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She frantically looked through her bags. Spilling each one out. The last time she had it, the last time she looked at it was at her apartment. She should have destroyed it. She had to backtrack herself back to her apartment. She got her coat and mask on. There was no time to call her friend. She had to find it.

She took a taxi to her apartment first. She ran up the stairs, skipping steps when she could. She fumbled for her key as she went. When she got to the door, she noticed it was open. She walked in.

Someone was humming in the bathroom. Slowly she peeked in, much to her relief it was the landlady.


The landlady jumped and yelped, she turned right away clenching her chest with a relieved look once she realized who it was.

“What are you doing sneaking up on someone like that?”

“I’m sorry, I didn't mean to. I thought you heard me come in.” Noona said, pulling her hood off. “Have you been cleaning?”

The landlady nodded, stretching her back out, “Yes, since this morning. Thought I'd clean up. Someone broke in the other night and made a mess. I tried to get a hold of you... What are you doing here? I thought you were out of town for awhile.”

“I was, I am…” noona smiled, “So if anyone asks, you never seen me. Wait, someone broke in? Did they take anything?”

“I don't know. Take a look around and see for yourself.” The landlady went back to work.

Noona finally noticed some of her drawers were open, stuff that she left behind had been thrown about. She was pretty sure she didn't leave it there. She told her landlady goodbye and told her she'll be moving back in a couple days. She ran out the door.

She didn't want to go to the other place because she was sure they were watching it now but she had to go, she had to find it.

The taxi dropped her off around the corner. She was going to go to the restaurant at the corner, make sure it was safe to sneak in.

The ice coffee was delicious as she sipped on it. Every now and then, she’d look up from her phone. A couple times she thought she'd seen that girl walk by but she wasn't sure. At one point, she thought she had seen the manager walking by. She attributed it being just her imagination, considering that she's trying too hard to keep an eye for them. She had at least another five days to utilize that place, so her key code shouldn't have changed.

Two hours had gone by, she saw nothing. She walked down the street and crossed at the intersection. She tried not to look around too much. As soon as she was right in front, she quickly turned and ran up the steps. Punched her code in and went inside.


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