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He texted her. She smiled reading it but she wasn't about to text him back. She knows how he is, he knows how to push her buttons to get his way. The way he pouts, the way he sounds when he pouts, that face. She pretended to text him back, saying it out loud, looking at the screen as if she was looking at his face.

“I miss you too. I think about you every second I'm awake and dream of you when I'm sleeping.”

She looked at the ring.

“Thank you for the ring. I haven't taken off since that morning.”

Disappointment crossed her face and she put her phone down. She was digging this place but with that girl and the manager hot on her trail again, she was going to have to leave. Thankfully, they rented it to her temporarily for a month, so she wouldn't be missing out on much. Her friend found her another place. She picked her bags up and left. She went down to the parking garage and waited.

“Unnie! Over here!”

She looked at the car that her friend was calling her over to. It was a little red Porsche with dark tinted windows.

“Over here! Hurry!”

Noona picked up her bags and dragged them over, “Where did you get this car from? And why are you on it?”

“Well…” her friend threw her bags into the back,  “I figured they would be looking for my car so I borrowed this from my cousin. Hurry get in. Let's get out of here before they see you.”

They pulled out into the street and drove away fast.

“You've changed your IP address?” Her friend asked, “I heard they put a trace on that post.”

“Yup, I changed it as soon as I posted it.” She looked at his text again, “where are they?”

“I heard they're extending their vacation and moved them to another location. The big boss isn't too happy with what is going on. He's even suspended that girl groups activities. And…” she looked over at her unnie, “and boss, our boss was wondering if you're okay. Does he know about you and… you know who?”

Noona nodded her head, “he figured it out.”

“Oh. Well speaking of which, this new hiding spot… it belongs to him. He said he had a flat he doesn't use and offered it.”

Noona didn't feel all that surprised by this, she nodded again, “Okay.”

They pulled up to another building in a very quiet neighborhood, very posh. The fiat was breathtaking. She had to admit, her old boss had some taste.

“How's your nephew doing? You must thank him for his help.”

“He thought it was fun and wanted to know when he can do it again.” Her friend said, “Do you want me to stay? I can, I have nothing to do tomorrow.”

“Sure, that'll be great.”

Her friend got on her phone and was surfacing the internet when she seen it.

“Uh, unnie, better take a look.”

Noona sat down next to her and peered over her shoulder. She read a headline that said ‘Famous K-pop Group On Vacation’, and then another, 'K-pop Singer Turned Saesang’

They looked at one another.
Sorry if it took so long to post this. I was, am in mourning for Chris Cornell's passing. He was A GREAT musician, artist, human being. When I was going through a difficult time, his music, his voice made the clouds not seem so dark and bleak. He even came to my dream and told me to just leave.... My heart :(
It felt like I lost an older brother. I'm still heartbroken.

But life goes on.... Onto the next chapter!

you are so slick!!! posting when I'm least expecting!! Let me hop on this!
I'm glad feeling a bit better eomma~
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You should go 😂😂