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I actually think our boys have a better grasp of english than we all thought they did. Im so proud ! And i LOVE how Namjoon encouraged them to try and speak english ! ♡


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Yoongi seems like one of those people that learn better just by listening. With how much he's heard Namjoon speak English, I'm not really surprised he can speak as well as he does
Yeah, he is really good at absorbing information pretty quickly and using it ☺☺
If I was Joonie, this is what i would tell them in the car in konglish: "Y'ALL GOT ME OUT HERE BUSTING MY ASS TO TRANSLATE AND Y'ALL MUTHAFUCKAS CAN SPEAK ENGLISH TOO?! You know I wanna chill too, but I been working hard by myself ?! I love y'all, but fuck y'all! I ain't translating shit!! figure it out! Except kookie, I'll help you study. rest of y'all can suck it!" Lmaooo
I died laughing 😂😂😂 here Yoongi is making it out as if he can't speak English then suddenly​ here comes a flood of really well pronounced English 😂😂😂😂😂
Hahahah i know right ?! 😂😂😂
They can speak English. Taehyungs is perfect just gives me goose pimples all over when he speaks it. Same with Jeongguk. They may not be as proficient as Namjoon given he is self taught but they are learning and trying. I'm learning to read, write, and speak Korean so I understand how they feel learning languages. I speak fluent Spanish and English. Some Italian, and a French a tiny bit.
I don't follow the BTS boys all that much. I just started listening to them because of cute lil Tae Hyung aka V. Because he was on Hwarang but Rap Monster's reaction in the last gif had me dying with laughter because it was so cute and funny.