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Do you think motivational speakers follow rules? Or do they have set rules that make them inspiring public speakers? I don’t think.
Rather I believe such inspiring speakers share a set of common attributes or qualities rather than a set of behavioural rules
If you want to know what are those attributes that each motivational speaker like Gandhi, Winston Churchill etc. had within them then read forward.

5 Attributes of a Motivational Speaker

Truly inspiring speaking comes from within you and not by applying a series of rules that make you a public speaker. Although, rules make you ‘professional’, they make us more stiff and awkward.
If you want to learn, understand and be more like famous motivational speakers then enrol in corporate training programs that don’t go by rules, instead enhance your qualities.


Fearlessness is the quality that helps you to go beyond the comfort zone in serving your audience. Fearlessness also brings in power and encouragement that make you un-dauntingly in control of people’s mind.

Being Aware

Awareness of the audience, behaviours and your environment allows you to make choices, better choices to pick up behaviours that connect with your people.


An inspiring motivational speaker does not ask themselves, “what do I want to say?”, instead starts his speech by keeping hislisteners perspectives in view and aim for their betterment.


The most important quality of all is the ability to be yourself; be real, be authentic and only then you will be respected and listened.
Sometimes, being yourself may make you feel vulnerable and somewhat inappropriate but in the long run your authenticity will connect with your audiences in a more humble way than if you try to follow someone else’s shoes.


Yes, that’s another attribute that will make you stand out. Use out of the box approaches, bring in fresh information and creative ideas to inspire people. Spontaneous and unique actions will be memorable than same old proven techniques of motivation.