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I think we can all agree that Seventeen knows how to dance.

The way that they encorporate all the members and play around with layers and shapes is so unique to their group and is what I love most about them.

Their recent comeback is no different, and I wanted to share a few of my favorite points:

They always play around with diamond shapes since that is related to their fandom "Carats" and I always love trying to spot it. I really like how they did this one!
The beginning's subtle leaning move was so nice to look at???? It immediately drew me in!
I looooved this move to signify "I Don't Want to Cry" and this whole part led by Jun on the ground is so nice! I love how Seventeen is always changing their stance to be jumping, standing, kneeling, crawling, etc!
I want to know how many times groups have to practice when they do this move because timing is everything. One person is off and the whole move is ruined!
I just love this move so much it feels so freeing haha
This last little bit at the end with the fancy leg work really got me and I missed it the first time!

Don't even get me started on The8 and Hoshi's footwork, there was no way for me to screenshot that magic.

Who else is loving this comeback?

(now to go watch GOT7 and is going to be a DAY)

Here's the video by the way!
I like this.
It was really beautiful and the ironic thing about I Don't Wanna Cry is that it made me, someone who also did t wanna cry, cry a lot because it was beautiful
I started crying halfway through because I was so proud of the boys for growing so much. Any way you look at it this MV is a huge improvement on every aspect from their debut in Adore U or even Mansae. I loved it.
its so beautiful....i think this is my favorite era along with adore U and Highlight