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Actress Jeon Ji Hyun attended a press conference for the movie The Thieves on June 12 and talked about her feelings on the kissing scene that she shot with Kim Soo Hyun. Jeon plays the role of a thief and Kim, who plays the role of the youngest thief, loves her in the movie. Their kissing scene was recently released through a preview and received an explosive attention. Jeon said, “Before we shot the kissing scene, the director said that he would shoot the scene more than ten times. So I was feeling burdened because I didn’t know what to do.” She added, “I think every actor feels nervous when they shoot a scene like this. This was the first time for me to shoot the movie with a man who was younger than me and shooting a kissing scene in Korea.” “I was happy to shoot the scene with Kim. In addition, he is younger than me. I’m glad that I saved my first kiss for Kim.” Jeon made people laugh by saying, “I asked Kim if it was his first kiss but he said no. I felt like this was a bad bargain but it was fun.” The movie is a crime thriller about 10 thieves, who gather together to steal a diamond called ‘Tears of the Sun.’ The best actors, including, Kim Yoon Seok, Jeon Ji Hyun, Kim Soo Hyun, and Kim Hae Sook worked with director Choi Dong Hoon, who also directed the movies The Big Swindle and Tazza: The High Rollers. The movie will be released on July 25. Source: STARNEWS