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Ok Im late so what😂😂I'm so proud! What more is there to say?! They have come so far in just a few years, and we have only just begun. been so amazed by the unity, power, and love that is shared throughout ARMY. We are truly family. A beautiful fandom I wouldn't have imagined being able to be apart of one day. But here I am.
I love you guys so much💜💜 I actually cried when BTS accepted their award because of our fandom's dedication along with the boy's hard work. It made me more emotional that I thought I would be 😂😂
Didn't mean to get all sappy with you guys💀💀 so glad they had this opportunity and all I can say is thank you, army, for helping me find somewhere truly belong. And thank you to all the other fandoms who helped us during voting. This is great! The boys have so much ahead of them, so keep up the hard work and continue to support them. They truly deserve it😌💙💙