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All he could hear, smell and feel, where the smell of a sterile environment something warm holding his hand and something wet on his face, and a soft sobbing coming from his side.

"Yeobo please, please wake up. I need you, our child needs you! Please...WAKE UP!" And a small shove.

Struggling he tries to open his eyes, when he does he sees a small dark head hanging by his side. Groaning he alerts the person next to him.

With a gasp she looks up at him and starts to sob harder "CORY, oh my god Cory, you're awake!"
She gets up and runs for the door asking for a doctor.

Cory watches her and notices a small bump in her stomach.

And suddenly an avalanche of memories hit him.

A cafe, the park...late night cuddling and consoling...and her... his world.
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