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Episode 4
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It’s my second day at work. I get into the bus hoping to see Ninja today too. Uh! What was I expecting? It’s not like Ninjas travel every day at the same time. I wish if I could at least see his face! Hold on! I must be crazy. Why am I even thinking about him?
Yesterday I was e-mailed some work schedules to sort out by Soo-yang. I will have to finish them first thing in the morning. Oh my god! I have to work on schedules of these artists in here. If I tell my friends they will go wild. They don’t even know I’m working here. The moment I tell them they’ll start visiting me every day. And I think I had some confidential policy thing mentioned on my JD too. I'm on the edge of falling into trouble.
I sit on the chair and switch on my laptop. This is a crazy feeling. I feel like I’m living a dream. Just a couple of days ago I was getting trashed and lazing out at home without a clue about my future. And now I’m in this luxurious office room, all dressed up in a top class company. Not just that, I will see and I will meet all the glamorous people around anytime soon.
“Good morning!” Oh my god! Jungkook?
It’s like the morning is just falling into my office room. He is full of energy. He is like visiting someone he knows for years. I feel welcomed. My heart skipped not just one or two but all its beating. He should not smile like that. It’s not good for my health. Here he comes closer to me. “Jang! Coffeeeee!”
“Oh uh...cof….fee…!” He is harmful to me.
“What’s wrong with you, you look like you just saw a ghost.” He peeps into my face.
Is that what my expressions look like? But it has to be the other way like I just saw an angel. But don't get too close to my face. “No...I was just surprised”
“Oh!” He laughs. “By the way, is everything alright?”
“Yes. I’m just starting my work.”
“All good. I’m at your next door. Call me for anything.”
“Thank you. It is very kind of you.” This man is so kind to me. By the way, what is he here? A manager, an assistant? “Ah Mr Jungkook, I couldn’t give my signed JD to Soo-yang yesterday.”
“It’s okay. Give it to me. Anyway, it has to come to me.” He laughs.
What does he mean by that? Anyway, it has to go to him? He maintains employee files? Administrator? Oh! That what he is then. I hand him over the file.
I watch his way out. He is a great figure from behind too. In fact, well dressed. Today he is wearing a light blue vertical striped shirt with folded sleeves. There’s no jacket and the shirt is tucked in. The British style trousers are well tailor made and are a great fit. I love this sight from behind. He turns around and smirks at me before he leaves the room. Did he realise I was admiring his behind the scene? This Jungkook guy seems to make a great impact on me.
I start work - officially. I go through the list of schedules I’ve got. Yesterday I arranged all of OLIVE’s schedules for the upcoming six months. OLIVE is a new girl group formed under Joseon Entertainment and they seem the busiest of all.
The work is already getting into me and here I start to feel exciting about all of these. Wow! My feelings aroused way too late. Now that I’m in the middle of it I’m feeling it. Wait! Isn’t this Seok-jin’s schedule? Hell yeah! I click to open the file.
What? He doesn’t have anything major for the whole of upcoming half a year. This is weird. He is scheduled to release two singles and one variety show and some other mini schedules.
That’s right. Ever since he debuted he has a weird routine. He takes well-proportioned breaks and he mostly releases singles. So far he has not held a single fan meeting or a concert. And has not attended a single ceremony. He does only guest characters in anything that is of acting. Does he have any social phobia? Or is his ill? This is crazy.
I get a stroke for the sudden ringing of the phone on my table. Oh, I didn’t see this until now. “Hello, Park Chae-young,” I answer the call in an official way. Damn good!
“Park Chae-young?” The voice asks.
After a second of silence,“Is Jungkook or Soo-yang around?” the voice asks.
“No. I’m sorry. This is not their office.”
“Oh, I see. I’m sorry.”
“Hell...he...hello…” Did he just hang up? Who the hell cares. I place the receiver back and get back to what I was doing. Anyway, that voice is having some long lost connection to me. Where have I heard it before?
And the phone rings again. “Hello, Park Chae-young.”
“Miss Chae-young, I’m Seok-jin.” I faint. It is the voice from before and it is Kim Seok-jin.
“I need to have my schedule sorted as soon as possible.” He says. That is what I’m on.
“O...okay. I’m already on it. I will bring it to you.”
“No no!” There’s a panic in his voice all of a sudden. “Give it to Jungkook or Soo-yang.” Huh! He was literally scared when I said I’m going to bring it to him. Something is not right.
I’m done with Seok-jin’s schedule in minutes. There’s nothing to arrange in it. I decided to give it to him before doing anything else because he sounded he need it urgently.
I go to Jungkook’s office to give it to him. The room is all empty, so, I call him. He is out on some business. Then I try Soo-yang. She is not picking up. Perhaps she is with Jungkook. What’s the big deal? Now that we are working in the same place we will meet often. We can’t run away or hide from that. But where in this building is he staying?

to be continued ......