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안넹하세요 B2UTYS!
B2UTYS, I bring you the BEAST this week Son Dong-woon. The maknae of the group! This beautiful man was born on June 6, 1991 in Busan, South Korea.
He is so cute predebut. He played the violin as a child. Dongwoon was a trainee for JYP Entertainment for 2 years prior to being chosen as the last member to join BEAST. Dongwoon joined BEAST and Cube Entertainment in 2009. On May 22, 2015 Cube Entertainment revealed Dongwoon would release his first solo album in Japanese.
Dongwoon specializes in playing the piano and in Chinese. His hobbies include writing lyrics and reading. He does not like girls who use aegyo. So ladies remember to keep those aegyos minimal. It surprises me since he is so cute. He is interested in girls that are naturally cute.
I mean look at that smile.
He is very athletic, but is the worst at sports. Can you believe that he is shy around the camera. I just don't see that. I mean look at that smile and how he plays with the camera. He could have fooled me. When Yoseob falls/trips the fans think it is cute, but when Dongwoon falls, the fans think it is serious. He is really interested in doing radio, reality and varity shows.
Dongwoon is the mood maker for BEAST. He often makes them laugh! I can see him being the goofy person in the group. He studied in the Philippines at Santa Rosa Laguna. He graduated from Han Young High School. When Dongwoon graduated from high school, the other BEAST members came to congradulate him. It was and an emotional moment fo Dongwoon. Dongwoon has a regular snack pattern and due to that snack pattern he and his mischief in crime Yoseob are blamed for missing food.
Dongwoon admitted that he was once the loneliest member of the group. He could not just sit and do nothing, he always tried to find something to do and that would annoy the other members.
Dongwoon would organize the fan letters everyday and pass them out to each member respectively. Such a good maknae.
Well this is all I have for uncovering Son Dong-woon. I hope you all have gotten a little closer to this maknae. Annyeong B2UTYS!


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Lol ... you forgot about his extreme fear of bugs ... which is completely adorable!
Yup. Woonie runs and screams hahaha