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Inspired by the flight log trilogy.
Rated M
Self harm
CHAPTER 1: Arrival

It was darkness,

all around, there was only darkness.

The sound of fire crackling, A hollow almost shallow and thick breathing follow by the sound of footsteps pacing in different directions.

The sound of deafening mutters that slowly and discreetly becoming louder. A Flash of light piercing the lids of the young man who lays emotionless on the cold dusty ground.

“He is breathing” the stranger voice echoic. 

"quickly! move him to the truck”

the movement began to waken the young man sense, his eyes slowly opening,

“sir! He waking up!” said the blurry figure above him. 

“Son what is your name?” asked the blurred out figure. 

the young man flickered eyes trying to focus his eyesight but struggled his vision was blur out, unable to recognize the face in front of him.  

"young man do you remember your name?" another figure asked but this time the voice sounded like it belong to woman. 

the young man struggles to speak without feel like he couldn't breathe, “pa...Nyoung"

the two blurry figure look at each other for a moment, do you know anyone we can contact?”  asked the paramedic sitting across from him. 

The young man blinked slowly while staring at the paramedic who was checking his pulse and heart rate. His eyes half open, his body numb and unable to move a single muscle except his eyes that are straining to see what is around him. trying desperately to adjusted themselves. 

A voice echoed “young man can you hear me?” the young man slowly look at the paramedic weakling before losing focus. 

The sound of a muffled siren and murmur voice filled the young man ear, his eyes becoming heavy as the feeling of the truck rattling from the fast speed as it drove through the streets of Seoul. The paramedic asks the same question again but this time moving closer to the young man, the look of exhaustion was given, his eyes blank and lifeless.

sir! His heart rate And his oxygen levels are dropping!” a woman shouted,

“quickly, the oxygen mask now!” the man shouted, a hint of panic in his voice.

The voices and the sound of the siren slowly faded into the depth of city light of Seoul, while the sound of his own heartbeat thumping in an uneven pace rebound in his ears. the young man vision slowly darken until a voice was heard.

come on son, you have stay awake! talk to me, come on" 

the young man mind fighting to stay conscious as the paramedic continued to talk to him. 

"tell me your name. what is your name?" 

deep breath..."pa-" exhaled 

deep breath "rk-" exhaled

"Ji-" deep breath "Nyoung" exhale. 

”that it, just like that, come on tell your name again" the paramedic continued to ask question but just like the young man eyes shut and  everything went mute, everything went black.

The sound of the wind howling through the branches of snow covered trees that stood firmly on the snow-covered ground. It was a forest in the mountains and all around was clear pure white snow. The rays of the burning sun managing to peek through slowly drifting the clear pure white clouds that tried to block its light. shivering inhale and a trembling body that laid flat on his back on the cold snow. Jinyoung eyes pop open, his body automatically sitting up on its own while gasping in a harsh and rasped breath of the cold thin air. Tears form and the cold snow burning his delicate skin and the harsh wind blowing through the lock of his silk black hair. Jinyoung looked around to find only a field of snow, jinyoung wrap his arm around his knees, burying his face into them. His breath hitched as his shoulder trembled his tear struggled to escape as the cold wind would freeze them. Jinyoung slowly lifted his head the moment the warmth of the sun rays fell upon his shoulders. Jinyoung pushing himself up onto his feet and took in sharp cold breath of air before taking a step forward, He was bare foot so the snow burnt the bottom of his feet’s.

“where am I?”  he whispered

‘Jinyoungie’ A discrete voice was heard through the whistling sound of the wind.

“Hyung..” Jinyoung uttered , looking all around himself but no one was in sight

A sudden panic and rush of anxiety racing through his veins cause him to run, Jinyoung ran through the trees following the voices that he knew very well. he stops the icy air making it difficult to breathe. 


Jinyoung look to his left, looking at the direction where the sound of his name was coming from,
“Mark!” he shouted harshly his voice cracking; his feet moving on their own slowly than quickly pick up their pace. 

Jinyoung halts, nearly stumbling among the burning cold snow before turning around. he gulps down the dry thick knot that was stuck in the center of his throat.   

'actor park jinyoung!'

Gripping the front of his navy-blue button up shirt, Jinyoung eyes tremble while he followed the voice that called out his name in a echoic shallow tone, “J-J-Jackson” tears gather in the center of his eyes. 

'wang gae'

“JACKSON!” Jinyoung cried out running like his life was on the line.

'Jinyoung hyung' another familiar voice was heard from the right causing jinyoung to halt and turn, 

the voice called his name again followed by a laughter that cause Jinyoung to walk forward with a sad like smile formed. Jinyoung love that laugh he love it so much because it was those type of laughter that bring a smile to someone the type of laugh that make a rainy day better a laugh that sound like their out of breath or laughing while they have hiccups. Jinyoung knew that laugh anywhere. 

“young-youngjae!” jinyoung cried out tears running down his cold pale cheeks. 

Jinyoung breathing was uneven the freezing air that travel through his air pips cause an aching sharp pain in his lungs. Jinyoung stomp his feet harder against the snow ignoring the now numbing feeling under his feets. Jinyoung did everything in his will to pick up his speed, he was desperate to find those voices.

“Jinyoung-ah babo!”

 Jinyoung shifted to the left and slowly yet tiredly running his voice cracking and shuddering

“yug-" he was short of breath "yugyeom-ah!” he growled

'Jinyoung hyung!'

"Ba-" no sound left jinyoung lips, aggravated jinyoung raked his hair gulping as he shouted agonizingly "BamBam!" while rushing towards the voice.

'yah jinyoung ah'

 Jinyoung stop, this time the familiar voice was closer than the other. Jinyoung stood freeze for a second before looking around again in hope to see him.

“Jaebum hyung...” jinyoung smiled vanish as there was no one there. falling to his knees losing every strength in his body jinyoung let out a cry so painful so saddening that type of cry were it hard to breath, the kind that tighten your chest and it feel like someone gripping you by the neck.  


Jinyoung lifted his head, "mark hyung" 

' wang gae~'

pulled himself up and off his knees he gulped " p-park gae!" 

'haha Jinyoungie hyung'

"y-youngjae" he sob, his feet struggling to move.

'hyung! come on man'

jinyoung losing feeling in his knees causing him stumble but jinyoung didn't stop instead continued to get up and walk "BamBam!" jinyoung cries; picking up his speed.

 'Jinyoungie babo!'

he running faster from left to right than turn around then back again. 

'hyung hyung Jinyoungie hyung!'

 Jinyoung cries endlessly as the voice of his friends continued to echo in the empty cold air all round him while he continued to run breathlessly in hope in finding them.

“Mark! Jackson! Youngjae! Yugyeom! BamBam! JaeBum!” Jinyoung cried desperately Suddenly without notice he trips over the rot of the tree and rolls down a steep hill. the harsh hit against the cold icy ground causing him so much pain as he continued to hit and the sound of his name being called slowly started fading away. The moment Jinyoung body hit the floor caused the young man to black out but he wasn’t unconscious, Jinyoung could still hear his own desperate out of rhythm breathing and the ocean waves crashing onto the shore.

“I’ve often asked myself… can i fly like a bird?”

Jinyoung awakens from the cold ocean waves crashing against him. The feeling of the warm sand felt against his palm and in between his fingers as the water continue to wash up shore. Jinyoung pulls himself up on his knees as his hand rake through the moist sand beneath him. Glancing vaguely at his hand as if he couldn't believe that those were in fact his own two hands.

Jinyoung eyes trembling, his red lips quiver and his shoulder slouched forward.

“I've failed…” 

tears began to fall

“I don't exist anymore”

Jinyoung stared at ground as the waves pulled him into the ocean. Jinyoung took deep breath when suddenly he felt short out of breath, his chest felt tight almost like if someone was pressing against it. Jinyoung took in another deep sharp breath of air, trying his hardest to stay calm but everything started moving and tilting. Another breath.

A sharp deep ringing pierces his ear drums followed by his chest jerking upwards and his eyes popped open and all around him stood two people in a blue gown and a blue hat with blue face mask that cover their nose and mouth area allowing only their eyes to be shown. Jinyoung laid in a hard bed in a white room and a bright light beaming down on him.

He's alive….
(A/N) So this is based off of the flight log. At least what I got out of it. Well the beginning is based of the trailer films and what I got out of it I hope you all enjoy and like comment and share. The more like and comment the faster I post! Thank you - Twisted _PDnim

I edit the story because I had to fix some stuff hope you all like it I will be doing a cross post on here and Ao3 and wattpad. enjoy

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