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When I saw this card title I was hoping it was just his character in a new drama... I am glad he found this out before it became too serious!!! The path to recovery has it's hills and vallies, and I wish Kim Woo Bin all the best in his slow and healthy treatment/recovery!!! Don't rush the process, just go with the flow!
Oh no! I don't know him very well, but he is a face I recognize and I've seen him often and I like him. I hope he gets better
I was literally in tears about this like 7 this morning. My heart is breaking for him and Shin Min AH, BUT I AM CERTAIN THEY WILL FIGHT THIS TOGETHER!!
They are so cute totgether!!!
I'm never watching uncontrollably fond ever again, get well soon my love
Let's all keep him in our prayers. He needs us now more than ever
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