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Jasmine was the Yong Clan’s Head Quarters working on a project. She was happy that she just finished up with the really serious work of translating documents and hacking into an enemy’s system. It has been at least a month since the big Fire Ball and some of the events were foggy. The other half she just did not want to remember. She was in her office making the last touches of the Yong’s magazine called Slayer. She loved the magazine since it allowed the clan to have many sources of money outside of the undercover stuff that they did.
Jasmine saved her documents and yawned in her big soft pink leather office chair. She inhaled the cherry blossom scent of her aroma therapy lamp. It was a small lamp that displayed random colors and scented the room. It was a gift from Hobi and she loved it. Her office was a nice size. She had dark wooden floors and a huge white fluffy rug that covered most of the office. Her desk top was a nice emerald marble at the rest matched the wooden floor. She had a soft pink sofa on the side in front of her huge windows that touched the floor and the celling. She loved that she could see the outside world from her office. She had clear glass table shaped like a diamond in front of the sofa with new flower arrangements in the center every week. She has few pictures of tigers in nature on the wall and gold deep brown accented pillows.
Jasmine leaned back in her chair with her eyes closed. She was lost in the nature sound of rain album she was playing. She was tired, but had so much more work to do. She wondered for a second what the guys were doing. Namjoon and Yoongi have been gone for about a week handling business in Japan and China. Jasmine was worried, but she knew they could hold their own. Jungkook was in training with Tae. Jin and Hobi were running training and taking care of small tasks for the clan.
We are always so busy. I wonder if we will every have time for a normal life? I want to be married with kids one day.
Suddenly Jasmine felt a soft kiss on her lips and she opened her eyes to see Namjoon in her office. She jumped up and gave him a hug. He gripped her rear and gave her another kiss but this one was deep and longer. He walked over to her sofa where Yoongi was sitting. His eyes were closed and he look relaxed.
“Baby you two are back! How was the trip?” Jasmine said while sitting on Namjoon’s lap.
“It was fine baby. How are you doing?” Namjoon said.
“I am tired but good.” She smiled and hit Yoongi on his arm.
Yoongi groaned and rolled on his side. “Yeah yeah hello Jasmine.” He mumbled.
Namjoon shook his head and Jasmine pinched him. Yoongi playfully hit her on her thigh. Jasmine was happy that they were home. She hated when they had to travel away without her. Suddenly, Jasmine’s assistant knocked on the door. She had a puzzled look on her face on her small pale face.
“Yes Mrs. Kim are you busy?” She said in a nervous tone.
“I am just taking a break. What is wrong Amy?” Jasmine said while looking concerned.
“There is a young lady in the lobby claiming that she is knows you and she is demanding to see you. She looks a mess like one of those hookers on the east side. I can have security remove her.” Amy said.
Jasmine looked at Namjoon and he hunched his shoulders. Yoongi closed his eyes again and grunted.
“Bring her to me and bring some water for us by the way.” Jasmine said while standing up.
“Yes, miss. I will do as you ask.” Amy said while leaving.
Jasmine was super confused. She had no idea why such a female would demand to talk to her. She fixed deep purple pencil skirt and her flowered printed chiffon blouse.
“You want us to leave baby?” Namjoon said
“No. Not yet at least.” Jasmine said.
Jasmine heard some noise coming down the hall. It was a young woman’s voice and she cussing. She busted open through the door. The guard looked very irritated. Amy was behind them with some water and some fruit. She sat the items on the table and bow before she left.
“Mrs. Kim this lady demands to see you. She is quite the woman.” The guard said with an irrtitaed tone. “I will stand by if you need anything.”
“You are one rude asshole handling me like that man! I am a female!” The young lady yelled.
“Well, how are you doing?” Jasmine said while offering her a seat.
“I’m good. I see you are doing good and shit. These guys are your pimps?” The yong lady said while chomping on some gum.
“No, she is not that type of woman. I am Namjoon her boyfriend and this is Yoongi her friend. Who are you?” Namjoon said
“I am not here to see you two men. I am here to see Jasmine. Can I have some fruit?” She asked.
“Yeah sure….miss…” Jasmine said while offering her the fruit tray.
The young lady began stuffing her face. She had fruit juice running down the side of her mouth. She had smooth caramel skin and hazel eyes. She had on a wig and a bad dirty furry coat. Jasmine was surprised she see another person that looked similar to her in Korea. The young lady looked like she has not bathed in a few days.
“I am Jewel. I am from America but some bad shit happened and I was kidnapped. I was sent here to South Korea and I was forced to you know….work the streets.” Jewel said while reaching for some sparkling water.
“This shit is nasty! This what you rich people drink?” Jewel said.
“Don’t drink it then.” Yoongi said.
“Who the fuck do you think you are. You are mean. You remind me of my pimp.” Jewel said.
“Well I am sorry for your hardships and all, but what do you want with me?” Jasmine said.
“You remind me of her so much….you are pretty just like her…”Jewel said while playing with the pictures on Jasmine’s desk.
“Like who Jewel?” Jasmine said.
“Like our mother. I am your little sister.” Jewel said.
Jasmine was silent she did not know if she heard Jewel correctly. How could she have a little sister? All she said was two older sisters who she barely spoke too. Besides, her family is of a proud family not weak nasty people like her.
“Excuse me I think you have the wrong person Jewel. I only have two other sisters. I have not been to America in over a decade.” Jasmine said.
“Yeah Ivory and Lavender. I spoke to them and they told me you lived here in Korea. I knew you could get me out of my situation when I heard you were part of the Yong Clan. They are the most powerful clan ever! Will you help me?” Jewel said.
“I still don’t know what you are talking about I haven’t heard from my own sisters in years and they are speaking to you?” Jasmine bit her lip trying to keep her cool. “Those little selfish bitches left me to defend myself and never call to speak to me but they can speak to some random person.”
“ I am not random I am your sister. We have different fathers but the same mother….Sapphire.”
Jasmine eyes grew big and she became mad. “Get out you are a liar my parents loved each other and my mother is some fucking whore! Get the fuck out of here!”
“What? You are just like the rest of your sisters! You are selfish what a waste!” Jewel said.
Namjoon coughed. “Baby if I could….”
Jasmine gave him and ugly look and her eyes had changed to a deep green like they do when she was pissed. “Maybe you should not Kim Namjoon!”
“Baby, you always said you wished you had a little sister. It must have been hard for her to even find you. Just think about this one.” He kissed her before Yoongi and him left.
Jasmine began pacing back and forth. This was too much for her to take in. It was all clear why her father and mother were fighting before they vanished. Mother was screwing other people. Jasmine knew what is like to grow up unloved and alone. She could tell Jewel had a hard life.
“Fine Jewel. I will help you but that is it. I will call Amy to get you some clean clothes and I will call my stylist. You can’t claim you are my sister looking like last month’s trash.” Jasmine said while picking up her phone.
“Thanks, but you don’t need to be a bitch about how I look. You try tricking for most of your life. You would look the same.” Jewel said.
“ I doubt it I am much smarter and would been fucking men with power to support myself and watch your fucking mouth.” Jasmine said
Jewel was happy deep down inside. She was happy to finally meet all her sisters and she was proud that one of her sister was a powerful woman with so many connections. Jewel loved her makeover and she felt so clean. Everyone was so nice around her and she felt like she could live like this forever. However, she knew that once this issue was solved that Jasmine and her would go their different ways. She understood. Why would Jasmine want her perfect life messed up by babysitting some younger sister.
Jasmine and her crew drove up to this nice house. This is where they would hold a discussion with Jewel’s pimp. Jasmine was not in the mood to play games and she was so happy that her friends had her back. Namjoon said that if anything looked weird or out of place they were shooting the moutherfucker up. Jasmine loved it when he was serious about shooting shit up.
They arrived to the house and were greeted by two slender Korean girls in matching gold bikins. That barley covered anything. Then they were lead to a room. After a few moments a tall olive tone man with thick black hair pulled back into a low pony tail entered the room. He was speaking in Korean with his two guards. He smiled as he sat down and his guards stood at the door. Yoongi ,and Tae stood on the other side of the room. Jewel sat on Jasmine’s left side and Namjoon sat on her right side. Jungkook and Hobi sat on the sofa nearby.
“Well, well long time no see Phire….where is my money honey.” The guy had a slight Korean accent when he spoke English.
Jewel was silent. Jasmine was shocked. This was the first time she seen Jewel not speak.
“Who do we have here?” He licked his lips. “Ah a pretty chocolate girl she would make us tons of money.”
“Look here let’s just get to business. I am not here for that bull shit. We want to see if we can bargain for her freedom.”
“Pretty woman you have many men in here with you and you talk to business with me. Why they not speak for you? I am Dave by the way.”
“I don’t need anyone to speak for me or my sister Mr. Dave.” Jasmine said
Dave looked Jasmine up and down. Namjoon was getting really irritated and so were the rest of the guys. He put out his cigarette when he seen the dragon marks on the crew. He almost choked. He sipped his water.
“The Yong Clan…you never told me your sister was part of this clan.” He looked at Jewel. “You all are a powerful clan. I don’t any issues.” He said
“Nor do we Mr. Dave. How much will it be?” Jasmine said.
“5 million in USA.” He said
Jewel began crying she knew that was too much.
“We want a contract stating that you will let her go and never bother her again then you can get the money.” Jasmine said
“Fine. Smart woman.” He motioned his hand to his guard and they handed him a contact. “Here it is beautiful.”
“You can call me Mrs. Kim sir.” Jasmine said while looking at the contract.
The contract was clear and valid. She did not see any loop holes. Jewel was so happy but she would not feel complete until the deal is finished. Jasmine pushed the contract to Dave.
“Sign it and then we will sign it.” Jasmine said
“You think I am stupid Mrs. Kim?” Dave said
“Jungkook give him the case.” Jasmine said
Jungkook sat the case on the table. “That is 3 million right here.”
Dave signed the contract and so did Jasmine and Jewel. Jasmine called in Jimin on the cell phone. Then there was a knock at the door.
Jimin can in with the other large case. He sat it down on the table and steeped away. Jasmine opens the case and presented to Dave.
“This is your other 2 million. The deal is finished.” Jasmine said while extending her hand.
Dave paused he never did any business with a woman. All of this was foreign to him.
“So you are going to disrespect my lady?” Namjoon said
“Shake her fucking hand!” Jungkook yelled.
Jasmine tried to keep a straight face when she heard Jungkook cuss. He rarely did that. Yoongi glared at Dave.
“Oh sorry Mrs. Kim. Yes, the deal is finished. Phire ….Jewel is free.” He shook Jasmine’s hand.

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