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I am back! But this time I'm putting a twist on this topic. This card will help those new kpop fans who don't know much about the groups or solo idols. Especially on what they are thankful for. There isn't much to go off of, I only found 4 topics so if you found more, please make a card about it and tag it with #thankidols. Let's start!
1. Their members
Most seen in groups. Since groups have other people involved, it's one of those situations where you might as well get along with them but more farther than that. They start bonding and getting attached to each other, Leaning on one another since they can't see their family on a normal basis. They start to have ao sibling like relationship and work together to take care of each other and walk together to the road of fame.
2. Their families
After training so hard, getting tons of recognition, practicing constantly, traveling place after place, working hard, and having full schedules, they can't see their family often, resulting them to be very emotional at the topic. Most of us on Vingle have the ability to see their parents 24/7 if we wanted to, but most idols are very busy and do not have much time to talk or see them. For idols, even just facetiming or just seeing them will make them cry and be so thankful to them.
3. Members Again
Not only do they walk together through fame, but they support each other to no end. They give each other hugs and smiles. No matter the case, they all keep each other centered and happy. They help each other and become a second family being a huge part of their lives. Without each other, they wouldn't be who they are today. Idols are definitely greatful for their members, showing constant care and love for each other becoming a beautiful family.
4. Fans US!
Last but not least, us! They are thankful for everything we have helped them achieved. We've supported them with the utmost respect and love. Constantly protecting them and admiring not only their looks. Even if there are some immature fans, we have done so much for them as much as they done for us. They are thankful for taking them to the largest of concerts and everywhere around the world (mostly). They are thankful for the achievements we helped them earn. We've brightened their days and gave them virtual and physical (ie. fan gifts, virtual art, fan videos, and etc) love. They have so much to thank for as much as we do. We've appreciated the things we have and they're appreciating the things they have. One thing in common for sure is that we both are thankful for everything we and they have given us and them. Never think that they don't have anything to appreciate or thank.

I (J)hope you liked this card and if there is anything I missed make a card tagging the title w/#thankidols. Thank you so much for reading along!

QOTC: Were there moments where you had a bad day and kpop was there to fix it? If so, if you don't mind tell me the moment.

AOTC: I have had a lot of those moments, it often happened when I felt left out from my friends sometimes or when my self esteem/confidence would just break and my insecurities would get the best of me. I have never resorted to any bad things because kpop told me you have one life to live, so live it and love it.

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I live over 700 miles from my parents. I am hoping to finally see them.this summer, as I haven't seen them in almost 2 yrs.