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Who: Reader x Kim Seokjin x Kim Taehyung
What: Fluff and Smut
Story: A nerdy girl with no real social skills is getting pursed by two of high school's most popular and handsome boys and some girls are not happy about it.

Y/n's POV

I try to make sense of why Baekhyun did this to me as I walk down the sidewalk dripping paint and with no shoes on. I really don't want to go home looking like this and it has more to do with not wanting my parents to see my humliation than it does with getting Baekhyun in trouble. He's like ringing up my phone right now but I'm not answering and I'm sure he's trying to check all the places I would go. Maybe even following my pain trail but even if he did try to find me he's not getting me into the car so there's no point. I've never really experienced heartbreak before this moment. I thought it happened with romantic love and I thought even if family had issues they could never truly break your heart like this because at the end of the day they're still family. They're still blood. Right now, blood didn't mean shit to me. I was just silently crying while walking, damp and feeling the paint drying. I don't know what I'm going to do. I had taken my keys out of the purse, everything that I had put into it was with me. I was holding onto the keys I had stuffed my cellphone in my bra, probably not the most healthy thing but I didn't care about that either. I had a job at this bookstore but it was closed right now, I don't think any of my co-workers would lend me a shower and a place to wash these clothes. I think I'm out of options and so I'm just aimlessly wandering around. There's no school tomorrow, I guess Chanyeol's parents were away or they let him have the house to himself for a few hours, I didn't really know how those things worked.

A car honks next to me and I turn my head. The window rolls down and I stare at the person in the car. Any other day, had I seen this face, I would've been swooning but my heart was torn to shreds and the pain was unbearable. I felt numb all over and tears just kept coming to blur my vision. Everything was just hurting but numbing at the same time. I think I'm more afraid of this pain than anything else. I feel like I'm dying of a broken heart and there's just no way to save me. My brother didn't give a shit about me.

"I'm sorry about what happened to you back there. Let me give you a ride."

"Seokjin, I'll get your car all red and honestly I can't trust anyone at that party." I said.

I start walking and he keeps following me.

"I have a seat protector and no matter how cruel those people were back there I wouldn't do that. It's dangerous for a girl to walk around on her own at night."

"That's what I'm hoping for." you said sarcastically.

"You can't mean that."


"Just Jin, everyone calls me Jin." he said.

I sigh,

"Jin do you even know who I am?"

"Yeah you're Y/n. I see you in the hallway all the time reading your book by the lockers. I've seen you in the library too. Jungkook said that you had checked out a manga once too."

I blinked, that was like months ago and Jungkook knew my name too? Maybe it was just because I was related to Baekhyun. I just thought I was known as the nerd or the geeky space chick I didn't think anyone really knew my name.

"Y/n please get in the car, me and the guys share a dorm. I can let you wash up and clean your dress."


"Because believe it or not I'm not as cruel as the people that I party with. Honestly Y/n, do you think all those people are my friends? They're just people. The ones that are my friends are the ones that I'm always hanging out with. Jimin and Namjoon were worried about you too. We don't think it was right for them to do that to you."

"Did you know it was going to happen?" I asked.

He shook his head.

"If I did I would've tried to stop it. It was a lame joke and extremly childish. I promise you I'm nothing like that. I'm offering to help you because it's the right thing to do. I'm not setting you up." he said.

I sighed and stared at him,

"I'm trusting you don't make me regret it." I said.

He smiled and I felt a little more at peace that he was being genuine. Taehyung was being an ass to me but at the very least Jin was kinder. I walk over to the car and he unlocks the doors so I can get in.

"Are your feet okay?" he asks noticing I have no shoes on.

I've been walking around bare foot for the past twenty minutes.

"They're fine." I say.
We go in silence and the tears aren't finished streaming, it's all silence as I just keep replaying what he said to me. His first thing wasn't to ask if I was okay or to apologize, it's to not tattle on him. I think that hurt more than anything else. Like it all came down to whether or not I made him look worse in mom and dad's eyes. Why couldn't he just be my big brother? Why couldn't he just protect me and tell people to leave me alone and keep me out of situations that would embarrass me? Why did he have to break my heart? I'm sniffing as we pull up to this large dorm and there's no other car here but Jin's pulling into the driveway. I get out and I go behind him as he leads me into the place. It's huge and beautiful. Hard wood floors and an open kitchen with an island in the middle. There's a large TV on the wall and a computer in the corner. I follow Jin down a hall where we pass a few bedrooms and then he opens the door to one and I see their bathroom. Clean and well put together, nothing like how I thought seven boys living together would keep their bathroom or their house for that matter.

"I make them clean up after themselves. I hate when they leave their stuff on the floor and everything." he said.

I looked up at Jin. I wish this was on different circumstances. I could be a little more excited about being this close to him. He was beautiful and the angel I needed right now but the way I had always crushed on him before I felt- nothing. Everything was over powered by the intense pain of Baekhyun's betrayal.

"Thank you." I said.

He nods and says,

"You can just hand me your dress through the door and I'll throw it in the washer. You can hang out in my room after your shower if you don't want the boys to see you. I'll try and find something to cover you up until it's done washing."

I nod and he points to his room. The third door on the left. I thank him once more and go into the bathroom to take off my dress, I sneak it through the crack of the door so he doesn't see me in my underwear and then I close and lock the door behind me just in case any of the other boys show up and walk in. I start washing this red paint out of my hair but I have to be twice as careful because I have my contacts in. I have the case with me, it's on the sink but it's harder for me to put them in then it is to take them out. I was just going to wait until I went home.... or somewhere else to take them out. Where else would I go? I didn't want to go home, Baekhyun was there. He kept ringing my phone too, he was getting so annoying I just decided to block his number. I felt some satisfaction in worrying him to death. I know he was scared about what mom and dad would do to him for losing me. I wondered what lie he might tell them so that he didn't get the hell that he would've if they knew the truth. I get out of the shower after everything is off and I dry off. I wrap myself in a towel and walk out of the bathroom and into Jin's room. When I walk in, he has a giant army green shirt laying across the bed and a note that says you can wear it as a dress. I thought he was joking but I don't think he knew I once watched a video on Youtube on how to turn your boyfriends shirt into a dress and I was small enough to do it. One of the girls in my science club had showed it to me because she thought it was really cool. I didn't really have an opinnion on it but I thought I would be polite for once and watch it for her. I slip the shirt on and try to think about how it went. I slip my hands through the neck and then pull it so that the neck line stops just above my breast. I cross the sleeves over each other and tuck them into the shirt so that it stays and I look at myself in the mirror. It was long enough to pass as a dress but Gi Jong's dress was probably longer. I walk out of Jin's room and see him in the kitchen turning on the stove.

"Wow you really turned it into a dress." he said impressed.

I nodded.

"What do you want to eat? Comfort food is in order."

"You can cook?" I asked.

"Yeah, I love cooking. I cook for the guys all the time. Name what ever you like." he said.

"Don't take this the wrong way Jin but I'm still not sure how I feel about this. I mean it was nice of you to help me but- why are you being nice? Taehyung even seemed bareable for a moment." I said.

"Be careful around Taehyung Y/n. He's- not the best when it comes to women. He could hurt you." Jin said.

"Not possible. I'm already hurt and it wasn't because of him."

"I can't image what that feels like. I'm sorry." he said.

"It's fine I guess I already knew he didn't care about me. It's my fault really for trusting him. He taught me something though. Even blood can betray you."

"He's probably worried about you." Jin said.

I laughed humorlessly.

"He's worried about himself that's all. Trust me I know him. Anyway don't worry I won't impose on you. Once my dress is finished washing I'll go home." I said.

"Except you don't want to go home right?"

I shrugged,

"What does it matter?"

"Well you can stay here and recover for the night. I'll sleep in Namjoon's room you can take my bed." he said.

I looked at Jin wondering if that was even a good idea. I felt different now though, somehow colder and less like I gave a shit. I didn't really care much before but now I really didn't care but I definitely didn't trust this situation. Still I wasn't sure which would be worse: going back home were Baekhyun was or staying here where Taehyung would be. Taehyung had to have been apart of it, he was the one to ask me to dance. He brought me out there and that just pissed me off more. Jin was watching my face change and he guessed at what I was thinking.

"Taehyung didn't know about it." Jin said.

"Did he tell you that?"

"No he didn't have to. If Taehyung knew about it he would've told us, especially Jungkook. He doesn't keep secrets from us even the secrets he's supposed to keep; he just tells us everything. He didn't know, besides there's no way he'd risk getting paint on his favorite jacket. It's Prada." Jin said rolling his eyes at the designer name.

I should've known Taehyung was a fashion whore. He dressed really well, I guess his parents supported him well. I've seen him come into school with Gucci and Mark Anthony clothing. His english may not be great but he knew his designers. I sighed,

"Alright but I still rather not see his face. I think I'll sleep now. I can get up early and leave." I said.

Jin smiled,

"You're not going to eat?" he asked.

"I don't have an appetite." I said.

I trudged down the hall back to Jin's room and I crawled into his bed after taking out my contacts. It was large and the blankets were fluffy and they lulled me to sleep very quickly. There I slept all night and woke up the next morning. The house seemed dead and I wondered if anyone was in here at all. I looked for the laundry room to find the dress Gi Jong let me borrow when the bathroom door opened. I jumped because it scared me and I see Taehyung come out with a toothbrush in his mouth and a towel wrapped around his waist. He's dripping wet and steam is floating out of the bathroom. He just got out of the shower. I look past him and he gives a little hmph sound. I look back and he's still watching me.

"What?" I say annoyed.

"Your bother has been looking for you all night. Jin hyung said you were here." He said.

"Does it look like I care about Baekhyun? He's not worried about me he's worried about himself. Mom and Dad are probably cussing him out. He deserves it."

"Yes, he does, it was an entirely stupid and useless prank and Chanyeol should've known better than to let Chanlee do it. If they're going to prank someone they might as well be creative. Spilling paint? That's just messy and annoying for everyone now dying your skin a different color that's a prank."

"Next time give him that idea." I said turning around.

"I will."

I wave half wishing I flicked him off but he calls after me. He spits out his toothpaste and he's smiling.

"You're cute when you're angry." he says.

I turn around and walk out. What am I supposed to say to that? Thank you? I'm so sick of people making fun of me they can all suck it. I make my way home and Mom and Dad aren't there. I walked in and saw Baekhyun in the kitchen leaned up against the island. I walked past him. He happened to see me,

"Where the hell have you been?" He yelled.

I kept walking down the hall ignoring him.

"Do you have any idea how worried mom and dad have been?"

"Do you have any idea how much I don't care?" I said.

"Damn it Y/n this isn't a joke."

I whipped around furious, my hands balled up into fist and he stalls. I don't know if he thought I was going to hit him or not and honestly I didn't have the energy to try I was still tired.

"You have no right to be upset after what you did. I want you to stay away from me and never say anything to me ever again."

"I am your brother."

"No you are my burden. I don't think you understand what I said yesterday so let me make it very clear. I. HATE. You. So never, ever come near me again. I don't need you. I'll honestly have a better life without." I said.

I could see a look of shock kind of wash over his face. Was he just now getting how serious I was? I had completely kicked him out of my heart. He wasn't my brother anymore. He was just some guy that lived in my parents house. I couldn't stand him. I walk into my room and start playing music as loud as I can. I was going to drown him out and everything out as much as I could. I was just sick of how I was getting blamed for being into my studies. He was upset at me because they were chewing him out but didn't he know that doing that would make me hate him? Did it just seem like because we were family that I would never push him away? He always pushed me away. He brought up the fact that we used to be close and while that was true it wasn't me that pushed him away. He did that to me. He betrayed me first and he continued to betray me without a second thought as if none of this weighed on me. As if he wasn't hurting me by shunning me from his life but none of that was supposed to matter anymore now. The only thing that mattered was that I looked out for myself because honestly Baekhyun couldn't be trusted to have my back when I needed him the most.

I spent hours in my room with music blasting finishing up some reading on my science books when I thought I heard a knock at my door. I know my music was loud but I know these songs. The sounds I was hearing definintely weren't from them. I turned down the music and open my door I thought maybe it was Baekhyun or that my parents were back to check up on me but then I realized the noise I was hearing wasn't from my door. It was from my window. I turned and looked out it to see Taehyung standing outside my house. He had a few stones in his hands but he wasn't throwing them against the glass of my window. He was throwing them against the shutter on my window. He sees me peaking out my window and drops his stones and waves for me to come outside. I shake my head no. What was he doing here in the first place? I knew he knew where I lived because him and Baekhyun liked to hang out but I really didn't feel like being around anyone at all. He waved for me to come out again and I shook my head and went to sit back down. I guess he picked the stones back up because I could hear the noise again. I looked out the window and opened it.

"Go away!" I yelled at him.

"Not until you come outside." he said in his deep voice.

I looked at him thoroughly annoyed,

"I don't want to come outside."

"Then I'll just keep throwing stones. I have pretty good aim too Y/n I can throw one now and hit you in the face if you'd like." he grinned.

I squinted my eyes,

"You wouldn't dare."

He smiled even bigger and moved his hand back like he was ready to throw another.

"Jesus. Alright!" I yelled upset.

He chuckled. I closed the window and went to my closet for decent clothes. I was settled in sweatpants and my black tank top. After I took off Gi Jong's dress and set it in the laundry basket I decided to put those on. My hair was a mess and I had washed my face and brushed my teeth while having the loud music on to drown out Baekhyun. I was still pretty fresh and since I didn't think I'd be out there long with Taehyung I decided to throw on a hoody and I put on my shoes. I met him across the street because for some reason he decided to walk over there. I didn't know if Baekhyun was still home and I honestly didn't care. I was done with him, what he did in his spare time fazed me even less than it did before. I put my hands into my hoody pocket and I glare at Taehyung,

"What do you want?" I said.

He chuckles and says,

"You know you're cute when you're angry."

"Yeah you said that before, is that all you came here to say?"

"Believe it or not you made an impression on Jin hyung. All the other guys feel really bad about what happened to you; they want you to come out and hang with us." he said.

"No thanks. I've fallen into one too many traps for one day." I said.

"It's not a trap dork. Look just because your brother's an ass sometimes doesn't mean my brothers are. They've got more heart than you know. Just because everyone loves our good looks doesn't mean we're stuck up and trying to make your life miserable. Now they all seem to like you, or pity you, despite having never held a conversation with you and they would like to invite you to come hang out so go back in the house and get some decent clothes on so we can go." he said.

"And what makes you think you just rule my life Kim Taehyung?"

"My full name now? What no nickname used in an oddly aggressive tone?" he laughed.

You rolled your eyes.

"Look, I'm not saying I run your life but the way I see it Jin Hyung did you a favor by taking you to our place, cleaning you up, giving you his shirt and letting you sleep in his bed for the night while you worried both your brother and your parents half to death. So, you can either do him this favor by gracing him with your nerdy, ungracious, defensive prescence or you can go crawl in your little hole of a room and rot in the silence of having no friends or life."

"You know I just love when you talk sweet to me." You said sarcastically.

He smiled big and said,

"Look, I really think you should come out with us so just go inside and change. Dress like you're going out to interact with people not like you're a shut in. It dulls down your beauty."

You looked at him annoyed.

"Who I was last night, how I was dressed, the make up and the hair that wasn't me that was a one time thing Taehyung. I don't do make up and contacts." you said.

"Look, you don't need make up on to be pretty you idiot. You're already really cute. Guys and girls having something in common, we're attracted to pretty things. For girls it's a range of pretty things but for guys it's normal just pretty girls. A girl can make herself seem unpretty just by dressing like she doesn't give a shit and that's how you dress every day. You're a cute girl and it would show more often if you just put effort into it. No make up requried."

You stared at him for a moment. Though he told you a few times at the party that he thought you looked pretty and even when he told you, you looked cute when you were angry you didn't believe he was being genuine. For once you really believed he was.

"I think that's the most none ass-holeish thing you've ever said to me." you said.

He grinned and said,

"So what's it going to be Y/n? In the hole you go or come hang with the cool kids?"

You sighed and rolled your eyes,

"Fine give me like- ten minutes." you said annoyed.

You'd leave a note for your parents when they came back. Taehyung told you to take your time and you walked into you house. After writing a quick note, you went straight to your closet to look at what you had. You had no idea what you were supposed to be wearing to hang out with the good looking cool kids....

Sunshine Squad: @Parktaemi @TwistedPDnim

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