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Hello Awesome members of GOT7 Community.
This announcement is to inform you of some changes that happened during the weekend.. Our dearest Member, part of the ORIGINAL IGOT7 TEAM @VeronicaArtino has Voluntarily stepped down her charge of JinYoung's Day on Thursdays. Therefore we have recrew a new members in order to fill her spot and have you guys enjoying cards and post of Jinyoung Eomma on his Day..
The new member in charge of JinYoung from now on will be.
You guys have probably seen her cards in the community, because she is very active ..Please welcome her and support her.. give her lots of love..♡♡
Welcome aboard Taylor, we are very happy to have you as part of our team.

IGOT7 TEAM & Community Supporters

Markie Pooh Mondays ➡ @luna1171
Wild &Sexy Tuesdays ➡ @MelissaGarza
BaeBumWednesdays➡ @LiyahBoon
JinYoung Thursdays ➡ @TaylorHill5
YoungJae Phenomenal Fridays   ➡
DabDab With BamBm Saturdays ➡ @jjrockstar &   @TwistedPDnim
Gyeomie's  Sundays➡ @YulaGyeom

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Welcome to the team!