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It's crazy to think that we have gotten so used to them and because of that we don't notice how much these cuties have actually changed. ♡


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J-Hope doesn't even look like the same person and Jungkook was still a little enough fetus. So many iconic quotes came from that episode tho lol
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Fo real tho! Why can't I look that good after 4 years???.... Didn't even realize how much they've changed. They were adorable then and even more adorable now 😗😍
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..... I thought jungkook was holding a shaving razor for a second
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8 months ago
Hey! Why don't ya look at that 😊 Jin is still…the third guy from the left 😉😉😂😂😂😂
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lol 😂😂
8 months ago
Tae still looks shook about cooking ... lmaooo
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