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Episode 3

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I take the file which said to be having my JD (Job Description). It is a document of about eight pages. I flip through. It's so boring to read all of it now. I just have a brief look and sign. I read it or not I will have to do whatever the work I get.

The identity card on the table is a temporary entry pass to the company. And these books...oh, they are all about the company and the artists. The phone is a luxury. I never thought I will get this much. I switch on the phone. In seconds I get the first message. That is a welcoming message from Mr Kim. He is so thoughtful.

It's time to look around. I go to the window. The view outside is beautiful. Although it is nothing but the city, it is attractive. Suddenly the Ninja I met in the morning enters my mind. His eyes! Something makes me feel like I have seen those eyes somewhere. And the voice. It doesn't sound strange at all. Who is he?

"Miss Park?" I hear a voice. I feel like I just had a dream. "Miss Park seem to be in a deep thought." The said girl is here.

"Ah! I was just enjoying outside." I smile.

"I'm Soo-yang. It's time for us to go and take a look around. On our way, I will explain what's going on here."

She takes the lead and I follow her. She takes me to Mr Kim's office, to the rehearsal room, to the recording room and then to the dressing room. Seems like all the artists are hanging around on the third floor. According to Soo-yang, the other floors have studios.

I take a good look around the dressing room. And this one poster shakes my life away. Kim Seok-jin! I have never seen this poster anywhere else. He is all dressed in black and glaring down at me. His lips are parted like he is about to say something. He got one hand in his pocket and the other one just hanging on the side. Suddenly the ninja I saw in the morning replaces Jin on the poster. Good god! He would have gone really deep into my brain.

Kim Seok-jin is a very famous soloist in the country. He even released couple of international albums. He is one of the most mischievous artist of all and that is the most attractive thing about him. Unlike the other artists, he has not released much information about his life to the public. He is a totally silent note.

"Miss Park, basically your role here is to assist anyone who is in need.” Does she me slavering? “To be honest it is a lot of work and is hard. You will have sleepless nights and crazy schedules. Mr Kim needs you to handle work related to the artists. We have been without someone at your position for a longer time. So things are pretty messed up now. Everything was done by everyone. You will surely have a hard time on getting things straight. But don't worry. We are here for you. All of us will help you. First get to know the profiles well. I will be with you until you get to know everything. For now, I have e-mailed you some little things to do. Let's start with that." Soo-yang is brief and clear.

But why does this sound less fun? I seem to have a lot of responsibilities here. Finally, life is beginning. I feel like I've grown up a lot. Most of all I will be hanging around those people that the world out there is dreaming to see. Why am I so cold about this?

"Miss Park, you go ahead to your office. I got to go out for something. I will see you later."

"Thank you very much. I will contact you if I need."

"Sure". I watch her leave. Oh I forgot about the JD.

After the first day at work, I feel better. My mum treats me better too. She had prepared my favourite ramen dish for dinner. She must have been worried about me so much which made her go wild over me whenever she sees me.

I lay on the bed with the radio on. No matter how much of new music is produced, nothing can beat the eighties and nineties.

I'm getting into a bus and creep to the back through the crowd. It's so crowded that I get pushed and pulled, finally pushed onto someone. It's someone who is in black. He is wearing a black hoodie and a black mask. Our eyes are exploring each other. I feel his arm around my waist. He removes his mask from the other hand. And I'm so shocked to see it is no one else but Kim Seok-jin.

"Aah!" I knock my hand louder on the headrest of my bed. I open my eyes and look around. I have fallen asleep without even knocking the lights off. Did I just dream something? Hell yeah. It was of Ninja. Am I into him? To that boy who I just met in the morning, of whom I didn't even see the face? I guess I've been single for too long. But, why his image over lapsing with Kim Seokjin. It happened when I saw Jin's poster too. Am I falling for Jin too? It sounds like a crazy love triangle.

to be continued.....