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Jimin was in the gym running on the treadmill. Jasmine was running on the one next to him. Jimin loved exercising and he enjoyed it more when Jasmine joined him. They were at the gym in the headquarters. This gym had the latest gym equipment and was very lavish. They had a spa next door. Jasmine planned on taking her time at the spa once she was finished working out.
Jimin was enjoying watching Jasmine perfect D cup boobs bouncing up and down and her thighs looked so good in fast motion. Jasmine had her ear plugs in and was lost in her own world. She had just finished getting Jewel settled in their guest room and she was dealing with setting up a family dinner with her sisters. There was so much that needed to be discussed and Jasmine was still pissed about Jewel showing up at her door stop.
Jasmine wondered if her older sisters knew about Jewel. If they did she would be even more pissed. Jasmine gave Jewel about 6 months to find her a job so that she could move out. Jewel staying with Jasmine and the guys did not bother the guys. However, just seeing Jewel pissed off Jasmine. Suddenly, Jasmine was broke back out of her deep thinking from feeling like someone was eye fucking her. She turned around to see Jimin licking his lips and he had a boner.
Jasmine rolled her eyes and pointed at his boner. He quickly blushed and covered his face. He cussed himself inside his head. He could never stay cool around Jasmine. Jungkook told him what he did to Jasmine and he was super pissed. If anyone deserved to sneak a piece of that sweet ass it was him. However, he was proud that Jungkook played his strong Yong card.
Jasmine phone rang and she slowed down her treadmill to answer it. It was Jewel and she wished she did not answer it since her little sister was nothing but drama.
“What do you want now Jewel?” Jasmine said
“Why you so rude? I need a car or something. I need to get around.” Jewel said.
“Jewel you can call a taxi or the driver if you need to get around. Anyways, you don’t need to be anywhere if it is not job hunting or going to an interview. Keep in mind you have 4 months left and I am kicking your ass out.” Jasmine yelled.
“Calm your ass down. I have some interviews lined up. I think I want to be a dancer or something.” Jewel laughed after her statement. “I am good at shaking my ass for these pathetic men.”
“Jewel don’t get into something you can’t get your ass out of. I am not saving you again.” Jasmine said while turning off her machine.
“I won’t need you next time, so are you going to get me a car or naw?”
Jasmine hung up the phone and went to the weights to do squats. She was super pissed and was trying to calm down. She was supposed to have a stress free day. Jimin followed Jasmine so that he could lift weights. He knew she was stressed and wished he could ease her mind like he used to.
“Things will work out Jazz. I know they will.” Jimin said.
“Well, thanks Jimin I hope they will.” Jasmine said while squatting.
“If Namjoon is not hitting it right you know where to find me.” Jimin laughed.
Jasmine shook her head. “You are too much.”
The guys were supposed to be out with Mr. Lee having drinks. Jasmine was happy to have the house to herself since Jewel said that she would be out looking for jobs. Jasmine planned on making a snack and working on the last parts of getting her new store opened. Jasmine sat in the kitchen and made herself a spinach, kale, pineapple smoothie. Once she was finished she sat on the sofa to read a few magazines and enjoy her smoothie.
She was super happy that her store would be opening soon. She knew the name Wild Child would grab some many people’s attention. She would have the latest fashions and then next she would work on a makeup line. Then suddenly she heard these load ass groans and smacking noises. Someone was fucking and fucking hard.
“Say it say you like! You fucking whore!”
“I love you Mr. Min fuck me harder.”
Yoongi is in here fucking some whore? What the hell he was supposed to be with the guys?
Jasmine slowly opened the door. She saw Yoongi choking Jewel and fucking her rough from behind. He looks like he was angry at the world. Jewel hands were tied and her face was down in the pillow. Jasmine could not believe then again she was not that shocked. She walked to her bedroom and began handling her business to ease the image she had seen.
Everyone was eating dinner and Jasmine was silent. Jewel was cracking jokes and the guys were laughing. Jasmine felt so disrespected by both Yoongi and Jewel.
“Noona why are you so silent?” Jungkook said.
“I told you that you do not have to call me that anymore Jungkook.” Jasmine mumbled.
Jimin blushed since he knew why but he did not want the attention on his reaction.
“Ah she is just stuck up.” Jewel said
“Stuck up…like how Yoongi was stuck up your ass this afternoon? What the fuck was that about? Yoongi you think you can just ass fuck my sister and act like shit didn’t happen?” Jasmine said while looking very upset.
“Well green eyes, I am a fucking grown yong. I fuck who I please.” Yoongi said.
Jasmine got up and yanked Jewel out of her seat. “You think leaving these deep ass burn marks and bit marks on her is okay Yoongi? She is not some piece of meat that you just do whatever the fuck you want with her!” Jasmine threw Jewel at Yoongi “Look at what the fuck you did!”
“Geez Jasmine I told him it was okay to use his yong powers. It was worth the money and now I can move out.” Jewel said
“You used your yong powers on a human? Are you nuts? What money are you talking about?” Jasmine said.
“Yes, you know what us Yong do when we get honrny. I am sure you remember.” Yoongi said
“Well I am not human you jerk.” Jasmine said
“You wanted me out quick. I know you hate me, so Yoongi offered to give me the money I needed. He said if I let him fuck me and I would pretend to be you that he would give me however much I demanded. Plus I am half human, so it was not that bad.” Jewel said.
“What you made her pretend to be Jasmine? My woman? You are fucking sick Yoongi!” Namjoon yelled.
“Well she was mine too at one point Namjoon. But I can’t stand a woman with a smart ass mouth and too much brains.” Yoongi said.
Jasmine slapped him in the face leaving a face print on his pale skin. His mouth bleed a bit. He grabbed her hand before she could hit him again. “You really want to do that? Hit me again and I will fuck you in front of everyone just like I fucked your little sister. I seen you looking.”
Namjoon punched Yoongi in his stomach and then blasted his fire power at him. “Over my fucking dead body bitch!” Namjoon yelled.
“I can arrange that!” Yoongi yelled while blasting his fire power.
Jimin and Tae held back Yoongi and Jin and Hobi held back Namjoon.
“You all need to calm the fuck down! As your elder you better calm down!” Jin yelled.
Yoongi stormed off and left the apartment. Namjoon stormed off into his room and locked the door. Jasmine was so pissed that she attempted to run after Yoongi. She had more to say to him, but Jimin stopped her.
“Maybe you need to cool down Jasmine. I do not thinking running after him would make anything better.” Jimin said.


After the huge fight the place was still. Namjoon was in his room and was too busy listening music to keep calm. Jasmine had never seen him so mad. She knew he would come to her when he was ready. Jasmine decided to take a dip in their hot tub to cool off. Jungkook and Tae was off in the city. Jimin, Jin, and Hobi were watching movies and making sure the place was calm. Jasmine walked outside to the balcony patio area where Namjoon made intense love to her. She grinned as she passed by the sofa to the hot tub.
She dropped her fluffy pink bath robe and slowly entered the tub. It was hot but her body adjusted. She closed her eyes and began to listen to the city night noises. She could hear cars and people walking by. She always loved being outside and taking in the environment. Suddenly, she heard some soft footsteps. She knew it was Jewel.
“Can I join you?” She said with a small voice.
Jasmine shook her head yes without opening her eyes. Jewel got into the tube with a loud splash. For a slender girl she made a mess. Jasmine sighed and kept her eyes closed. She just wanted to dissolve away. Her life was so out of control.
“I know you hate me. If I had a choice I would have never looked for you, but I was desperate. I know you want me out, so Yoongi offered me some money and I took it. I guess tricking is not out of my blood. Really it is all I know.”
“It is what is it is Jewel. It is your life and you can do with it what you please.” Jasmine said.
“Namjoon really loves you. I could tell by the intensity in his eyes when Yoongi was talking shit. I wish I had a guy look at me the way Namjoon looks at you.” Jewel began patting the water.
Jasmine was silent. She knew Namjoon loved her and it was obvious. She did not need some trick telling her that.
“Why are you so mean and bitter? You have everything in the world. Money, power, and man that loves you plus you are gorgeous. Why are you so pissed? People who have everything always the ones with an attitude.”
“Jewel you don’t fucking know me from anyone in the streets so watch your fucking mouth. You come in here dropping bombs and fucking people for money.” Jasmine said while pouring herself some champagne.
“Well, I had it rough! All I know is how to do what I need to survive. I was on the streets at a young age and nobody wanted me. I was raped and taken advantage of. You the one who don’t know nothing about me. Everyone loves you!”
“I was abandoned too Jewel. My clan turned against me. My selfish bitch ass sister loved their perfect lives too much to help me. I was shipped over to Korea when I was 12. I didn’t know the culture or the language. I lived in boarding school. I had to work my ass off for what I have.” Jasmine sipped on her drink.
“Well at least no one raped you Jasmine.” Jewel said.
“You don’t know nothing Jewel! You don’t fucking know me! Pack your you shit and leave by tomorrow. You got your dirty ass money with your ungrateful ass!” Jasmine grabbed her drink and walked off to her room.
Namjoon could hear the yelling and walked to the patio door. He attempted to grab Jasmine but she pulled away from him. He knew she was upset, because she never has pulled away from him. He walked outside to find Jewel crying. He did not know what to do.
“Are you okay?” Namjoon said.
Jewel continued to cry. “Do I look fine? She is such a cold ass bitch!”
“Honestly Jewel you have been a hard pill for her to swallow. I never had seen her like this. I overheard ya’ll conversation. She might kill me for telling you this, but she was raped. For a long time she was messed up by it and sometimes I still think that is why she can come off cold. But she is a good woman. I love her to death.” Namjoon picked up Jasmine’s robe and laid it across his lap.
“She was raped? By who?” Jewel said.
“Yoongi. That’s why they have such an odd relationship. He made her feel like shit for a long time, but I will let her tell you the details. I know she is going through so things, but I do think building a relationship with you would be good for her…and even you.” Namjoon smiled and walked away.
Jasmine was in her room smashing stuff and breaking glass. Jungkook tired kicking the door down but she had but an barrier spell on the door. Namjoon seen Jimin and Jungkook by the door.
“Bro she is in there going nuts and she put a spell on the door.” Jungkook said
“Baby let me in. I know you are mad, but I need you.” Namjoon said.
“Tell everyone else to leave.” Jasmine said.
Jimin and Jungkook left. Jasmine lifted the spell and Namjoon entered the room. It was a mess.
Namjoon began picking up stuff. He was silent. Jasmine sat on the bed crying and Namjoon hugged her while kissing her tears. Jasmine melted into his strong hug. She never wanted to leave. Namjoon felt strong as he held her. He knew he had to be strong for her even though somewhere inside he wanted to find Yoongi and beat his ass.
Jewel stood in the entrance with a wet face. When she saw Namjoon consoling Jasmine she attempted to leave but Namjoon noticed her.
“I think you two need to finish talking.” He kissed Jasmine. “I love you and will be back when you two are finished.”
Jasmine did not want to let him go, but she knew he was right. He smiled at Jewel and walked passed her. Jewel entered the room but stood near the door. She was sorry for everything that went down. She never really felt sorry for the stuff she had done before, but this was the first time that she was sorry for her actions.
“I can leave if you want. I just wanted to apologize. You are right I do not know you and should not have judged you. You had it rough like me.” Jewel said.
“Well, I should have been more patient with you. Patience is something that I lack. I guess that is from being from a fire tribe I guess.” Jasmine said while cleaning her face with her hands.
Jewel sat on the bed. “Namjoon told me about—you and Yoongi. I am sorry. If I would have known about it I would have slit him.” Jewel said.
“Well, it is not your fault.” Jasmine said
“Can I ask you what happened?” Jewel said.
Jasmine paused. She looked out the window. She had never told anyone else except for Namjoon. He knows the full details. As a group she made them promise to never bring it up.
“We were in secondary school—middle school. I was 12. We were on a field trip. We visited a local camping group to learn about nature and gather some things for our science class. We were to explore the camp groups and sleep in tents. The boys were separated from the girls. Yoongi was my first boyfriend. I was head over heels when it came to him. I loved his rebellious spirit since it was just like mine. However, I did not know that he had a dark side until this trip. Anyways, at night we planned to sneak away. When night to came I meet up with Yoongi, Namjoon, and Hobi. We are all the same age. Anyways Yoongi said he wanted to show me something, so I followed him. Namjoon and Hobi were preoccupied with something else. Well long story short. He pinned me to a tree and we began kissing. It was nothing since we made out all the time. But then he pulled down my panties. I told him no, but he said that this is what couples did. I told him I was not ready. Little did I know it was the night of the Fire moon and he was stronger than usual. He threw me to the groud and got on top of me and ripped off my shirt then he raped me. After he raped me he fled. I was crying for help but Namjoon and Hobi got to me too late. They found me naked a bloody. Namjoon was so mad. Hobi helped me get together. The next day at school Namjoon found Yoongi and they fought in the front of the school like two strangers. I was like a ghost after that and me being stupid I still dated him for 2 more years. He was super abusive and made me feel like shit, but that dick game had me addicted. But when I caught him cheating that was the last straw. All I remember was me kicking his ass and Jimin pulling me off him during study hall.”
“Wow! All that drama. I won’t lie though he does have talents no shade. But he was fucking wrong for all that shit. Well, my first pimp raped me when I was 12. My so called adopted family sold me when I was young.” Jewel said.
“Looks like we both have issues. But I will not let that control me any longer. Maybe what happened today was needed.” Jasmine said while looking at Jewel.
“Yeah. Well let’s hug and makeup!” Jewel said while reaching for Jasmine.
The two hugged and made up. Jasmine was so relived for the first time. She really needed to speak to someone who could relate. Jewel felt better too. She always wanted a big sister and felt like that she could finally have one.

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