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Jasmine was in the store with her friend Tasha. She was visiting Jasmine for the day since her family was around traveling the world. Jasmine knows Tasha from the USA. They knew each other when they were younger and before Jasmine was shipped over to Korea. Tasha came from a rich Southern family from Atlanta. She was tall slender and had long blonde hair. She was considered a southern bell. She had a big personality and a slight Southern accent.
Her family was out exploring Seoul while Tasha spent the day with Jasmine. They were in the shopping mall in the Chanel store. Tasha always had a taste for expensive clothing and Jasmine always had an eye for fashion. Tasha observed as the staff treated theM as royalty. They were in the back room. It was a soft pink and crème room with gold glitter in random places. The big Chanel logo was hanging on the wall. The staff served them bubbly expensive champagne and fresh fruits as random articles of clothing arrived on racks.
Jasmine skimmed the clothing racks with her glass in her hand as Tasha sat down in a soft pink sofa.
“Is everything to your liking Mrs. Kim?” The chic styled clerk asked.
“Yes, you can leave us now. Thank you.” Jasmine replied.
“You are very welcome Mrs. Kim. If you need anything just ring the buzzer.” The clerk said and then left.
“Well, well I thought I was doing it big look at you Jasie. You have great taste, money, and class.” She sips her champagne. “But when did you get married?”
“I am not married. Namjoon insists that I am called that since he claims he is going to make me his wife.” Jasmine said while pulling out a black dress with a sheer back.
“That’s sweet and all but make sure I get an invitation. He seems to treat you well.” Tasha says while looking at a white dress with gold details.
“I will girl. You know I have to invite you and the family.” Jasmine said while sitting down her drink.
Her phone rang and she picked it up. Namjoon face appeared on her iphone screen. She answered her phone to facetime.
“Aye baby are you enjoying yourself?” Namjoon says
“Yes, Oppa I am having so much fun and Tasha is enjoying herself too.” Jasmine slipped a strawberry in her mouth.
“Ah shit baby don’t do that to me.” Namjoon says in a deep voice.
“Do what Oppa? I am just eating fruit.” She playfully laughs while licking on the next strawberry.
“Imma make sure you can’t walk when I unleash the beast on you tonight for being bad. Don’t tease your Oppa like that.” He puts the phone on his lower area.
“Oppa hush Tasha can hear you!” Jasmine said.
Tasha laughed and went into the dressing room inside the room they were in.
“Your pants look nice on you by the way. You need to thank your woman for dressing you today.” Jasmine says.
“Well thank you baby girl, and you need to bring something sexy home. I want you to model for me tonight.” Namjoon says.
Jasmine could see and hear Jungkook in the background. He ran up behind Namjoon with a big smile on his face.
“Noona, how are you today? Will you cook me something good today? The food here sucks!” Jungkook blurts.
“Yes, Kookie monster I will make you something tasty. I am doing well.” Jasmine says.
“Could you wear those shorts again?” He blurted out.
Namjoon turned around quickly and hit Jungkook in the head. “What the hell you just say Jungkook?!”
Jasmine was blushing. “Namjoon don’t you hurt my Kookie Monster!”
“You better be glad he is your Kookie Monster, because I want to beat him right now!” Namjoon says.
Jungkook bowed while blushing. “Sorry Noona I just like the color.”
“Color my ass..get out of here Jungkook!” Namjoon said.
“Well baby I love you and please do not hurt Jungkook.” She blew a kiss at the phone.
“Ah okay for you love. I love you too.” He blew her a kiss before ending the call.
Jasmine made it home and began cooking a hamburger for Jungkook. She rushed into her room to put her bags on her bed. Her feet were killing her from the heels she had on today. She knew she should have worn flats with Tasha, because they walked all over the huge mall. Jungkook already had texted Jasmine to tell her that he would be home soon, so she didn’t have time to change out of her fitted short set romper. She went into the kitchen too prepare the hamburger.
She was seasoned the beef and began cooking the meat while throwing broccoli and red skin potato fries in the oven. When Jungkook and the others arrived home. He gave her an innocent hug and went to listen to music with Tae. Jimin sat at the table in the kitchen watching Jasmine cook.
“Are you just cooking for Jungkook?” Jimin asked.
“Why? Do you want one too.” Jasmine said.
“Well I would rather eat you like how I used to, but yes that would do.” Jimin said
Jasmine ignored him and began preparing another burger while the other one cooked. She decided to make Namjoon one too since she was taught that a good woman cooks for her man. Jimin continued watching her with hungry eyes. He had been pissed at himself for many years for letting Jasmine go. She was the one that could have been in his wife.
Jasmine was finished with Jungkook burger and began making the other ones while checking on the roasted broccoli and red skin potato fries in the oven. About 15 minutes passed and everything was ready. Jungkook ran into the kitchen like a small child.
“You all can serve yourselves. Leave the other burger for Namjoon.” Jasmine said
Jasmine sat down while she watched Jimin and Jungkook prepare their plates. Suddenly, she heard low moans and grunts. She ignored them at first until she heard them back to back. Jimin and Jungkook were stuffing their faces at the table.
“Who came in with you two?” Jasmine asked.
“Oh Tae and this girl Jasmine. Namjoon, Yoongi, Jin, and Hobi are still back at the headquarters taking care of something top secret I guess.” Jimin said.
Jasmine smiled and followed the noises. She walked quietly. She seen that Tae’s bedroom door was open slightly. Jasmine peeked in to see Tae sitting on his bed and some girl was on her knees. Her head was moving up and down as Tae moaned loudly. His hand was on her head and he was giving her orders. Jasmine grabbed her mouth to not make a sound and she walked back to the kitchen to find that Namjoon and Yoongi was in the kitchen
Namjoon was sitting eating his food while Yoongi gave Jasmine an evil stare. Jasmine was trying not to laugh at the odd expressions she seen on Tae’s face.
“Noona the food was awesome as always! Thanks!” Jungkook said while cleaning his plate.
“Yeah it was awesome Jasie.” Jimin said.
“But where is my food Jasmine?” Yoongi blurted out.
Jasmine began looking under plates and looking under the chairs as if she lost something.
“What are you looking for?” Yoongi said in a confused.
“Whoever the fuck you are talking too.” Jasmine said.
Namjoon almost chocked on his food. Jimin and Jungkook began laughing really hard.
“Man, I’m not trying to hear all that. You cooked Jimin, Jungkook and Jimin one. I mean you should have cooked on for everyone for fucking shakes.” Yoongi said.
“Yoongi you don’t pay my bills and you don’t fuck me so you need to not talk to me like that.” Jasmine said.
“Well, I used to fuck you.” Yoongi said.
Everyone got really quiet until Namjoon threw his plate at Yoongi. “Watch your fucking mouth bro! Don’t talk to my woman like that!”
“I don’t need this shit for real!” Yoongi said while storming off.
Hobi walked in with Jin. They both looked confused. “What the hell did we miss?” Jin said.
Tae walked in with this random girl and black hair. She smiled and looked down at her feet.
“Ah where is my food noona?” Tae whinned.
“Did you like getting your dick sucked?” Jasmine said in a calm tone.
Tae face turned bright red. He was speechless. The guys busted out laughing. Hobi and Namjoon laugh was the loudest.
“Wow what a day! Yoongi wanted to speak to me like I was his bitch, I made some bomb burgers, had fun with a good friend, and Tae got his dick sucked.” Jasmine said while pouring Namjoon some lemonade.
“No shade though whatever your name is. We all have to suck dick sometime I guess.” Jasmine said.
“Yeah and you were so good at that Jasie.” Jimin said without thinking.
Namjoon growled at Jimin. Jimin quickly smiled and walked out the area to find Yoongi. The girl lifted her head. “My name is Misty.”
“Well Misty are you hungry?” Jasmine said.
“ I am noona!” Tae blurted out.
“Tae fine I will make you a burger, but if you are grown enough to get your dick sucked you can make yourself your own food.” Jasmine said while making more food.
“Thanks noona you are the best!” Tae hugged her and left the area.
“No thank you miss. I am on a diet. But who did your surgery?” Misty said with her small voice.
“Surgery for what Misty?” Jasmine asked
“For your body…I mean I want to go to your doctor.” She says.
“Misty that’s all Jasmine. My baby is real 100%.” Namjoon said.
“Oh I am sorry. Well you are prettier than what Tae said. But I have to be on my way. Nice meeting you all.” Misty said and then quickly left.
“Well that shit was strange baby.” Namjoon said while rubbing Jasmine’s butt.
“Namjoon stop it! I am trying to cook. Do you think Misty was a…”
“A trick? Yeah she is some of the guys from the clan order her order and stuff. I guess someone convinced Tae to give her a go. She is a sweet girl though.” Namjoon said
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