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So the spring contest has come to an end and I'm excited to announce the winner in the Seventeen community............


@Lexxcisco !!!!!!!!
If you haven't read it yet, I suggest you do, its really really good, but Imma drop the link to it down below .

Now Lexicisco, for your prize, you have the choice of wallpaper, spam, one shot, or a Match Maker card

Thats all for today, bye bye!~

Woo! Thanks girlie!! I would love a match maker card. I would be interested to see it 😀
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ahhh okay. I am a dork and I would like to think I am funny lol. I am also shy but more outgoing when you get to know me. My favorite color is blue, I love pasta and Ginger ale. I usually wear a big tshirt with leggings and play games or write a lot. My dream date is probably just watching some movies at home or talking a walk at night at a park. That's about it! Thanks girlie 😃