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So, I noticed a few of my fellow Vinglers having trouble with adding tag lists to their cards. It happens to too many people, so I wanted to make a card about it. I'm a huge fan of the Steven Universe community, so I use (and update) that tag list very often. Here's how I add my tag list to ALL of the Steven Universe cards I make. I've discovered the best way to do this is one my computer, as it helps me to use a wider screen that I don't have to touch.

Step 1: Click the "notepad" icon to create a new card.
Even though this might sound dumb, the layout on a computer is different from a phone, so you might have a hard time finding this icon. The notepad icon is directly to the right of the magnifying glass "search" icon. I put a big red arrow pointing to it for you, because I'm nice.

Step 2: Title and add the body text of your card
Along with any pics or video links you might want to add.

Step 3: Copy your tag list from an outside source
In my case, I emailed the tag list to myself from another card. You can also do this with saved texts from your phone, MC Word, or any other savable text box application.

Step 4: Paste into your card
It might come out perfect, or it might come out without spaces, like mine did this time.

Step 5: Add spaces or extra words
Vingle is wierd because it won't see the pasted text if you didn't edit the card at all after you pasted it. In my case, I just needed to press enter a few times. Want a snazzy ending line? Perfect time to add it! Or, it might be better to just add and delete gibberish. Example: gcgffgtvgh vhfh

Step 6: Publish your card
Press the big red "ADD" button on the top right corner. If it's greyed out (like shown in Step 5's pic), then you still need to select collections for it.

Step 7: Viola! *bad french laugh*

You are done! Yay for you!!!

Vingle Gems:

Vingle Universe Tag List:
If you want to be added or removed please leave a comment down below!
i usually save mine on chat apps like kakao talk or line
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Oh, and thank you!
Btw, ANYONE IN THE STEVEN UNIVERSE COMMUNITY CAN USE OUR TAG LIST! Please do! I want to see what you have to contribute to our community! 😄