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Her friend picked her up.

Noona didn't know what to think. That girl was getting out of hand, she had found out about the baby and noona knew she would have to do something about that but this happened instead.

Her friend kept asking her what had happened. But she was too zoned out and still in shock. This time, this person was gone for good. She heard the EMT person say so after they tried to revive her. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

They pulled into their boss’ flat. Noona climbed out slowly. Her ass hurt where she had landed at, but nowhere else was hurting and she was grateful for that. Her friend walked beside her.

“Unnie. I'm worried about you. Are you okay?” Her friend asked.

“My ass hurts…” noona said, “I fell pretty hard.”

“No where else hurts?”

Noona shook her head, “No. Everything else feels fine. Chingu, it was horrible. I don't know how else to describe it but it was damn good luck at the same time.”

“How so?”

Noona took a deep breath, “She found out about the baby. I started to think about how I was going to keep her quiet then that happened. I really didn't do anything other than let her go and then she was gone.”

Her friend sighed and agreed with that. She looked at her unnie, she grabbed her arm, alarmed, “If she found out, do you think she told the manager?”

“I had my thoughts about that and I'm going to have to assume she told him.”

They went into the flat. They were both tired and found some place to lay down. They were like two sleeping beauties sleeping on the massive king size bed. Noona wanted to sleep until her baby god returned. She slept comfortably knowing no one knew where they were. No one would bother them, with the exception of their boss. She was sure if anything serious was going on, he would come. She wanted nothing to do with the outside world until then but her phone, it kept ringing. She ignored it.

Then her friends phone started to ring endlessly. She thought she heard her friend groan before turning off the ringer. Noona drifted off as well until she heard that vibrating sound. It got annoying after a while.

It was her phone, then when it stopped, her friends phone started up next. She looked at the time, they slept all day into the evening. She poked her friend in the side.

“Chinguya, get up…” she poked her again, “Wake up.”

Her friend didn't move.

“Hey! Wake up!”

Noona shook her shoulder, still nothing, not even a grunt. She rolled her friend over. There was something wrong. She tapped her cheek with no response, she slapped her a little harder.


There was a familiar smell coming from her mouth, noona leaned in closer to take a sniff. It was the same yucky scent she smelled that time she woke up in the basement.

“What the hell?” She tried to wake her but her friend was not waking up.

She jumped off the bed. She grabbed her phone, it started to ring again. She answered.


She heard a laugh. Not only through the phone but from the other room.

“No one's going to help you this time.”


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