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miss these two and the whole tekkaden crew
Went out like a boss I mean they dropped a bomb on him and ripped his arms off and he still whooped there asses in my opinion Mika never lost a fight
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Hey jokes on them they still got their asses kicked
Greatest gundam pilot ever And think if he had gone berserk he probably could have gotten out of there so he wasn't even going all out
My theory is what if Mika didn't really die what if Barbatos just shut down.
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Yea cuz than all he'd need is the cockpit
I really hated the second season first season was the best they grew as a family and they grew there company and got bigger names for each other and they were striving for more and I think everyone wanted to see them do bigger things but second season came and everything just went downhill everyone dying and there company lost power at the end of the day they just stayed with what they had built on mars and this really sucked because this show at first was to show that anyone could be successful no matter who you were and tekkedan wasn't really able to do that because even tho they grew whatever they had gotten was soon taken from them and they still lost and this just showed that it's not worth working hard or worth your life because at the end of the day no matter how far you get sooner or later your going to fall