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How do I look? Good right? Auntie Eugene suggested we all get dressed up and do a fancy dinner. Amerie actually picked this up for me.I stayed home again since my nausea came back. Dad wanted to go all doctor on me to figure out but I was in no mood to be examined. Maybe when we get back to Seattle if I still feel sick. We walked into the restaurant and I felt hands wrap around my waist. I turn over my shoulder seeing Gray. I did invite him. We can look cute together. We ended up sitting across from Jay and Yuna which isn't bothering me anymore. I mean so far we've been getting along. After getting our food we decided to plan on what to do for our last day which sadly is tomorrow. "Oh let's do a beach bond fire."I suggested. "I like that idea.We spend the whole day there so we can get a spot."Uncle Dong Gook said. "We'll have to go early in the morning to grab a spot and bring all the food we need. Also a small tent so the kids can nap."Said Auntie Eugene. They began talking and talking more about tomorrow night but my dizziness just decided to come back. I rested my elbow on the table leaning my forehead into my hand closing my eyes hoping that would work. "You alright?"Yuna asked. "Yeah.Little dizzy that's all." "You wanna leave?"Gray asked. "Umm. Yeah I should." "Here you can sleep at my hotel." "Ok." As Gray and I got up we kept getting asked where we're going and I let them know how dizzy I felt. Just on and off. Ugh. I hate the feeling. Once we got into Gray's car I closed my eyes letting it pass. Yeah imma need to figure out what's wrong with me later on.
We get to the hotel room and I invite her in. I don’t know why I’m feeling nervous. It’s not like this is my first time doing this. Could it be? I never wanted to admit to myself that I was more into Gia than what I had let on with Jay, since they were together. I knew he loved her for the longest time and that they were really close. But it was something about her personality and the way she smiled that warmed my heart. I think I’ve fallen in love with this girl. She looked like a vision in that dress. The way it hugged her body in all the right places, to how it moved when she walked in it. The dress was beautiful but it was nothing compared to her beauty. The way she smiled lit up my world and all I could do was lean against the wall and watch her as she walked around the room and smiled at me as she half turned before walking into the bedroom. I followed right behind her. I entered the bedroom hoping that Gray would follow right behind me. I wanted him so bad. Maybe I’m catching feelings or my hormones are just raging, but Gray looks exceptionally hot tonight. I heard him walk into the bedroom as my back faced him. I turned around to see him just leaning against the open bedroom door frame. He was so deep in his thoughts, that he didn’t even hear me calling his name. I could see the glisten and the sparkle in his eye. That look. I knew that look and knew it all too well, for I have seen it so many times. But with him, it was different. It made him look more handsome as he stood there in his black tux. His look was so intoxicating that he drew me in with those eyes. He made me want him more and more. It was getting a little too warm in here but I needed more. But from him. I walked over to him, calling his name softly but he still didn’t respond. Once I reached him, I gave him a quick kiss on the lips which startled him a little. Then he smiled. That smile “Hey there. I was wondering what was going on in that head of yours? Did you hear me calling you?” “I’m sorry Gia, I got lost in your beauty and that smile of yours” he said looking at me as I looked down to not show the color trying to find its way to the surface of my cheeks that were burning a little hot. He knew the right things to say to make me feel good. I could hear him chuckle as I kept my head a little low and then he dipped his head down to look into my eyes as he reached out to grab my hand. His hands were larger than mine but so soft. His touch so gentle that it sent electricity throughout my body. He was making it harder and harder for me to not resist wanting to just take off all of his clothes at this very moment. He rubbed his thumb over the back of my hand and then I felt them. His rose petal soft lips on mine, kissing me with such passion. Sensual and sweet. He raised my head back up to its full position, as he slowed down the kiss and pulled on my bottom lip a little. His breathing was a little fast, as he just rested his lips on top of mine and our noses touching. Holding my hand still and opening his eyes he says, “Gia. Are you sure about this? I mean, are you sure that this is what you want?” His eyes were so crystal clear and I can see the longing and the love that he held for me in his gaze. “Gray, I’m sure. This is exactly what I want.” I didn’t need to think this through. He was what I wanted right here and right now. He stood there just looking at me, holding my gaze as if searching for some hidden secret. All I could do was stare right back into those beautiful brown eyes of his. Waiting. Anticipating. I looked into her eyes, searching for… I don’t know. Searching to see if she was really telling me the truth. It wasn’t that I didn’t trust her but I wanted to make sure considering everything she has been through. All I could see was the beauty beneath her eyes. The brilliance that shone through. Her resilience. It was more attractive than anything. My eyes moved from hers down to her lips. I stared for a moment before parting my lips and gently inserting my bottom lip in between her top and bottom lip. She kissed me back slowly, both of our lips moving in perfect harmony. I kissed her deeper and slipped my tongue in her mouth as she responded back with doing the same. I wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her closer into me so that our bodies were touching. She felt so amazing in my arms. If I were to have seen what my vision of love were to have looked like, it would be Gia. She encompasses everything that I have ever wanted. This moment right here, I’m going to make it last. Gray pulled me in closer to him as he deepened the kiss, allowing our bodies to touch. His touch was different. Different than Jay’s and most definitely different than Chase’s. It was soft but yet firm. Friendly but loving. I ran my arms up his muscular arms and wrapped them around his neck and linked my hands together. He made me yearn for something more, but it’s not what I wanted at the moment. I just wanted his body entangled with mine. I pulled at the back of his neck and he started walking forward slowly, guiding me towards the bed. He unzipped the back part of the top of my dress without breaking the kiss and pulled it off exposing my bra. I pulled off his tuxedo jacket throwing it to the side, then I began to unbutton his white collared dress shirt. Parting his shirt to the side so I could pull it off of him exposing his bare chest. I ran my hands up his bare chest to the top of his shoulders and tugged off his shirt. Gray tugs at my skirt being very careful to not rip the beautiful fabric that engulfed my body. My skirt dropped to the ground and I stepped out of it and pushed it to the side with my foot so neither one of us tripped over it. Gia pushed the skirt to the side, which I’m sure was to make sure that neither of us tripped over it. She looked so beautiful just standing there in her lingerie. I moved closer to her and started kissing at her neck. Parting my lips each time I kissed her neck so she could feel the inside of my lips on her skin. She let her head drop back as I kissed on her collarbone right beneath her chin. I was finding all of her spots and exposing them, making her breathe just a little faster. I kept kissing her neck and reached behind her head to pull out the pin that was keeping her hair up so that it could flow down like a waterfall, showing the depth of its character. My hand flowed down the side of her arm, dragging my finger along sending shivers up her arms. I don’t know how I didn’t notice it before but her body was glistening, as if her skin were made out of pearls. Soft to the touch, I couldn’t keep my hands off of her. I wanted her more and more. My hand continued to travel down her body, squeezing and caressing her hips, down to her thighs. Finding my way to the back of her knee, in one swift move, I lifted her up using her leg and grabbing on to her waist and laid her right on top of the bed as I towered over her. She was taken aback by what just happened, all I could do was smile while she chuckled and covered her mouth with her hand. Gray was kissing my neck and my collarbone, finding all of the points that made my knees weak with touch. I could feel his hands travelling down my body and finding its way to the back of my knee. I wasn’t expecting him to lift me up with such ease and lay me on the bed. I was so taken aback all I could do was chuckle because it was the sexiest thing I had ever felt and had happen. “Haha… What? Surprised?” He said with that beautiful smile. “Yea… I have never.. Nor did I imagine that you would do something like that.” “There are a lot of things that I would do to you and for you.” He had me. I wanted to see what he could do. I wanted to know what it was like to be with him. “Let’s see what you got Mr. Gray!” I said enticing him to keep going. He gave me that smirk that I knew drove every woman insane every time he did it. I took her up on her offer and showed her what I was made of. I kissed her lips and caressed her legs with my hand, moving up and down feeling every inch of her. I got to the bottom of her v cut and I moved my hand to the inside of her thigh, so that I could part her legs and straddle myself right in between them. Moving slowly from her mouth down to the top of her breasts, I kissed and softly nibbled at the skin right at the top before moving my hand up to caress and massage one of her breasts. I flattened my palm on her breast and rolled it over her breast applying enough pressure that it would be more pleasure than pain. Doing it many times I could feel her nipples starting to get hard. I kissed my way down her toned stomach to the top of her panties. Instead of using my hands to remove them, I bit at the top of her panties and slowly pulled them down as I stared into her eyes while she watched in shock as I slipped them off her hips and down her legs and onto the floor they went. I left ghost kisses along the way as I made my way back up to the bottom of her entrance. I can tell she ready, but I wanted to tease her just a little more. I reached the bottom of her entrance where I know she could feel my breath teasing her. She looked up and she did I blew right at her entrance, making her heat feel a little cool but giving her a different feeling than one that she is used to. She moves her legs from the sudden wind that she felt being blown up her. I blew a little bit harder and longer this time and watched as she arched her back and let a moan escape her lip. As she had her back lifted off the bed, I flattened my tongue and licked her up from bottom to the top of her clit. She moaned a little louder. I did it again, this time wiggling my tongue back and forth as I went up to the top of her clit. Gia’s hands began to grasp at the blanket on top of the bed crushing it in her hands. “Mmm… Gray…” The way Gia moaned gave me even more strength and I wanted to give her life. I did it again but added pressure and once I reached her clit, I wrapped my lips around it and sucked on it. Her back arched some more and she moved her hands from the blanket to my head, running her fingers through my hair to try to control herself. “Oooh… fuck Gray… That feels good... I need more” “More you say?!” I kissed her entrance as if I was kissing her lips. I pulled up and began kissing her inner thighs as I moved my hand to her entrance to play with her clit. She was already wet but I wanted this to be more about passion. I played with her some more so I could hear her moan and say my name. Continuing to pace my hand in a circular motion, I eventually kissed all the way back up to her lips and kissed her deeply. She took advantage of it and rolled on top of me as I continued playing with her entrance. Gray’s touch is driving me wild. He was so passionate with everything that he did. From the way he moved his lips along my legs to the way he was playing with my entrance. I wanted him now and I can’t take this teasing anymore. Straddling his hips, I rocked my hips back and forth against his hand, so I could feel more pressure. It felt soo good. It was like nothing I have ever experienced before. I was mewling at his movements until he moved his hand from my entrance, leaving that fire that was burning so brightly in the pit of stomach, still burning but with no way of being released. Breathing a little heavy, I kissed him and then began sucking on his neck and his collarbone before making my way behind his ear. Licking right behind his ear, I hear him grunt and fidget a little as I continued on at his spot. I went from one side to the other all the while palming his hard cock. That was the one spot that turned him more than anything. His breathing getting heavier, and his grunts coming out a little deeper and harsher than before. Using my hand. I undid Gray’s belt and tossed it to the side. Then I proceeded to unbutton his pants and I pulled them right off along with his boxers. Kissing his soft stomach while keeping in contact with his eyes, I proceeded all the way down to his hard cock. “Gia…. You…” “I know Gray. You’re stuck between a rock and hard place.” I said with a mischievous grin on my face. Kissing around the base of his cock, I felt him fidgeting as I moved my lips onto his cock. I kissed him from the bottom to the top and then back down again. He exhaled so sharply, that I couldn’t hide my grin or chuckle from him. Flattening my tongue, I licked him up and down before I took all of him in my mouth. “Shit.. Gia..” The warmth of my mouth on his already warm cock was the best feeling. I could feel him throbbing and getting harder and harder as my head moved up and down. But I couldn’t let what he did to me go unpunished. Lifting off him, making a popping noise, I blew lightly on his cock and watched as it got stiffer and started standing higher. I heard a gasp and a grunt come from him. He was trying to resist grabbing the sheets but I knew he wasn’t going to be able to resist for long. I put all of him in my mouth again and then lifted off once more. Just like he did, I blew a little harder and longer this time and his legs were shaking from the sensation of going from warm to cold. “Oooh, fuck Gia…. Damn it baby girl…” “Now know how I felt.” I said with a laugh. I continued palming him until I got to the top of his mouth and bit his bottom lip so I could take over some more. I sat on his hard cock and slowly began to ride him. Gray filled up every inch inside of me. Moving my hips in a circular motion, I was grinding on him a little faster. And with each motion our moans were coming out more and more. It was what we both wanted, but for different reasons. Faster and faster I move and then he sits up to grab a hold of me from the waist, as I placed my hands on his shoulders and kept going. “Oh Gray.. Shit.. This feels good.” “G..I.. A..” My nails dug a little deep into his shoulders as I could feel him getting harder and bigger inside of me. He kissed me and held my lips in his while we moved in sync with one another. The fire in the pit of my stomach was so bright and hot that it was too much. I wanted to climax but then he took control. I leaned forward and watched as Gia fell back towards the headboard, while we didn’t lose our rhythm. I wrapped her legs around my waist as I continued to thrust deep inside of her. Making sure to hit her core and satisfy her in every possible way. Both hands on either side of her head, I kept going. Slowly and hard, I thrusted into her. Listening to her moans get louder as my name bounced and echoed off the room walls. The sweat was beginning to pool on our bodies. I kissed her neck as her fingers ran through my hair caressing my head. “Shit.. Gray… Keep going!” “Fuck Gia… Oh G!” I lifted her up by her butt so I could have a better angle and I rode into her. My grunts became deeper and huskier. Our breathing was becoming even more uneven. The moans were louder than before. I was thrusting so deep and hard into Gia that she placed her palms above her on the headboard, from all the sensations she was feeling. The headboard banging up against the wall as the bed squeaked from our rocking motion. I was close to coming and I could tell she was too. I played with her nipples and bit and sucked on them. Then blew on them to make them harder. “G.. Gg… Grrayy… I’m.. About.. To…. Come!” “Ugh… G… Don’t.. Not yet. Hold on.” I held onto my climax a little longer as he went faster and deeper inside of me. The room was spinning from all the endorphins overpowering my brain. All of this stimulation had my body and my mind all over the place. Our moans louder. His thrusts were becoming more and more uneven, and I knew he getting very close to releasing soon. Shit Gray felt so good. He was going and going and then finally. “Gray.. I’m gonna come..” “Let’s come together.” And with that we both climaxed at the same time. We rode out the high and kept going til we felt like we couldn’t go anymore. My entire being felt like jelly. He pulled out of me and we laid next to each other cuddled up in each other’s arms. He kissed my forehead and then my lips. It felt good to just even kiss his lips after having our little tryst in bed. “Was it what you expected?” “No.. I guess now I know why you really chose the name Gray.” He looked at me curious. “Oh yea. Why is that?” “You’re neither at this end of the spectrum or the other. You’re full of surprises and prefer to be in a place that hasn’t been discovered yet. You Mr. Gray are a very dangerous man.” We looked at each other and just started laughing. He kissed me one more time and said “You’re right. I’m very dangerous!” And with that we drifted off into a deep sleep, that no one or anything would be able to wake us from. Comment,❤️,📎!! 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