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OMG!!! Has it been that long for this group already!?! It's been an amazing 5 years for these boys. Even though I haven't known about VIXX for the full 5 years, I'm still happy that I know about them now.

I thought about a little something that the VIXX community could do to celebrate this day.
These questions, one for each member, I thought would be fun to answer. If you guys do decide to make your own cards and do this, please tag me bc I would love to see what my fellow Starlights have to say.

I'll go ahead and go first to start things out.

1) What got you into loving VIXX?
I would have to say is their outgoing personalities and their different quirks they have. Watching VIXX TV and all of their other shows makes me laugh all the time. Even during Mydol when Hyuk and Hongbin never got along in the beginning, it still amazes me to this day how close they are and their compatibility.

2) First VIXX era
My first era was Love Equation, which was the time I got into them. So I was lucky enough to be apart of VIXX's first subunit VIXX LR when they debuted. Beautiful Liar is still at the top of my favorites list X3

3) First/current/wrecker bias
My first bias was Leo. I fell in love with him even more while watching VIXX TV and VIXX MTV Diary. My current bias is Ravi. I would say he was slowly stealing my heart away around the same time I fell in love with Leo, but I was trying so hard to stay loyal to Leo, but in the end it didn't work XD.
My wrecker is the mischievous maknae Hyuk. He seriously needs to stop what he's doing, especially with these recent comeback Shangri-la

4) Favorite era
My favorite era would always be Error. I love the forbidden romance that's going on in the story, and the song itself brings me to tears every single time.

5) Favorite title/non-title songs
My favorite title song is Rock Ur Body! I just about managed to master the choreo on it, plus it's an easy jam to dance to, and then my favorite non-title songs is Love Come True. I especially love watching them sing it during their Fantasia concerts and have so much fun with the crowd doing it.

6) Favorite Group Picture
This picture pretty much sums up their personalities XDD

I hope you guys try this out!! If you do, please tag me so I can see your individual cards X3
1) What got you into loving VIXX? A friend of mine posted their MV Hyde, and their concept captured me, and I've never escaped since then πŸ˜‚ 2) First VIXX era Hyde 3) First/current/wrecker bias First: Ravi Current: Ravi Wrecker Bias: NA and most likely won't have one πŸ˜‚ 4) Favorite era VOODOO 5) Favorite title/non-title songs Title: VOODOO Non- Title: Say U Say Me 6) Favorite Group Picture https://goo.gl/images/X2KMyC
1) What got you into loving VIXX? MyDol! I accidentally found an episode and was hooked then i marathoned all the VIXX TVs hahaha 2) First VIXX era ON&ON! 3) First/current/wrecker bias Always, always N <3 4) Favorite era On&On because it was my first! 5) Favorite title/non-title songs I really like Heaven <3