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*whispers* are you ready for this?
She wondered if whoever that broke into her other place had tried to break in here. It would kind of be hard since it's got security locks and gates. She got to her door and punched her key code in.

It was cold inside, like the a/c had been left on. She walked over to the kitchen table and looked around, she looked in the bedroom, under the bed, she crawled from the bedroom to the living room, searching across the floor, under the couch. She looked in the garbage cans. Nothing. She sat on the couch, thinking.

She took one last look around before leaving.

As she walked down the hallway to the stairs, she couldn't think of anywhere else it could be. Somewhere in the background of her mind, she heard a door open and close, someone talking, then she felt a hand grab her arm and turn her around.

They stood face to face. The singer glared at her but noona seemed to not register her face right away. She looked at the little girl from head to toe. She changed her look, her hair was shortened and wavy like her own, the clothes she wore looked familiar. She looked down at her feet and seen the shoes she had left at her apartment. The jeans too. The shirt, it belonged to her baby god.

Noona asked grabbed her by the shirt, “You! You're the one that broke into my apartment! What the hell do you think you're doing?”

The singer slapped noona's hand away, she dug into her back pocket, pulling a piece of folded paper, “A baby? A sweet bundle of joy…”

Noona tried to grab it from her, the very thing she'd been looking for. “You give that back…” then she held her hand out, calmed herself and tried to ask nicely, “Give it back, please.”

“Does he know?” The singer looked it over, flicking the corner of it, “Whose is it? Whose baby are you carrying? From what the manager told me, there would only be one other possibility.”

“He knows…” noona purposely wiped her jaw with her left hand, flashing the ring at the singer, “And it is his.”

The girl's face dropped, her mouth frowning in disbelief catching sight of the ring. Noona smiled seeing that look. Like lightening, noona struck her across the face and tore the paper out of her hand. She ran down the stairs and out the front door. She walked quickly to the corner to cross with the crowd. She looked back and seen that singer running out of the building.

The light buzzed and noona took off across the street. She could hear people getting mad and yelling, when she looked back, that singer was grabbing people and turning them around, pulling hoodies off. She was nearly to the other side when she was tackled. She fell to the ground, the singer was trying to hold onto her leg. A few bypassers laughed, while others moved out of the way, trying to mind their own business. Noona tried to kick her off but that girl held on tightly to her pants leg. She reached down and pulled her hair. The singer screamed, letting her leg go, digging her nails into noona's hands. She got up off the ground, pulling the girl up with her holding her hair tightly, the singer swung with all her might at noona.

“HE'S MINE!” the singer screamed, “I had him first, I had him good and he loved every second of it!“

She kicked out, kicking noona in the tummy. Noona shoved her away, falling back onto the ground. The singer stumbled backwards with a satisfied look on her face.

Noona saw it, that look, at that last second, right before the truck slammed on his brakes. That girl was standing there grinning like she had won and then she was gone.

Chaos ensued as people tried to figure out what happened. She sat on the curb, waiting but no one seemed to pay any attention to her. Not even the police when they came. No one pointed fingers at her. All she heard was that, that girl was crazy, screaming and attacking people.


Karma is a bitch!! 😝