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Who: Reader x Kim Seokjin x Kim Taehyung
What: Fluff and Smut
Story: A nerdy girl with no real social skills is getting pursed by two of high school's most popular and handsome boys and some girls are not happy about it.

Y/n's POV

So Friday arrived and I was feeling no happier about the fact that my brother basically guilt trippped me into going to a party with a bunch of people that either didn't like me or I didn't like. I would just be standing in a corner existing and not much else. I knew once we got in there he'd leave my side, if I could make myself small and scarce then hopefully they wouldn't be too bad to me. I could stay quiet, Baekhyun could have his fun and then we could go home and if he wasn't willing to take me home at a decent hour than I could always catch a cab...or walk. I liked even less that Baekhyun didn't trust my word enough to allow me to stay after school. I usually just linger at the locker rooms when everyone is leaving out and I read a book and once the halls are clear enough I go to the science lab with Mr. Park but apparently I'm too much of a flight risk to even leave alone at school. He thought I'd stay in the science lab as shelter and then act like I forgot about our stupid deal so that he wouldn't be able to go. This whole thing about Mom and Dad telling him he had to take me to a party or he couldn't go was bullshit. I mean there's no way they could actually want me to go to a party but I heard them talking about Baekhyun taking me. Apparently they were happy, it was something they thought I needed but maybe they were just too ignorant to the scene that Baekhyun was in. I was expecting smokers outside and alcohol inside. I was expecting loud music and people having sex on the couch. I was expecting trouble, where as they were seeing it as I'm getting out of the house and finally engaging humans on Earth. The science posters I had hanging up in my room consumed me, the sun, the planets around us. I had books on top of books neatly placed in a bookself that was in the left corner of my room. I had a bean bag that I sat on when I read and I'd be right next to the window to see the sun. In the Spring and summer, I would have the window open so that I could feel the warm breeze. Nothing beat reading early in the morning when I didn't have school. It was the best thing ever. It was beautiful and created the best atmosphere.

So quite honestly, I've developed a bit of a sarcastic nature. I'm a geeky kid, I know it, I own it. I wouldn't for a second try to be who I'm not but apparently who I was is too uncool for Baekhyun. He had invited his girlfriend (of the week) over to help me get ready for this stupid party. She put me in multiple outfits, all of which were hers. Some showed my stomach and I immediately told her no. She told me I dressed to conservative I was very tempted to tell her that she dressed like a tramp but Baekhyun talked over me knowing what I was going to do. I couldn't handle all of this. I had perfectly nice dresses that, I admittedly never wore, in my closet I could've just worn one of those but no Baekhyun said they weren't decent enough for the party. Did it just require me to dress like a hoe in order to enter? Seriously, Baekhyun is my older brother why would he want to see me like that? I think it took two hours to find anything I was willing to wear. She put me in this khaki colored dress, it was thin and one side hung off my shoulder. I had to wear a strapless bra which to me was the equivalent of no bra at all. I could've just put bandaids over my nipples and called it a day. The lack of support was unsettling. The dress reached just slightly above my mid thigh and if I bent over enough I'd be showing everything my mother gave me. Again, this is my brother asking me to go to a party. I think the only reason I even agreed to the dress was because it was the only thing she had that didn't over expose my stomach, ass or boobs. If I dropped something I just knew to bend my knees and get down low instead of bending over from the waist. It didn't stop there because he asked her to do my hair as well. It was pulled back into a high ponytail and she pulled the ponytail out and let my straight hair fall. She let her fingers run through the hair for a second while she looked at it in the mirror. She asked me where my curling iron was and I just looked at her like she was an idiot. I honestly didn't look like the kind of girl that owned a curling iron. Come on, I walked into school with a braided ponytail almost all the time. If it wasn't in a braid it was in a pony tail and sometimes low pig tails but I've never intentionally curled my hair. I've never seen the reason too. As far as I was concerned, if my hair is neatly brushed and pulled back then I'm one hundered. She clearly didn't agree because she wasn't going to let me go without having curled my hair. She sent Baekhyun into my mother's room to see if she had one and he happened to find what she was looking for. She called it a curling wand but she said it worked just the same for what she wanted to do. She had me turn around so that I couldn't face the mirror and started to curl my hair. She even sent Baekhyun out of the room and told him to leave us alone.

"You know, there's nothing wrong with being a little girly." she said.

"I never said that there was." I said plainly.

I was staring at my poster for a moment kind of lost in theories, rethinking the big bang theory and wondering if it was just singular to our universe or to the entire universe. There was such a vast amount that we didn't know about and we might never know about because we couldn't search it all. The idea of eternity was scary but exciting at the same time.

"You really like all this science stuff don't you?" she said still doing my hair.

"Yeah, there's beauty in the stars far more than we realize all we need to do is look up."

"It's so dark in space though and lonely." she said.

"It gets lonely down here too. It's nothing I'm not already used to." I said.

"Well you have Baekhyun. Aren't you two even a little bit close?"

"We haven't been close in years."


"Baekhyun and I were close when we were little. I'm not that far off from his age just a year or so. Then I guess siblings started meaning less to him and the people that fawned over him meant more. Women and friends with cool people. Pretty soon he was the popular one and I was just left behind in my books. A decision I made by choice not by influence. It seems Baekhyun wasn't really the same. I don't know what's important to him anymore but it sure as hell isn't me." I said.

She walked around to face me and started manipulating the curls and fluffing up my hair. She looked down at me and smiled,

"You're still family. I'm sure there's a little something in him that cares. Baekhyun isn't all bad you know. He has good qualities."

"Look I'm not saying this to be an ass or anything it's just I know how Baekhyun is. I really advise you not to get too invested into him. It won't be long before he finds another girlfriend. It's just who he is Gi. He doesn't care about anyone but himself." I said slumping back into the chair with my arms crossed.

I could still remember the days when we were inseparable and he was a good big brother to me. I don't know what changed him, or us for that matter but we weren't getting along much anymore. It seemed like those days were just as distant as pluto. I wasn't going to get them back. She looked at me a bit dishearted that, that was the way I felt and saw him but it wasn't a lie. She wasn't going to be with him much longer; he liked to trade out girls like jackets.

"Now all that's left is your make up." she said.

"Wait! Do I really have to? It isn't necessary." I said.

"It'll be light make up Y/n don't worry but sending you out like this would just be unfair. I'm going to make you so dropped dead beautiful the moment you walk through those doors everyone won't be able to deny you are Byun Baekhyun's little sister anymore." she said.

Man I already couldn't wear my glasses this was just getting better and better by the second. I'm doing this begrudingly by the way and all I can think is how I want to punch Baekhyun in the face for dragging me into this mess. Surprisingly though, it didn't take her that long for my make up, probably about ten or fifteen minutes. She finally gave me the okay to look and I stood up and walked into my bathroom to see the finished look...

When I tell you I couldn't recognize myself, it's not an exaggeration. My hair looked full and fluffy and it hung around my face and my shoulders even covering the fact that part of her dress was hanging off of my shoulder. I looked at the make up on my face. She said she'd applied concealer under my eyes to get rid of a little darkness I had. I had on eyeliner that went into a little wing but it some how made my brown eyes stand out a little more. I stared at myself completely baffled at what I was looking at. I certainly felt pretty but I still felt like me. I wondered was I supposed to feel different? More confident maybe? Nope, I was less annoyed but I had a quick thought that this might back fire on me more than I wanted it too. I was only going to go back to school with glasses and my regular conservative clothing and then people would probably ask me why I went back because this version was so much better. This version wasn't me.

"You don't like it?" she asked.

"Oh it's not that. Thanks for doing it I guess. It's just- I'm not used to things like this. It's just weird." I said.

She nodded.

"Well let's see what that brother of yours thinks. We'll actually make it right on time like he asked." she said.

She opened the door and called Baekhyun out to come to my room. He walked over and looked like he wouldn't see much but his eyes got big and they washed over me. He looked me in the eyes.

"You look pretty Y/n." he said.

I looked at him in disbelief I even heard him compliment me.

"Thanks." I said.

It wasn't the most enthusiastic thanks ever but it was a thank you none the less. She gave me small black strapped heels to wear and a black little purse that swung over my body so that it could hold my cell phone. So we all headed out and Baekhyun drove us to Chanyeol's. It was quiet in the car for a while so I popped my head phones in to calm myself. I really didn't want to go. I looked at the front for a moment seeing Gi Jong and Baekhyun talking but my music was just loud enough that I had no idea what they were saying. We finally showed up to the party and just as I expected, there were people out of the house and loud music and dancing. Chanyeol's parents were loaded. I stuff my head phones and cell into the purse and get out with Baekhyun and Gi Jong. She wraps her arm around Baekhyun and I walk behind them. We head up to the door and I just feel even more insecure as I get closer. People are looking at us wondering who I am. I would be insulted if I didn't feel the same way. Who was I? I got pressured into coming here and just to avoid futher irritation and fighting with Baekhyun I just let Gi Jong dress me up like a life sized doll. Gi was at least nicer to me I regreted my initical instinct to bite at her. We get to the front door and Baekhyun just opens it and walks in. I stand at the doorway looking in at the dark party lit by lamps and strob lights and it's like I have the Vampire effect. I'm not going into this guys house until I'm invited. Baekhyun looks back and sees that I'm not following. How nice of him to check. He comes back and reaches for my hand.

"Come on you did all that maintence you might as well come in and show it off." he said.

He pulls my hand and drags me into the house and it's like I've stepped into an entierly new world. Bodies are everywhere, people are dancing and the music is too loud to hold a conversation without screaming into the other persons face. I already don't like it here and it's been two seconds. Then Baekhyun and Gi Jong are gone and I'm alone. There's just multiple people looking at me as if I'm a stranger. I swallow hard and try to find my way to the kitchen or a bathroom, some place I could avoid eyes if possible. I push through people trying to be as polite as possible and saying excuse me loud enough for them to hear. I get to the back of the house and there's a door that has white light popping through it when people walk through. I head towards it and find the kitchen. I sigh so happy that there's not a large group of people out here partying around. A few people are here lingering and there's a couple close to the sink sucking each other's faces off. Honestly, what did Baekhyun think I was going to do here?Everyone here either hates me or doesn't know me and I'd rather not have to deal with either. I finished up my homework for this? I could've been looking up science theroies and doing a research paper. Actually, there was this really great college that accepts high school members in their science program and all I have to do is a research paper on the science field I'm working in: astrology. If it's good enough I can get a scholarship into the program. I was already taking advanced classes I was smart and I was really interested in the program I really wanted to see what I could do with it so I decided to start doing the research paper. I'm not even half way through it though I'm still doing the research. Luckily is wasn't a contest or anything but I still wanted to get everything done and submitted before big groups started sending in their papers. If I could get in then that meant that I wouldn't be at home with mom and dad or Baekhyun anymore. While I knew mom and dad would check up on me, I felt like it might be the last time I'd ever really see Baekhyun. He wasn't going to go out of his way to see me and I would try but I know that he'll be busy, off partying or something. It was hard being around him now, everything he said made me want to lash back at him. He was just mean to me because mom and dad liked that I was taking my academics seriously. He just didn't realize that he was smart too all he had to do was do the damn work. He didn't have to over study like me and he could still be an idol if he wanted to; he was talented enough but it was just that mom and dad seemed to put me on a pedestal and him in the dirt. I could see how that would be annoying but shouldn't his issue be with them and not me?

I was looking at my phone reading updates on the app that informed me about what our space station was doing. Some big projects were being set in place and a satillite from America had come back apparently. I was deep into my phone when I looked up for a moment to see someone busting into the kitchen.

Kim Taehyung.

He was moving fast and he opened the fridge and pulled out a drink. I was kind of amazed at how he just kind of busted through without a care and went through someone elses fridge like this was his place. I guess with parties that was just expected, I wasn't sure. It made me keep the purse closer to me. Not that I thought anyone would steal but I just felt like if I dropped this stupid thing I wouldn't be seeing it again and Gi Jong would be really pissed at me for losing her purse. I only looked at him for a moment but when he turned around he caught me looking just as I was going back to my phone. I felt a little embarrassed but I figured he'd just over look me like most people did. I started to stare into the phone again reading updates and a chair was pulled out in front of me. Taehyung had sat down. He was facing outward sipping the soda he grabbed. He acted as if he was just taking a seat and didn't really care that I was there so I went back to my phone. I started reading another article when I realized Taehyung had dyed his hair this lavender like color and it looked really good on him. He seemed a bit annoyed by something but I wasn't necessarily the greatest person to talk to about feelings. I mean at least I didn't think I was. I've never tried; I've mainly just tried to get away from people as much as I could. My eyes and head were always towards the stars.

"Hey." a deep voice invaded my ears.

I looked up and saw Taehyung now facing me with his arms crossed on the table and leaning over. The music was dulled by the door, though still loud, it was much easier to hear him in here than it would've been out there. I looked at him feeling a bit nervous, I knew beauty gave me a rush but I thought that was only the excitement of exploring a world unknown and the beautiful gases in space. Taehyung was just beauty in its truest form. He had visuals for days and the only one that could compete with him was Jin... No that wasn't true, Jin wasn't the only one but he was the only one that mattered to me.

"Yes?" I asked confused as to why he was talking to me.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"Byun Y/n."

He was at our house all the time but he never came inside and he never really saw me. At least I don't think he ever did.

"Baekhyun's sister, right?" he asked.

I felt a little annoyed that I was connected to him but I nodded silently.

"Woah, you're cuter now. What did you do?" he asked leaning back in his chair.

I looked at him, part of me wanting to say something rude but the other half was kind of agreeing I looked a lot better and should take the compliment and move on. He was cute he could get a pass. I cleared my throat and said,

"Make over I guess."

He nodded and took another sip of his drink. I looked back down at my phone.

"You know this is a party right?" he said.

"I wasn't oblivious to the fact." I said.

"Why come to a party if you're just going to sit in here talking to no one and play on your phone. You're supposed to dance and drink and relax not be a space case." he said poking me in the forehead so I'd look up at him.

"Tae not now okay, I didn't even want to come to this stupid thing my brother made me." I said.

He laughed but I thought it was because Baekhyun making me come to a party was funny to him. It wasn't.

"Tae? So now you're using my nickname like we're buddies?" he said.

I sighed feeling almost humliated, I didn't even realize I hadn't said his whole name but the stubborn half of me came out and I gave him a little attitude.

"Yeah Tae, are you not okay with Tae? Should I stop calling you Tae? Tae is much faster to say then your whole name, don't you think Tae?" I said emphasizing the nickname trying to annoy him at least as much as he was beginning to annoy me.

Yes, he was cute but I already didn't want to be here and just being an outcast in a party was enough to jump off a bridge. I heard that there's such an assortment of people at parties that you're bound to find at least one person worth talking to. I wasn't sure if Taehyung was that person. He only laughed at what I said again and then said,

"It's cute the way you say it. You can call me Tae all you want."

He patted my head and I moved away from his hand,

"Please don't touch me." I said.

He shrugged,

"Pity I was going to ask you to dance."

"I don't really dance at parties."

"Have you ever been to a party?" He asked.

I rolled my eyes and looked back at my phone. He snatched my phone out of my hand to look at what I was reading.

"Hey give that back."

"Geeze, so it doesn't matter if you're dressed hot or looking dull you're just always a nerd."

"And it seems like you're always an ass, give it back!" I said annoyed.

He laughed and pulled my phone away when I tired to reach for it.

"Nope you have to dance with me first." he said.

"Why would you want to dance with the nerd?" I bit.

"Because right now you're a really cute nerd." he smiled.

I grumbled at that response, I don't believe that was a compliment, more like an insult. Like I said, he's an ass. A cute ass but an ass none the less.

"Dance with me and you'll get your phone back." he said.

I sighed,


Why was everyone pushing me into doing things? I grumbled annoyed. I get up and he takes my hand in his and he pulls me out into the crowd. He starts dancing with me and I kind of just move with the beat. So he places his hands on my waist and gets me to move more to the beat. He's getting closer and closer to me and moving back is kind of impossible in the sea of people. More people are looking at us now and it's just odd and I have like an eerie feeling about all of it. Taehyung is still dancing and coming close to me. It's kind of fun dancing with him though. I get a little more into it and stop resisting him trying to move me and just move with him instead. He tries to get closer so I use my hands to keep him at a distance. He smiles, I think he knows what I'm doing. I start to notice something though, everyone is watching us now. I even see Baekhyun staring at us and he starts to walk towards us when one of these girls pulls him back. I don't like the way everyone is looking and the fact that Taehyung and Baekhyun are friends just make this situation worse. I start to pull away from Taehyung and he pulls closer to me.

"It's time to stop Taehyung." I said.

"Forget about them they'll go back to their own world in a second."

"No, let go please. Now." I said.

He sighed and let me go with a bit of an attitude I hold out my hand for my phone and he starts to fish in his pocket when suddenly paint is spilled all over me. Red pain from a bucket just poured all over me, my hair, shoulders, dress and I look at everyone laughing at this. I look down at myself moving red paint out of my face. I look up and see Chanlee with a few other girls laughing hard, the bucket is in her hands. This seemed oddly planned. I look down to see Taehyung annoyed at the backsplash of the paint getting on his clothes. I look up at Baekhyun while everyone is taking pictures and laughing at me. Baekhyun just stared at me, no protection what so ever. He stood their watching my humiliation and didn't try to help me. I think that hurt more than the humliation. All the times I tried to keep mom and dad from getting on his back and he just doesn't even try. He just stands there. I start to feel tears welling up and quickly hold my hand out to Taehyung,

"Give me my phone." I say hurt but there's so much venom in my tone it could've killed him.

He hands me my phone looking at me annoyed but I think that was more from the fact that he got paint on him than my attitude towards him. I turn and storm out of the house. I get down the steps and hear Baekhyun calling after me.

"Yah! Y/n where are you going?" he yells.

I honestly didn't know, it was dark and scary and I could probably be kidnapped or killed but I wasn't really worried about that. Honestly, death wasn't such a bad option at this point. My brother didn't give two shits about me. I was set up, this was a set up. I knew mom and dad wouldn't really threaten him like that. Baekhyun did whatever the hell he wanted anyway. He set me the fuck up!

"Y/n!" he yells.

He grabs my arm and spins me around to face him and tears are streaming my face. He looks worried and for a moment. I'm relieved that he cares even a little but I'm still hurt. Everyone had pulled out of the house to watch but I'm focused on him.

"Please don't tell mom and dad."he says

Wait, that's what he was worried about?

I slap him as hard as I can in the face. I think it was just my first reflex from the anger I felt. He looked up at me and I slapped him again in the same spot.

"I hate you." I said eeriely calm.

The anger that had grown in me and the way my heart broke from being betrayed by my own brother hurt so much it felt like I was being stabbed in the chest. The more angry I got the more hot tears streamed my face; I went through all of this for him and he let them do this to me. He let them humliate me. He brought me here. He did this.

"I HATE YOU!" I finally screamed.

I was pissed now, too pissed, far more than I've ever been angry at Baekhyun or anyone else in my life.

"Y/n." he looked back at me.

"You let them plan that, you brought me into a trap. You set all of this up so that they could do this. I'm your fucking little sister!" I pushed him as hard as I could and he fell back.

I screamed in his face,

"If you think I will ever forgive you for this you're wrong. Drown your future with the rest of this worthless pack that has nothing left going for them except for disease, death and children without fathers. Die with the rest of them for all I care. You're not my brother anymore. I don't give a fuck what mom and dad say or do to you at this point all I know is that from now on you better stay out of my fucking way!"

He gets up trying to calm me down and I deck him in the face with more strength than I knew I had. He spit out blood and all I could feel was the huge rush through my body and suddenly I was calm again. I looked at him and he looked at me.

"I regret you." I said.

Baekhyun looked at me as if he couldn't believe those words. Gi Jong had come down to tend to Baekhyun and I gave her shoes and her purse back. I told her I'd send the dress back once it was washed and I walked off.

"Y/n! Where are you going!" he yelled.

I didn't answer.

He didn't deserve one...

Sunshine Squad: @Parktaemi @TwistedPDnim

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