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I started writing something new and not sure if that idea is an interesting enough one. It as a stand up comedy duo getting a chance to go on their first tour to south korea and maybe encountering a few big names along the way.


“Are you ready to go out there?” I asked looking over at my friend. She was pacing back and forth in the dressing room looking all nervous. I was sitting in the chair just watching her pace back and forth.
“Five minutes” She said.
“Yup five minutes and than we go out there and get to either embarrass the hell out of each other or have well a conversation” I grinned. My blood was rushing and I was hyped. I was still in shock we were actually doing this.
“Um I prefer a conversation” She stopped pacing and looked at me. I couldn’t help but laugh.
“You do know either way it’s going to be entertaining.” I said. “Either for us or for them” I added laughing. There was a knock at the door and someone with a headset peeked their head into the room.
“You girls are on in three minutes, you can start heading out now” the guy said.
“Girls?” Haley questioned pausing to process that.
“If you have something to say about it save if for the stage” I told her. All of a sudden she burst out laughing.
“What you got something to say?” she asked me.
“Hail’s I’m a full blown woman, no duh I got something to say” I laughed.
“Your white as a snowflake, you probably blended in with the wallpaper. He didn’t see you there” Haley laughed.
“And you're a twig, how could he spot you?” I laughed.
“It’s the glitter” she fluttered her eyes. Haley was dressed in a blue sequence dress, it was true she could be spotted a mile away. I got up off my seat and started heading to the door. Unlike her I was in black leggings and a regular blue dress.
We made little remarks to each other as we walked to the stage.
It was our first time in an actual theater doing our stand up comedy. Our first big gig! We had went from doing open mic night to bars and places in the dark and somehow got noticed enough to be put on stage.
The stage was dark when we got out, there was two stools and two mic’s set up for us. Each of us took a seat and than the lights hit us.
“Oh boy! Thats bright! Way to put the spotlight on us” Haley said.
“There are so many things I can say about what you just said” I shook my head.
“Really? Where you going to start?” Haley asked.
“Well first I’m a full grown woman, not a boy. How could you confuse me like that?” I exaggerated the remark. “I mean at least the guy back stage called me a girl” I added.
“Allie with those boobs your can’t be mistaken for a boy. It’s a phrase” Haley said making me laugh.
“Oh right, I knew that” I chuckled.
“Sure you did” Haley chuckled.
“Alrighty, well let’s get started, It looks like we have a lot of people here with us tonight” I said looking out at the crowd. So Many People!
“Can you believe it’s our first show on a stage bigger than the stool?” Haley said. “You won’t believe how happy I am to be up here looking at all these faces” Haley laughed.
“Right there is so many!” I exclaimed. “We’re happy to be here with you all. We’re Haley and Allie” I introduced us.
There was applause which made me grin like a fool.
“Alright alright settle down” Haley said standing up. I silently clapped my hands behind her back. The crowd laughed and the applause continued. “You are so bad encouraging them” Haley said turning back to me.
“What I didn’t do anything” I said trying for a straight face.
“You know, this woman is freaking crazy” Haley pointed at me. “So recently she got a new phone cover because this klutz finally decided it was time, after having cracks covering her screen” Haley pointed out.
“Hey, the cover finally came in. I ordered it three weeks ago.” I pointed out.
“And how long have you have the phone?” Haley asked. I pouted.
“12 weeks” I said.
“Allie!” Haley exclaimed. “Well she got this phone cover and didn’t tell me what kind until it came in, I had actually been glad it came in” She said. “Until I saw it” she added.
“What? It’s a fun cover!” I said. I had brought my phone out on stage for this joke so I pulled it out, set the mic in my lap and started to pet the phone.
“It’s fur!” Haley pointed at it. “It’s a purple fuzz ball” she said. I picked up my mic to talk again.
“The better to bounce when it falls” I pointed out which got a round of laughs.
“That’s your reason?” Haley turned to look at me.
“Yes, it’s covered in fur, it’s got a built in cushion” I pointed out.
“Alright, fine, let’s see it bounce” Haley gestured.
“No, I’m not going to purposely drop my phone” I clutched it to my chest.
“See! She got it for that reason and won’t even let it bounce” Haley shook her head.
“Well it’s supposed to protect the phone so why not?” Haley asked.
“I don’t trust it that much” I laughed.
“See! This is what I get as my friend” She shook her head.
After that we transitioned to a few jokes about cell phones which turned into friends and brought us to one of my favorite conversations. It was an iffy one since it was about kpop, but so far it did get a few laughs.
“Talking about friends, so I had this conversation with one of them about chocolate” I started. “You know, everyone loves chocolate, you can’t say no to it, well unless your allergic than well I’m just going to feel bad for you people” I said.
“Chocolate? Friend?” Haley turned to me. “Hey wait I’m that friend!” Haley exclaimed which got a couple laughs.
“Why yes, yes you are” I shook my head.
“I do love this one” She said taking a seat on her stool . “Okay go ahead we’re all ready!” She said making me laugh.
“So I’m sure you don’t know about Kpop, Korean pop music” I said slowly. “Well my friend is crazy about it” I said.
“You can say my name we all know it’s about me” Haley commented.
“Okay, Haley is obsessed with it.” I grinned.
“Well there’s this group called bts, you know kpop groups, they have some interesting names for the people. I honestly don’t think our american artists could get away with some of them, like Suga, can you imagine calling a teen bopper throwing out music that you get to the name and go Suga? Really? Is he named after Suga? Oh Or Kookie” I gave a look at Haley.
“Yea honey I was listening to Kookie on the radio the other day, he was play with Vanilla Ice. I started having a craving for frosted cookies while they sang” I laughed, the crowd laughed.
“Hey! I’m crushing on kookie!” Haley announced.
“Which brings me to where this conversation went” I said. “We were in the middle of no where, okay well close enough, we were in Iowa near the border and there is supposed to be a chocolate shop there. We got so excited, it was like going to a chocolate factory” I stopped. “Well on our drive up there we had this debate about chocolate fondue fountain. How cool would that be” I said.
“I suggested marshmallows and fruit” Haley chimmed in. I turned to her.
“At first you did!” I said. “I wanted pretzels or cheesecake” I said “I know two complete opposite things there. Well as we were listing things off I said cookie, you know like cookie’s you would eat. Her dirty mind went to the guy in Bts named Kookie” I pointed at her.
“What cookie, kookie, hot guy dipped in chocolate, break me off a piece of that” Haley winked. We got a bunch of laughs from the author audience
That joke led into talking about random conversations we ended up having. We used more before we wrapped up our show. We talking for an entire hour, I couldn’t believe we got so many laughs and applause over some of the stuff.
“I think that went over really good” Haley said when we made it back to the dressing room.
“We got a lot of laughs. I was so terrified no one would laugh, especially when I brought up the cookie joke” I said.
“Nah, you know how many laughs that one gets.” Haley laughed.
“We should wrap up and head out of here” I said.
We packed up our things and changed into different clothes, well Haley did, she was getting itchy in her sequin dress. When we got home I had a call from our agent.
“Hey Barry, what’s going on?” I answered my phone as me and Haley walked in the door.
“I got it Allie! I booked you a huge tour!” Barry exclaimed.
“Wait let me put you on speaker” I said. I put the phone on speaker and told Barry to talk so both of us could hear.
“Allie, Haley. I got you two a tour. It’s international too!” he said.
“Really? Where?” Haley asked.
“You have two options. I know it’s not as good as Europe Tour, but it’s a start in the international sea’s” Barry said making me worried.
“Where are you shipping us off to Barry?” I asked.
“Well, There was one offering from South Korea. The other is offering from Australia” He said. My eyes popped wide open.
“South Korea! Korea!!” Haley got super excited.
“Australia” I exclaimed.
“I’m thinking it’s because of your kpop jokes. I have no clue why australia though” Barry said.
“I want! I want I want I want!” Haley was singing and dancing around.
“Well looks like South Korea will be first” I laughed.

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I can't believe you remembered that chocolate thing....I love you!!!