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Hello Blinkies! It's Melissa with Rosé Wednesday! For this week's card, I'm going to something different. Lately I've been shipping BlackPink with Winner. They are so cute together. They each have four members. Perfect match! I found some videos to back me up.
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The first match up is Rose with Seungyoon. I can see this! They would be so cute together.
Second match up is Lisa with Seunghoon! They are both rappers and awesome dancers. Perfect match!
The third match up is Jennie with Mino! I don't know about this match up. They would be cute together though. Both talented with rapping and singing.
Now for the last match up! It Jisoo with Jinwoo! Wow! Even their names sound cute together!
Now for the cutest thing ever! Winner doing a cover of BlackPink 'Whistle'! It was just too cute and funny, especially when they forgot Rosé's part.

Well that's all for this week's Rosé Wednesday! I hope you all enjoyed it. I didn't make the videos, but I do mostly agree with them. Do you agree with the match ups between BlackPink and Winner?

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