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As far as she was concerned, that little girl was already there.

What was she going to do. She got on the SNS, she stared at the screen for a long time. There were a lot of comments wondering if oppa was okay. She remembered about IP trace and decided not get on unless it was necessary.

She felt frustrated. There was one option left. She picked up her phone.

“Where are you?”

It didn't take long. Her dark god was more than willing to answer her.

Hi baby” he sent, with a kiss emoji, “On vacation, wish you were here.”

“But where?”

Jeju. Will be here another day.” He sent a sad face, “I miss you. And he misses you too.

“I miss you both” she stopped, slapped herself and deleted it, “Watch out for that girl. She might have followed you guys there. No one knows where you guys are but your manager may have told her.”

There was a long wait.

But he never came with us

“I know but still… be careful. Watch his back. Can you do that for me?”

Anything for you baby” followed by a heart

She has no way of getting to Jeju. It was frustrating. Her phone buzzed. A text message.

You text him but not me? Don't you love me?”

Her baby god asked. She could imagine how upset he must be with her. She could imagine that pouty tone but there were times when his voice boomed with authority and anger.

“I'm sorry. I just wanted to alert someone that could watch over you. I was only thinking of you.” she quickly text back.

Minutes went by. He was either pouting or was truly upset with her. She thought for sure he wouldn't answer her back.

Did you find the ring?” he finally text.

She smiled, “Yes. I found it. It's beautiful.”

Are you wearing it?

She held her hand up high and took a photo of it and sent it him.

Then you accept?”

I accept? She thought, then it dawned on her, she giggled, her legs kicking in the air, “oh my god!“ she said it loud. She texted him back.

“Yes. I accept.”

He sent a picture of himself with his lips puckered. She kissed her screen.

It's on the wrong finger.” He texted

“I know, sorry. It's a little too big for THAT finger, I didn't want it falling off.”

She took it off her middle finger and put it on her ring finger and took another picture.

Her phone rang.

“Good, that's better.” Was the first thing she heard.

Her heart pounded so hard, her body ached, every muscle tightened up in excitement. She felt good hearing his voice. That sweetness of it melting her at the core. Everything was nothing compared to hearing his voice.

“I Miss you, jagiya, I miss you a lot.” He says in that cute way of his, then his voice changed, “When I get back, we're going home together. No more running away. If they want us, then let them come at us. Okay?”

She nodded, “Okay.”

She could hear he was serious. It frightened her and excited her at the same time. For the first time, she wanted to call him daddy. She shook her head and giggled.

“Why you giggling?” He asked.

“No reason.”

“Jagiya” He said quietly, she could hear he was on the move, a door open and close, he was breathing hard into the phone, then she could hear the ocean, “Jagiya” he said even more quieter, “Jagiya, how's 개구리?”

She laughed, “What?”

“아기” He says laughing, “I was looking at pictures, pretty soon he'll look like a tadpole so I've nicknamed him 개구리, froggy.” He laughs again.

She rubbed her lower belly, “The little froggy is fine. Still hanging in there. This little one is going to be strong."

He sounded relieved, “I'm glad. I'll be back tomorrow. Tell me where you are, so I can come straight to you.”

“No. Just know, I'll be waiting for you.”


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