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Who: Reader x Jung Kiseok x Park Jaebeom x Oh Mintaek
What: La la la lalala sing the smutty song la la la lalala Smut the whole day long.
Story: He can do whatever he wants no question asked, now you're at the mercy of two new Masters while something dark lingers....

A light kiss came to your lips before it reached your neck. Kiseok woke you up like this in the morning when you needed to get up. He'd whisper in his low voice.

"Time to get up baby girl."

You'd usually wrap your arms around his neck and bury your face in his chest. His scent would fill your nose. He smelt delicious. He always had this manly spice smell to him, which only made you hold him tighter. He'd pet your hair and chuckle and tell you that wasn't going to work; you needed to get out of bed or he'd punish you. Sometimes you'd playfully refuse and he'd take you over his knee to spank you. Though Kiseok didn't tolerate disobedience, he did love when you playfully disobeyed him.

The kisses continued on your neck and you shifted in the bed, pulling the covers close to you. Your eyes squeezed tighter while you groaned. Those set of lips felt different, softer, fuller. A hand drew up the curve of your body but it felt large and the fingers felt thinner through your blanket. You snapped your eyes open to see a brunette man with a nose piercing in a white button up smiling big and beautifully at you. You shrieked and pushed him away and covered yourself in a blanket. He chuckled,

"You're stronger than you look."

He started to get up from the floor and you moved the bed sheets off of you and jumped off of Kiseok's side of the bed.

"Now calm down Y/n." he said.

You didn't listen, you ran straight out of your bedroom door.

"Kiseok!" you yelled trying to find him.

"Kiseok!" you yelled coming down the steps.

You looked back to see the guy had come out of your bedroom. You missed a step, losing your balance and you stumbled down the last few steps to be caught by Kiseok,

"Y/n, what did I tell you about running in the penthouse?"

You wrapped your arms around his neck crying softly,

"Someone's in the penthouse." you said panicking.

You looked back to see him walking down the steps. You pulled on Kiseok to back away with you. He wrapped his arms around you.

"Hey calm down baby girl, it's not what you think." He said.

You looked up at him and back to the man.

"Damn it Jay I told you not to wake her up." Kiseok said annoyed.

"She really got scared I was surprised. I was hoping she'd think I was you." he smiled.

"You were kissing me." you said upset.

Jay put up a finger to his lips like he was telling you not to rat him out. Kiseok looked up at Jay annoyed,

"How am I supposed to trust you with her if you won't listen?" he said.

You looked up at him like you miss heard him. Jay looked at you with hungry eyes and a big grin.

"You know how delicious she is, I wanted a taste." he said.

"Then you ask first don't just go tasting what isn't yours." Kiseok snapped.

You made a face at him and then curled into Kiseok's arms. He covered you with a jacket and kissed your forehead.

"Baby go get dressed and then we'll talk." he said.

You looked at Jay and listened to Kiseok passing Jay carefully. He waved goodbye to you as you headed into your room. You put on a thin turtle neck and shorts and came back downstairs seeing both men talking on the couch. You sat on the same couch as Kiseok but closer to the arm rather than next to him. You stared at Jay sitting in front of you still annoyed at how he kissed you while you were asleep.

"Mind your manners baby girl he's a friend." Kiseok said.

"I don't like him." you said.

Kiseok came closer to you and you looked away from him. He gentely turned your chin to face him. You had a pout face on.

"You're going to be a good girl for me Y/n or I'll have to punish you. Do you understand?" he said.

You nodded but it didn't make you feel any better about Jay. Jay was looking you up and down like he was observing your character just from how you were sitting. You looked at Kiseok who was looking at Jay. This was beginning to feel more uncomfortable by the second. Jay stood up and walked over to you making you retreat to Kiseok. He held you with a little smile on his face.

"I apologize Y/n I should've listened to Kiseok I was just so curious about the girl that he's been seeing in private these past two years." he said

You looked up at Kiseok and he kissed your forehead. You felt like a child for a moment, relying on Kiseok to keep you safe. He saw Jay as a friend, still you were annoyed he touched you in your sleep. Jay reached his hand out to you but you only looked at it. You looked up at Kiseok.

"Why is it when my roommate did that to me you threatend him but I have to obey Jay?" You asked.

"Your roommate?" Jay asked curiously.

Kiseok scrunched his nose at the memory of the roommate that assaulted you. Simply because of the off and on again profession you chose as a stripper. You saw nothing wrong with it as long as you were clean and no one touched you but the thing was that you belonged to Kiseok. No one could touch you without his say so. Meaning Jay must've had some approval to get away with touching and kissing you in your sleep. You pulled away from Kiseok now realizing that was it.

"Y/n don't. I told Jay he could touch you but I did not mean while you were unconcious." he said.

"Then why doesn't he get punished?" you said upset.

Kiseok sighed,

"Alright alright what do you want him to do?" he said.

You looked at Jay and said,

"Make him write 'I will follow the rules' one hundred times."

Kiseok chuckled and picked up the notepad on the coffee table while balancing the pen on top of it.

"Get to writing." he said.

"You've got to be kidding me." Jay said.

"She's right Jay if I'm placing her in your care then you have to follow my rules. If you can't then she has every right not to trust you and so do I." he said.

Jay sighed and took the pen and paper and began to write. Kiseok took your hand and led you into another room. He sat you down on the couch and you looked up at him.

"Are you upset with me?" Kiseok asked.

"Yes." you whispered.

He chuckled,

"Honest." he said.

You looked away and Kiseok sighed,

"Bugs look at me."

You turned your head to face him.

"Do you know why I did this?" he asked you.

You shook your head.

"Do you remember the last time I left you alone?" he said.

You looked at him not getting what he was referring to. You thought for a second but that was months ago.

"Did you think I wouldn't find out about the assault charges?" he said.

"Kiseok." you looked at him annoyed.

"Fix your face right now." he said sternly.

You sat back with a sigh, you looked down at your hands.

"I took care of it." you said softly.

"That doesn't matter, what matters is that you had to protect yourself. Someone put their hands on you and if he had a gun you might've been dead. No one puts their hands on you without my permission Y/n and not telling me about this violates our agreement." he said.

"Agreement? Is that all it is to you? I can protect myself Kiseok."

"You shouldn't have to!" he growled.

You sank into the couch and looked down. How submissive you've become. The spit fire girl you used to be quickly bent to Kiseok's will. Part of you enjoyed it, the other part of you couldn't help but wonder, was this wrong? You give him all of you and you get thirty percent of him. Was his protectiveness instinctual, possessive or just that he cared? A deep part of you wanted to know, you wanted to ask. Do you love me Kiseok? Right now you weren't sure if the answer would do you any good. If it would save you from the heartache or pull you in deeper so you were stuck in a limbo of uncertainty. A sort of Schrodinger's cat situtation, your relationship was both dead and alive as long as you didn't ask. Kiseok calmed himself.

"You're mine Y/n you know that. You gave me everything so in turn it is my job to protect you that's what you violated. You're my responsibility. I would kill a man for laying a scratch on you. That's what Jay is doing here, he's watching you for me." he said.

"Like a baby sitter." you said bitter.

"Can't you see it as I'm trying to keep you safe?" he said.

"You could keep me safe by taking me with you."

"No, we already discussed that."

"You telling me no isn't necessarily a discussion." you said.

"You said I could do whatever I want no questions asked."

"Am I a burden to you?" you suddenly looked up at him.

"What? No, why would you ask that?"

"Because I can never go with you on trips and I know you take me shopping but it's never in the city. Even when you were just training me, our dates were only outside of here. Is it because I used to be a stripper, do I hurt your reputation that much?"

"Y/n." he said sternly.

He came over to you and lifted your chin so you could look at him.

"You're my baby girl I don't think of you as a burden. You belong to me, if I didn't want you, you wouldn't be here. I just can't take you everywhere with me. Business has to stay business but you know your Master cares so much for you." He said.

He dipped his head down to come and kiss you lightly. He cared about you, that much you knew. You never doubted that he did but caring and loving were in two different boats. Suddenly, the feeling of his lips taking over yours felt better than anything and you melted into him. He came down harder on your lips, stealing your breath each time you took one. He grabbed the hem of your shirt and pulled it over your head. He quickly removed your bra and then went for your shorts.

"Kiseok." you whispered.

"Playtime babygirl use my right name."

"Yes Master." you moaned lightly.

As soon as your shorts were off, you felt his fingers go inside you. You gripped a pillow and held in a moan while he let his long fingers curl inside you. You bit your lip and looked at him now lowered between your legs. You were ass naked and not one article of clothing had been removed from him. He looked delicious though, him in his suit with his fingers in you pumping slowly to tease you. Your heat closed on his fingers begging them to stay in you and go deeper. Your face flushed red as your body became warmer. You looked at Kiseok staring up at you and his fingers stopped and pulled out of you.

"No." you whined.

You wrapped your hands around his neck,

"No Daddy please don't stop. I want you, please." you begged.

He pecked your lips

"I know you do." he said

He opened your legs wider and pinned them down. He parted your folds and he began to lick you. You covered your mouth to keep from screaming.

"Remove your hand or I'll tie them down." he threatend.

"Jay will hear us." you whined.

"Good then he'll know what it sounds like when I please my baby girl." he grinned.

His tongue wrapped around your clit before he began to suck on it. You moaned out loud embarrased at the sound you made but loving the excitement rising in your body. He looked up at you just as he stuck his tongue inside you. You moaned louder knowing Jay had heard you. Your eyes rolled back and your head rested on the couch. Your hand ran through his hair feeling him bobbing his tongue in and out of you. His tongue met your clit again while two fingers pushed inside of you and he started fucking you fast with them.

"Fuck! Daddy please."

"Please what baby girl?" he looked up at you.

Your walls tightend around his fingers.

"Come on, tell daddy what you want. You know you're not allowed to cum until I give you permission." he said.

"I'm gonna cum, pl-"

"No. Don't you dare." he said.

He leaned up still moving his fingers fast in you. The fabric of his suit jacket rubbed your hard nipples and you held onto his shoulders as he kissed you.

"Please-- slow down." you begged.

"No, you're going to hold it. You're not going to cum until I say so. I will not slow down you're going to take it just like this." he said hot and heavy against your lips.

To add to the sensations he kissed your neck, the spot just above your collarbone that felt like a tingle then turned into a tickle you weren't supposed to laugh at but moan to. You cried and squeezed his shoulders, he was getting you closer.

"Daddy no more."

In your ear, his next words tickled your body and made your clit twitch.

"Yes more, until you're on the edge about to fall so I can deny you want you're begging for." he said.

Your heart felt like it would stop. You felt a pressure building, threatening to make you come despite his command. You grabbed his arm with your legs shaking. You shook your head unable to speak. You were drowning the room in heavy pants and whines. You could see Jay coming in to peak just as Kiseok pulled his fingers away to lick his fingers. You cried because your orgasam was leaving you and your walls tightened like they were trying to hold onto something that wasn't even there. You gasped for air as you watched Jay walk over, your body jerked a little on the couch. You gripped Kiseok's shoulders more. Jay set the note pad on the table and he sat next to you. Kiseok looked at him,

"Did you do all one hundred?" He asked him.

Jay nodded staring at your disheveled, aroused body. Your chest moved up and down quickly and his eyes floated over the round mounds that probably looked good enough to eat to him. Jay lifted your chin and came close to your face. You looked away for a moment and looked down at Kiseok. His hands were resting on your thighs, massaging them lightly, he was letting your orgasam slip away as much as possible before he decided to do more to you. Kiseok sat up higher on his knees and said,

"Kiss her."

Jay grinned and looked happy to aquiesce. He grabbed your chin and pulled your face to look at him. His lips cover yours in a moments notice and it made your heart jump. Your lips were pressed at first but then you felt Kiseok's tongue come to your folds again and you gasp with a moan escaping. Your head moved a little to see his face but Jay pulls it back quickly and slips his tongue in your mouth. His tongue is long and demanding, taking over you and your hand comes up to his face to cup his cheek. You can feel the smile in his kiss that you're now touching him willingly and it's just because of the heat of the moment and the amazing feeling of being eaten out and kissed with so much tongue that you can't help but fall deeper. Jay's hand makes it to your nipple and your back rises more into his hand. He teases the taut nipple by rolling his thumb over it a little and then he pinches it. You hold onto his tighter and Kiseok finds licking you not to be enough. You look to see him taking his belt off and pulling his pants down just enough to release his hot swollen cock, ready to raid your core. He scoops your legs on top of his arms and pulls you down a little roughly on the couch. He comes to your entrance and you feel him ram into you. You were already expecting him to do that, his eyes were dark and dangerous, he looked like an animal and he groaned as he moved in you. You cried out as he moved in you quickly. Kiseok crashed his lips onto yours and you weren't sure if it was an attempt to show off or to show Jay the benefits of owning you but he looked you dead in the eyes and said in a deep husky voice.

"Cry for me babygirl."

"Yes Daddy!" you say immediately.

It felt so good there was no way you'd hesitate.

"When can you come baby?" he said.

"When Daddy says so." you answer.

He snapped his hips into you twice quite aggressively, making you scream out and grab a pillow. You bring it to your face and Kiseok grabs and throws the pillow behind him. He grabs you by the neck not stalling his movements at all. He comes close to your face,

"What the fuck did I tell you about that?" he growls.

This was the sexiest growl you could ever hear and the way he pressed his fingers in to your neck felt so good. You got a little light headed but you loved it.

"You want to--hear me Master." you moaned.

"I want to fucking hear you scream." he growled.

He quickly ran a line with his tongue from your breast to your lips and kissed you like Jay wasn't there watching.

"Make him feel good too baby girl. You better do a fucking amazing job." he said.

You nodded feeling your walls squeeze him even more the more aggresive he got. You reached for Jay's dick and start to run your hand up and down his shaft. At some point, from watching you two go at it, he had pulled out his own dick to jerk off and enjoy the live show. He came over and stood up on his knees placing his cock right at your lips and you took it in your mouth while Kiseok destoryed your body. You moaned on Jay's dick but you could feel your body talking to you. The fire in you was so hot and uncontrollable. Kiseok wouldn't let you come so easily, you were slightly crying as Jay hit the back of your throat so you'd gag at the same time Kiseok slammed into you hard enough to close in to an eruption. You pulled off of Jay's dick to scream and you pulled Kiseok close to you. He smiled in your face while still moving and you whined and shook your head feeling yourself on an edge that you weren't going to keep yourself from falling off of. He pecked your lips softly. He liked looking at the mess he made of you. You were sweating and feeling so dirty, your heat only tightened more around him. You bit your lip. The taste of Jay still lingering on your tongue.

"Please- please Daddy." you begged in a sleepy whisper.

He was draining your energy from you.

"You're not going to come yet. Look at me." he said.

Your eyes had shut close when he said you weren't going to cum yet. You opened your eyes to see him pressing his forehead to yours while panting against your lips.

"Keep sucking him." he commanded.

You wanted to kiss him instead but he leaned back up and slowed down to watch you and you turned to bring Jay back into your mouth. He cupped your cheek and rode slowly in your mouth and you sucked him, hollowing out your cheeks as you sucked him off. He groaned and it seemed Jay and Kiseok both decided on a pace they liked to move inside of you. Jay moved further down your throat when he angled your head a little and you felt yourself gag on him a bit. He pulled out to give you air and he came down and kissed your for a moment. He tasted himself on your lips with a small hum in your mouth making you sigh into the kiss. You got a break from having his cock shoved down your throat. Kiseok's thumb made it to your clit and he stopped moving in you, making you squeal into Jay's mouth as he kissed you deeper. Your walls only closed in on Kiseok more trying to keep the orgasam from breaking the dam. Jay broke the kiss and looked up at Kiseok.

"Can I cum in her mouth?" he asked.

Kiseok looked at him and you looked up at him with tired eyes. He wouldn't really say yes to that? Would he?

Kiseok took a small breath and looked at Jay,

"Yes." he said.

You felt some what betrayed, no, not betrayed. You were just disheartened at the fact that Kiseok wanted it like this. He's never talked about a three way, he's always been possessive of you. He owned you, you were his. You only belong to him but apparently now, you belonged to both of them. Having two Masters was never something you had been interested in but Kiseok knew his power. Not just over you but over most people, he was a CEO, a boss, he held himself with dignity and he knew how to effect people around him. Just like he had you. You looked back at Jay taking your eyes from Kiseok. You found something in you that made you want to piss him off or take you away from Jay. So you started to enjoy it a little more than you did before. You sucked him harder and bobbed your head up and down with more purpose taking him and licking him up more than before. Kiseok started moving harder in you trying to bring an orgasm back again. You moved faster on Jay and hummed on him as you did. You looked up at him while you were sucking him off and he groaned. Your hand met his shaft, what you didn't take in your mouth you jerked off with your hand. The more Jay moaned the more you sucked him off. You pulled him out of your mouth to let the tip of your tongue roll over his dick like you were licking up frozen custard. He pushed himself all the way in your mouth again moaning harder. He pinched your nose and held himself in your mouth. It wasn't until you jerked from not being able to breathe that he came up from your mouth. He only allowed you a few seconds of breath before he was back in your mouth and pinching your nose. Kiseok had dipped down to lick your nipples and you started to scream on Jay's dick. It felt so good.

"I'm about to cum princess." he warned.

He pulled out of your mouth to jerk off more in front of you, moving quickly and ready to burst.

"Open your mouth." he told you.

You opened your mouth and stuck out your tongue and his hot substance fell onto your tongue and in your mouth with some parts splashing on your face. You swallowed it and Jay wiped the bit that fell on your face and let you lick it off his fingers.

"God damn she's a good girl." Jay said coming down to kiss you again.

"I know." Kiseok said.

He started fucking you harder now that Jay was done and you snake your arms around his neck and look him in the eye for as long as you can. He groans into your neck before he starts to kiss it and lick it. You can feel the pressure for your orgasm again, its built faster this time since you've waited the last two times. You squeezed onto Kiseok more,

"Please, please just let me cum." you beg.

Kiseok looked up at you still riding into you hard and fast. He cups your cheek and says,

"Listen to me, you're going to cum so fucking hard baby girl. Once I tell you too."

"Please let me." you begged

Your hands clasped behind his neck while he contined to ride in you. You cried as he continued in you. You felt yourself coming closer.

"Please. Please, please. Kiseok- please." you moaned.

He came closer to your mouth, his was slightly open coming closer to yours like he'd kiss you.

"Come for me baby. Come for me." he told you.

You nodded and scream out, your body shook and erupted below him.

"Kiseoookk!" you cried.

He let his hand come to the back of your neck. He was panting into your mouth, groaning as his forehead pressed against yours and he came inside of you. You shuddered at the feeling of him flooding your insides. You looked at him with hazy eyes.

"Good girl." he whispered.

You touched his face while feeling your conciousness fade.

"It's okay baby, sleep."

"Kiseok." whispered.

Your eyes closed, but you could feel him kiss you softly.

"Kise-ok." You whispered softly but then you were asleep....

When you woke up, you were on the couch covered in a jacket. You sat up and smiled at it knowing it was Kiseok's. It smelled like him too. He fucked you so hard and teased your body so much it sent you back to sleep. You were surprised he let you nap. You stood up and stretched and walked out of the room back to the main living room. You saw Jay sitting on the couch and he looked up at you.

"Hi there princess. Awake from you forever slumber." he smiled.

"Where is Kiseok?" you said.

"He had some business to take care of, he was already late this morning but I guess he couldn't leave without tasting his baby girl." Jay grinned.

You looked away from him and covered yourself up more. You started to walk towards the stairs.

"Hey hey." Jay said.

He stood up and caught you just at the bottom of the steps and cornered you against that wall. You gave him a sort of mean look. He chuckled,

"Your Master gave me permission to taste you as soon as he goes on his little trip. Tell me, did you like the taste of me in your mouth?"

His thumb pulled at your bottom lip before he snuck it in your mouth. You looked at him while letting your tongue lightly graze the tip of his thumb then you lightly bit down on his thumb enough to catch him off guard and make him jump but not hard enough to leave a mark. He laughed and pulled his thumb back,

"You do understand that even if Kiseok has given you premission to touch me- I am not yours. I only belong to him. He's my Master, he's my boyfriend and if I say the word you have to stop."

He smiled softly and caressed your cheek,

"Y/n I wouldn't dream of hurting you, you know that. For one Kiseok is my best friend, I wouldn't do anything to the person he cares about. For another, I'm not really in the business of hurting women. Sure I have a reputation for sleeping around but I never go beyond my boundraies; although, sometimes I give it a little nudge."

You rolled your eyes and smacked his hand away.


Jay caught your chin and made you look back at him,

"Listen Y/n. I think you're cute and I respect Kiseok's rules but you don't roll your eyes at him so don't you do it to me because along with taking care of you I still have to make sure you behave, meaning he's given me permission to punish you. I know you don't like being locked up in that rooom." He warned you.

You looked down, pouting but the way he threatend you was softer than Kiseok's threats. Kiseok was stern in his tone and made it feel like you had been bad but Jay, he was gentle in his tone which almost made the threat twice as unnerving for some reason. Jay kissed the top of your head lightly and then he said,

"Go get some clothes on. He told me to take you out to eat. We can talk, you can get to know me a little more."

You nodded and headed up stairs to shower...

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