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The crew had just left an event held by the Yong Clan. Every year they hold a Fire Ball where everyone wears their best outfit, eat the best food, get an update on new business affairs, and drink all night. Plus some people were promoted in their social role within the clan and good deeds were acknowledged with gifts. Last year Jasmine was awarded with a life time supply of spa services at the most upscale spa in Seoul due to act of helping the clan access new funds, land, and be able to expand. The saying is that this is the only event where they openly mix business and pleasure. This is also the night when all yongs are at the peek of their power.

Jasmine and Namjoon were having a good time. They were dancing all over the dance floor. She was praying that this year would not be like 4 years ago where her Namjoon, Jimin, and Yoongi had some naughty fun. That was when she was really serious with anyone. She was dating Yoongi at that time, but he was not serious.
Namjoon was grinding on Jasmine as she was drinking some champagne. Every now and then Jimin tried dancing with Jasmine, but Namjoon would not approve. The two ended getting in a fight and some of the elders had to break them up since the two were stronger than any other night. Jimin was dancing with some other woman. No man had to be alone this night since many female escorts were all over the place. These women had to wear black glittery masks to identify their social position.
Namjoon ran his hands down Jasmine’s curves. She looked so good in her red fitted dress. It was a long dress that hugged her curves and hit the floor with a huge split that exposed her dragon tattoo and luscious right thigh. It had a deep plunge next line at covered just enough of her chest. She was the jewel of the clan even though she was not a dragon. She could feel his hard on while she grinded on him. She grabbed another drink and continued to have fun. Yoongi grabbed her and gave her a few spins.
“ You look so good Jasmine. Na neorang jagosipeo (I want to sleep with you).” He whispered in her ear.
Jasmine shook her head no. Yoongi laughed and spinned her again. “Why not you loved that one night. I know you haven’t forgot.”
“Yoongi no way this time. You have hundreds of women to pick from here.” Jasmine said
“But baby I want you. I won’t tell Namjoon. No one will know. I miss you so much.” Yoongi said. Then he spun her to Namjoon before she could reply.
“Baby you look so fucking hot tonight. Everyone knows that you are mine.” Namjoon whispered in her ear.
Jasmine giggled and continued dancing. She forgot what Yoongi was saying to her. Namjoon took her hand and they went into the VIP bathroom. He eyed the guard at the door and he left as Namjoon locked the door. Jasmine laughed and threw herself on the plush couch. She was feeling herself tonight and Namjoon looked so sexy in his tailored black suit and red shirt to match her outfit. He sat on the couch and grabbed her drink and took some sips. Jasmine laughed and climbed on top of him.
“Give that back papi! I didn’t say I was sharing!” Jasmine squealed.
Namjoon sniffed her neck. He loved how she smelled and he wanted her. He began kissing and sucking on her neck. Jasmine body was very responsive. She began moaning and he quickly slipped his fingers deep into her. He loved the fact that she barely had on any panties. He pulled out his finger and licked them.
“Yes soneuro haejwo” Jasmine moaned.
It was broken Korean but Namjoon knew what she was saying. He was actually turned on by her attempt to speak to him dirty in Korean. He continued to plunge deep into her with his fingers making a loud smacking noise.
Jasmine ripped off his belt and began giving him head. Namjoon threw back his head as she licked his tip and ran her tongue ring over his head. She loved how he moaned for more. She slipped him deeper down her mouth and began sucking him harder.
The room became blurry to him. The slurping sounds and Jasmine moaning was turning him on.
“Yes baby take this pipe.” He said through his teeth.
She knew just how he liked it and she loved him taking dirty to her as she did it. He pulled her off him and picked her up. Namjoon placed her on the wall and began pounding her without mercy. Jasmine moaned in pleasure as she felt him force her womanhood to stretch to fit him perfectly. He was pounding her fast and hard while speaking dirty to her in Korean.
“Yes baby give me that boji (pussy). Imma beat the boji up.” He groaned in her ear.
Jasmine loved when he spoke to her dirty in Korean. She was moaning so loudly. She didn’t care who head it. She was moaning Kim Namjoon many times. He bent her over and began loving her deeper while smacking her butt. She never had anyone this deep inside her, but she loved it.
“Papi, don’t get any on my dress!” She moaned.
“I won’t baby!” He moaned.
He rubbed her clit has he smashed her from behind hard and fast. Jasmine was hoping she would not squirt all over the place. The last time he did both acts at the same time she squirted all over the place. Finally they both came to their climax and they both fell on the floor. Jasmine could not feel her legs and Namjoon vision was so burry. They began kissing for a few moments and then Jasmine got up to pee and wash herself. Namjoon did the same. He even helped her wash herself.
“You are drunk baby.” Namjoon said.
“No you just fucked the shit out of me papi. I am fine.” Jasmine said while fixing her hair.
Namjoon grinned. “Yes but I know when you are drunk baby girl. Let me call the limo for you to go home.”
Jasmine rolled her eyes and attempted to unlock the door. “No I want to dance some more Oppa. Please…”
“Okay just one dance and you are going home.” Namjoon said while walking to the dance floor with her.
Namjoon was helping Jasmine get into the limo. She was drunk and upset that Namjoon was treating her like a child. She was pouting the whole time. Mr. Lee one of the heads of the clan called out to Namjoon. He wanted to speak to Namjoon about his promotion and have a few drinks. Namjoon did not want to be rude to Mr. Lee but needed to know that Jasmine would be safe. Jungkook seen how drunk Jasmine was and quickly walked to the limo.
“Namjoon I have this. You should speak to Mr. Lee and I will take care of noona.” Jungkook said while helping Jasmine into the limo.
“Baby your Kookie Monster will take care of you. Please be safe and call me if you need anything. I love you.” He kissed her on the forehead. “Jungkook I am counting on you to keep her safe.”
“Papi I love you too. Fighting!” Jasmine said in a baby tone.
“Yes, hyung I will make sure noona is safe. You can trust me.” Jungkook waved and got into the limo with Jasmine.
They quickly got home and Jungkook helped Jasmine into their home. He carried her into her bedroom and help her take off her clothes. He tried to close her eyes and not admire her in her black sheer thong. She had not bra on due to the type of dress she had on. Jasmine seen his reaction and laughed. She covered her breasts.
“Kookie Monster you never seen a woman’s body? Please give your noona her robe over there.” Jasmine said.
“No you know I never been with a woman noona.” He blushed and handed her a gold silk robe.
“Well your time will come. Thank you so much for helping me home.” She patted his head “You are great little brother. You can leave me now I think I will shower and rest.” Jasmine did not wait for his response and walked into the bathroom attached to her bedroom.
Jungkook sat on her bed looking at the red dress on the floor. He listened to Jasmine singing and the water running as he went into deep thought.
Why does she see me as a child? I am the a year younger than Tae and she does not treat him as a child. Maybe I should give up that name cookie monster. Damn why was I blushing like an infant! This night sucked! All the guys were hitting it off with the ladies and the women kept calling me cute! I am not cute! Besides I took some hits of that angel dust. A child could not do that.
He looked down on the floor and noticed Jasmine’s sheer thong on the floor. He quickly picked it up and went into his bedroom. Jungkook took off his suit and hung it up. He sat on his bed and looked and held the thing in his hand. He then walked to his 8 foot bedroom mirror and looked at himself. He took off his underwear.
I am not a child! Would a child have these abs, strong arms, this V line? This huge dick? I am an adult…a grown yong.
He smelled Jasmine’s thong and ran his lips across them. He held them in his hand and imagined making love to Jasmine.
These smell so good just like her. Noona would taste so good. She thinks I am a child but I bet I could make her wet.
He began getting hard as a rock thinking about Jasmine that his boner began to ache. He wrapped the thong around his hard penis and began to slowly stroke himself. He could not believe what he was doing but it felt so good. He began thinking of the positions he would put her in and he began stroking himself harder. He was moaning and groaning as he stroked himself.
Jasmine stepped out the shower. She dried off and she began hearing odd sounds. She was still drunk but able to at least walk somewhat.
Shit maybe I did drink too much. I should text Oppa to let him know we made it home. I know he is worrying about us.
Jasmine picked up her phone and texted Namjoon. He was happy he texted her and that she was on her way to sleep. He said he would be home after the party. She put the phone down and slipped into one of Namjoon’s old tees and she still heard these odd sounds. She wondered if Jungkook was watching TV or fell ill in his bedroom. She began walking to his bedroom and seen that the door was wide open. She gasped when she saw Jungkook standing in the mirror naked touching himself with her underwear moaning out noona.
Jungkook heard Jasmine gasped and turned around. He looked at her and her wild black loose curled hair. She looked so much sexier in her natural state. He grinned at her. He was shocked how turned on he was by her shocked state.
“Kookie Monster! What are you doing with my thong?” Jasmine said.
“Oh this noona?” He pulled it off his hard rock and threw it on the ground. “What did it look like I was doing?” He grinned at her.
Jasmine had to hold on to wall she could feel herself becoming dizzy again. “You…you stop that and put that away Jungkook.” She said sluring her words
Jungkook walked over to Jasmine. He put her hand on his boner and slide it up and down his boner. “You mean this hard dick? You like it don’t you noona.” Jungkook said.

Jungkook felt like he had so much courage. He did not know if he was due to nature or thiose lines he hit at the party. The only thing he knew was that he wanted Jasmine and no one could stop him.
Jasmine attempted to remove her hand but Jungkook grabbed her arm and yanked her into his bedroom and pinned her on his wall. Her back was faced to him. He pressed all his body weight on her and pressed his face in her hair while lifting up the tee she had on. She had on no panties and her chocolate rear was exposed. She squealed and tried to pull it down.
Jungkook licked his lips and began spanking her and squeezing her butt. He loved her ass. “Ah noona I love your ass. So pump and firm…”
“Jungkook stop now and I will not tell Namjoon.” She pleaded.
“I thought you loved me Noona?” Jungkook said while slipping his finger into Jasmine’s entrance.
Jasmine but her lip. “I do Jungkook but this is wrong and not like that.”
“But you are so wet noona.” Jungkook said
Jungkook began fingering her slowly and then picking up the pace. Jasmine tried to break free but he was so strong. He curved his fingers to tap her G spot. Jasmine groaned and was pissed her body was not listening to her. Jungkook pulled her off the wall and pinned her to his bed . He tied her to his bed and tied her legs open.
“I always wanted you this way. You might see me as a child but I am a grown man. You look so sweet…I know you will taste even sweeter.” Jungkook said
He began sucking on her clit and pulling at her nipples. Jasmine body was going insane as he lapped her up. He began licking her from top to bottom. She was dripping and Jungkook was licking up everything. He began tongue fucking her and she went nuts.
“I knew noona would love this. Now let Kookie Monster give noona something a bit more solid.” Jungkook said.
He pushed his hard penis deep inside her causing her to scream. Her tightness caused Jungkook to groan. He began pounding her deeply and fast. She felt so good. Now he understood why his hyung were so crazy for this. It was like he was melting into Jasmine and the slapping sounds drove him nuts.
He untied her legs and pinned them behind her head. Jasmine was tired and confused at this point. Jungkook was fucking her like crazy. He began rubbing her clit and pounding her. Jasmine was squealing as she felt herself squirt all over the place. The excitement turned on Jungkook and he pulled out and came all over womanhood.
He flipped her over and began round two and pounding her from behind and smacking her ass. Jasmine was coming in and out of consciousness. Jungkook was groaning as he pushed deeper into Jasmine. He was so happy that his long dream came true. He began hitting he G spot causing her to squirt all over again. Then he came all over her rear.
When he was finished he helped clean up Jasmine. She was speechless and very dizzy. He put her to bed and went to sleep in his own room.

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