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kim tan <3 <3 my oppa LEE MIN HO :) <3
since i love him soooo muchhh :) <3 i don't post abt him much but u a lll know and even oppa knws how much i love himmm oppa saranghhae oppa hwaiting <3 <3 :)
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I love LMH but don't want to clone Kim Tan...that character is sad..depressed...sullen and so forth. Instead I'll clone Choi Young aka LMH from faith...Strong ,inspiring, loyal and inspirational. :D
LOL :-D oppa is awesome u are all welcome :) <3 actually 2 me i love oppa personality the most so clonning won't work 4 me hehe i would just like 2 meet the real oppa lmh just for a little while bcs i love him naaa bcs of how lovely of a person he is just for a little while i won't ask for much lol love himmm :) <3
choi young was oozing with warrior lyk charisma..strong..bold...electrifying ..it suited him very well.i too feel kim tan's character is a sad one...wateva d case he is portraying tans characacter well too..but still faith was d bestest followed by city hunter and bof:-)