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UKISS's one and only Tol Bby Maknae™ is staring in a webdrama with Laboum's Solbin!!! I'm not sure yet what the name of it is, but I'll update about is as much as I can~ DO NOT QUOTE ME ON THIS LMAO I'm pretty sure it comes on V App at 7pm KST, but I'm really not sure~ Sorry~
Anyway Jun acts as a cashier or something I think? But he's slaying and I'm so ready. Please show all your support to Jun and Solbin and their webdrama!!

E D I T ! !
Jun does actually act as a cashier~ In a convinience store~ It comes on 7pm KST on the V App (im pretty sure v app im not sure yet sorry~~) It's called Special Dish of a Weird Country!

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oooh! please tag me when you get the name of the Web drama!