need is placed on this table. And for more information, a girl will see you here sometime soon."

I go to the table. I see an identity card, a mobile phone, some books, a laptop, and a file on top of the table.

"This file has your JD, read thoroughly and sign. You can hand it over to the girl who will see you," he explains further.

"Ah! Alright!" I nod.

"Then I guess everything is okay. Enjoy your work, Miss Park. See you" He turns to leave. And turns back to me again. "Ah! My bad. I couldn't introduce myself to you. I'm Jung Jungkook. You can call me Jungkook. And contact me if you need anything."

He is very kind. And of course good looking. His skin is like made out of cheese. Cheesy boy! His eyes are shiny and smile is mesmerising. His physique is healthy and smart. He gave me a great first impression about this place. And I'm looking forward to the rest of the scenes.

to be continued.....