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It's been a few days and Jay finished up concerts in Seoul and the last one in Daegu. Gio ended up going with them which I was so mad when I found out that Jay just took him that night. Actually Romeo told me when I noticed they weren't at breakfast. I did call Cha Cha and he told me to calm down since Gio was with his father. So I did, but I called those days to check on him. "Gia. Are you ok?"Mom asked opening the door. "I just feel a little nauseous and dizzy."I said still laying down looking in mom's direction. "I'll go fix you something to help." "Thanks mom." "Come sit in the living room." "Ok." I got up taking a small blanket with me and followed mom into the living room and sat on the couch covering up and watching tv. "Ew Romeo what are you wearing. I feel like I'm going to be sick." "What do you mean. I smell hella good." "No you don't.Lauren get your husband to wear something else." "Fix your nose." "Leave Gia alone.She doesn't feel good."Amon said bringing me food and water. "Explains why she hates my cologne." "Alright. So we are going to leave.Gia there's more on the stove and drink more water." "Yes ma'am." Everyone left and I'm home alone. Actually don't mind now imma call my best friend and see what she doing. "Gia.gia.Gia.How You feelin?" "Girl.Sick." "Whatchu mean.You can't be sick. You're on vacation." "That's what I'm saying. I woke up hella dizzy and then nauseous." "Anything else?" "Yeah.Some smells just make me sick too. Romeo came out with his regular cologne and for some reason it just smelled gross." "Gia.I might be wrong but I think Gio is going to have a sibling." "There's no way." "Hello I'm pregnant. I think I would know plus you were too how you not know the symptoms." "I don't remember having much symptoms with Gio." "Girl you pregnant. Google it now." "Bet." "Bet.Girl because you are!" "If I was?" "It's Jays and You better have a girl." "What if it's Chase's?" "It's not.Anyways let's think of some names." "For your baby?" "And yours!" "Ok.ok." "Now since Gio is a G. You should have a J." "What about you?" "Not sure. Maybe an Angel." "There's too many Angel's. My nephew and Cousin."I laughed. "You right. Plus if it's a girl I don't want her name to be Angel.Maybe Kayla?" "Or what about Layla?" "Layla does sound cute. Oh Jocelynn for you." "Jocelynn is cute.How far along at you?" "Let's see. I knew a week before Sunday dinner so basically 3 weeks along." "Y'all still should've told me." "Girl chill."She laughed. "Mommy!"Gio yelled running into the house." "Hey Baby. Here talk to Auntie Lonnie." "Hi Auntie."Gio said taking the phone. While he was on the phone Jay and Yuna walked in looking around. "Where's everyone?"Yuna asked. "Out." "Why are you here?"Asked Jay. "I didn't feel good.So I stayed."I said putting my dishes away and putting the left overs back in the fridge. Oh no. I quickly covered my mouth running to the bathroom and began throwing up. Why!? I was perfectly fine. I felt someone grab my hair holding it back. "How sick are you?"Yuna asked. "Not sure.Kept getting dizzy spells and nauseous.It might pass hopefully.Wait why are you helping me.I don't like you."I said just about to throw up again. "Look we got off on a bad start." "Yeah we did." "Since I'm getting married to Jay we just need to talk and get to know each other better.And possibly get along for Gio and Jay's sake." "I'll think about it." "How about you and I go for coffee.I really wanna talk about this before we head back to Seattle." Does she not see me throwing up? She must really wanna work it out. Ugh. I'll be nice and go. Damn it. "Let me get cleaned up and we can go."I said wiping my mouth. "Great.I'll wait in the living room."Yuna left the bathroom while I brushed my teeth and quickly changed my clothes.
The faster I get ready the faster we can get this over with. I headed out of the bathroom and so far I feel better. "Where are you two going?"Jay asked. "Gia and I are going to have coffee."Yuna said getting happy. "Are you both getting sick?"He said feeling her head. "She's not. We decided to talk things out since we both gotta be there for Gio.Now let's go."I said heading out first. We arrived at the cafe Amerie and I went to ordering our drinks. We sat down across from each other and I didn't know what to say. "Ok.So I want to apologize about the other night."Yuna said breaking the silence."I shouldn't have said that.I was way out of line." "Yes you were."I said taking a sip of my frapp. "I was just mad. That night at the club when he got mad watching you and Gray kiss I was super jealous. Why would he care that you're kissing Gray. Your his ex. Sometimes I see the way he looks at you. Also how you look at him. I saw you run off when he sang Star to me. Do you still love him?" "How does that question even involve getting to know me and us getting along. You should know the answer from the jump. Of course I love him. He's my sons father. Remember we do have a child. That love will still be there,but doesn't mean we want to be together. He obviously loves you to give you a ring. Is that why your rushing the wedding?" "No..Kinda.I mean i was thinking rushing the wedding he'll be mine and not see you like that. I now understand that you two will have those feelings. I truly love him." "Well if you truly love him and you don't think your rushing anymore. Go for it. That's all I needed to know is that you love him for him and not because he is Jay Park." "Of course I love him for him. Actually, how long have you two known each other?" "He never told you.Well I've known Jay for a long time. Like super long.Him and Romeo basically grew up together. We have been their neighbors since Romeo and Jay joined basketball together. I wanna say 6.I think. Here's something I really want to know.When did you and Jay get together?" "August. We bumped into each other after he did a quick set at a club I was at with some friends.A week later we started dating." "When did you meet Gio?"I asked twirling my cup around. "I wanna say a few days before the Halloween party when Jay and I went to the airport to pick him up." "Ok.Ok.One thing that did make me mad. You two announcing your engagement when I knew nothing about you.He never told me anything about you and you were around my son. I'm protective of him.For all I know you could've been a horrible person towards my son.But clearly your not since he seems to like you." "I didn't think about that. I was just super excited to meet you and announce the engagement. And meeting Gio I was super scared and nervous at first because I didn't think he would like me. He's such a smart and funny kid. You both raised him right. Honestly you're an amazing mother. Jay did tell me you were working a lot and going to school to take care of Gio. Because of school and work you couldn't fly out." "Yeah I don't, but maybe if I did I could've met you sooner and not hate you at first sight.I usually just send him with Jay's parents." "Yeah and I honestly thought it was weird you agreed to help your Mom with the wedding.So I guess this really means it doesn't phase you at all and you moved on. Well clearly since you've been with Gray.Did you really break up with Chase?" "Let me get a new drink. Want another?" "Yeah thank you." I quickly got up going to the counter ordering us new drinks. Chase. Why does she care. Ugh. "Gia.Jay just texted me about a movie night we are having at the house."Yuna said coming over with her phone. "Good thing the living room big enough for all of us." I smiled. "It would be a nightmare if we all tried to fit in a tiny room." We grabbed our drinks and headed back to the table grabbing our purses. We got into the car and headed home to see the kids already in pjs bringing their blankets and pillows out finding a spot. Halmoeni and Mom were cooking while everyone else was getting ready. Looks like I need to get ready too. I walked into my room quickly changing into my pjs before Amerie or Kook walked in. I grabbed my blanket and pillow heading out finding a spot. "Can Mommy sit next to you?"I asked Gio as he laid a crossed his spot. "Yeah."He said sitting up. "Thank you." I sat down getting comfortable only for me to get called to the kitchen. Yuna and I had to grab the table setting it up in front of the kids so we can eat dinner and watch the movies. During the second movie the kids started dropping like flies. Gio laid in my lap as I stroke his hair thinking about today. I'm glad Yuna and I had this talk. We have to get along for Gio since we can't let him see us fighting. Maybe this vacation is going to end good except for me being sick. Hope this was the only day. 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