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Who: Reader x Oh Mintaek
What: AU/ Smut (+18 )
Story: The Mark binds you to him so no matter where he goes he can find you. After three years of freedom he comes to take you back.

Y/n's POV

Mintaek pulled you into the bedroom and closed the door behind him. He pushed you to the bed while panting hard,

"Take off your clothes." he said in a growl.

Your body was awakend at the sound of his animal growl. You started quickly undressing.

"Not that fast." he ordered.

You caught yourself and stared into his eyes as you started to pull your shirt up over you slower. You tossed it to the side and he stepped up to you. He crashed his lips onto yours and his tongue swarmed in your mouth. He brought your hands to his chest and you started to unbutton his shirt, while he kissed you harshly. His hands cupped your face for a moment while you revealed his toned body. Your hands ran down his chest and stomach to feel his abs like it was the first time you two were touching. His hands came down to the front fo your pants and he started to undo them. He pulled away from you and yanked your pants down and you stepped out of them. He lifted you up quickly and your legs wrapped around his waist. You looked him deep in the eyes smiling.

"I think I'm falling more in love with you." he whispered.

"Don't ever stop." you whispered back.

You cupped his face and bent your head down to kiss him. He leaned you back, climbing onto the bed over you and his hand moved down your stomach and to your panties. You let out a little moan while his lips took the time to meet your neck. He gave you a soft kiss as his fingers found your clit. You bit your lip stifling a moan, your body rolled into his fingers teasing you.

"Say my name baby." he said in a hot breath next to your ear.

You shivered and mewled his name,


"Just like that. Call for me baby." he said.

"Mintaek. I want you." you moaned still rolling into his fingers.

His fangs were out and grazing your neck. He pushed his pants down and sat up for a second. The intensity in his icy blue eyes were breathtaking and the cool color sent a sensation through your body that only warmed you more and had you aching for him to come play with you. He pulled his pants off his feet and his arms scooped up your side as he came over your body once again. He licked your neck, finding a perfect spot for him and he bit into you, making you cry out loud. He sucked blood from you, his other hand found your breast and his finger pushed up your bra and teased your nipple drawing a circle around it. It perked up and begged for attention. Your heat became warmer wanting to be filled, you were wet and wanted something more. His fingers pinched your nipple making you whimper into the room. Your hand combed through his hair enjoying the softness of his brown locks. He hadn't cut his hair in a while, he'd have to get it cut before the wedding and his coranation. He pushed your legs apart more and came up from your neck. He was licking his lips of your blood. He looked more dangerous now.

"You taste so fucking delicious." he said rolling his eyes back to revel in the taste of your blood.

You sat up running your hands over his body but he grabbed your hands and slammed them down to the bed. You looked up at him and he smiled,

"I'm your Master tonight got it?" he said.

You nodded.

"Use your words." he demanded.

"Yes Master."

He nodded and grinned happy to hear it.

"I'm gonna fuck you so good. I won't stop until there's a baby in you."

He grabbed a tie and tied your hands to the bars of the headboard so you couldn't use them. He yanked your panties off and parted your legs wide enough for him to get a full view of you wide open to him. You felt like blushing but you were already so hot and bothered that the embarrassment quickly melted away and your body begged for him to show you the attention it wanted. He dipped his head down to gift your clit with a soft kiss causing you to whine.

"More." you breathed.

"More baby? Like this?"

He flattend his tongue and slowly ran it up your heat and you moaned longer.

"Yes Master, please more." you begged.

He licked you up slowly again then he moved a little faster and a little faster until his tongue was flicking your clit and you were bucking your hips up into his face. You mewled and wiggled in your restraints.

"Ohhhh gooooodddd. Yes. Mintaek. " you squealed and panted at the magic his tongue was working.

You wanted more, your heart was beating like a drum, racing too fast. You pulled at your restraints trying to touch but being unable to. He sucked on your clit and you whined his name, practically screaming. His finger found your heat and your eyes rolled back. Your head sank into the pillow and a second finger met the first inside of you. You were panting and pulling and wiggling below him.

"Do you like the way I eat you out baby?" he said almost impressed with himself at the reaction he was pulling from you.

"Yes Master. I love it." you said quickly.

"You want to come for me little girl?" he asked.

"Yes, yes master."

He grinned and nodded. He crawled over your body again pulling his fingers out of you and drawing them up to your lips. He pushed them into your mouth and watched you suck on them.

"That's it baby. Taste yourself on your Master's fingers." he praised.

You sucked harder and a little faster tasting you on him. Your tongue wrapped and curled around each finger, cleaning each one off. He removed his fingers and he kissed you.

"You're gonna taste me before I make you come." he said.

You nodded obediently. He brought his knees up to the side of your face and positioned his length near your mouth. You opened and he thrusted into your mouth deeply. He started riding into your mouth slowly and you moaned with the taste of him on your lips. He kept going in your mouth a bit faster and you sucked on him harder. Your tongue rolled around him. You sucked on him harder and he pushed deeper down your throat. He lifts the back of your head to keep going. He goes to the back of your throat causing you to gag and yank on the tie. He pulls out of your mouth and kisses you again.

"Good girl." he cooes against your lips.

You lick your lips happily and he moves back down your body so that he can enter you. The moment he's inside you, you moan out into the room loud and hearing your voice echo as he moved in you. Your walls squeezed him tight and he moved faster inside of you. You yanked at the ties on you.

"Oh- Fuck! Mintaek!" You moaned loudly.

He reached between you two and started to rub your clit. You moaned louder, your legs came up and you felt him deeper. His arm hooked your leg and he continued moving in you harder.

"You're beautiful." he groaned.

"Untie- untie me." you panted.

He shook his head and you bit your lip.

"Please." you moaned.

He pushed into you harder and faster. He growled as he dipped down lower to come kiss you.

"You taste so good." he said.

"Let me- touch you." You begged.

He ripped the tie off your wrists and you wrapped your arms around his shoulders. You kissed him hard and you licked his lips. You pushed him down to the bed and started to ride him. Your hand went through your hair and you brought them back down to his chest. He looked up at you with glowing blue eyes. He was so turned on. You looked back at him and rode him harder, taking off your bra in the process. You found yourself staring into his eyes.

"I'm close." you moaned.

He nodded,

"Me too baby."

He pulled you closer and kissed you. You moved faster and faster. He grabbed and played with your breast. He leaned up and licked your nipple and then he sucked on you.

"I'm- I'm gonna- cum." You said gripping his shoulders.

"Come baby, come for me." he said.

You felt your walls closing in more; you started moaning out louder. You felt yourself falling, you were panting harder on him. Your lips hovered just over his.

"Come here." he breathed.

He flipped you over onto your back and kissed you. He pushed into you hard and deep making you scream into his mouth. You felt him spray inside of you and sighed happily. He kept moving and he came down to kiss your neck.

"Let's not stop." he said.

"Mintaek." you whined.

"Let's keep going." he panted.

He continued to move in you....

You two spent hours in bed. You were screaming out Mintaek's name and he made you come round after round not leaving you alone. You didn't know exactly what made you and him leave the room but you two finally walked out and you felt like you were on cloud nine. Mintaek and you were actually holding hands. You both walked down the hall looking for Digit when you both heard some odd chants from the courtyard. You both ran out onto the terrace to see Jay and Kiseok fighting two other wolves. Hyun Jung had Digit standing behind both her and Myung Joon who was trying to call down the fight. You and Mintaek looked at the two arguing and you shouted,


The shout echoed loud enough and two cages trapped both the wolves and Jay and Kiseok. The boys looked up at you while the remaining Vampires that were watching all looked up at you and Mintaek standing there. Mintaek looked at you almost wondering what you two should do.

"The punishment for either side was being sent to the Daggar." You reminded him.

Mintaek nodded but Jay and Kiseok were close friends of his, it would be hard to issue judgement on either side. You looked down at them and got rid of the cages. The Wolves bowed down to Myung Joon when he seized them and Jay and Kiseok looked up at you and Mintaek. You looked to see Digit coming up from the lower level and Hyun Jung escorted him up. You looked to Mintaek,

"First we find out who caused the fight." You said.

Mintaek nodded thinking that was the most sensable thing to do. Mintaek turned to them and said,

"Both parties will go immeditaely to the council's court for trial."

"Mintaek." Jay said.

"The rules were set in place weeks ago Jay and even you must adhere to them. This is nothing new between either of the races. You've broken the one rule we've given you. Maintain peace and here you are in the courtyard fighting like children with no sense. Report to Council's court or I will have no choice but to send you to the Daggar without trial." Mintaek growled.

Jay bowed his head and him and Kiseok made their way out of the courtyard. The Wolves followed them at Myung Joon's command. You looked to Mintaek, knowing that was a hard order for him to make. Digit looked up at Mintaek,

"There are only a few days left until the marriage. The Grand Elders can not make the decision for Wolf lives." he said.

He was right, you three wouldn't truly be placed into full power as the new Counil that over saw all three sides for the next three days meaning that the Grand Elders had to decided Jay and Kiseok's fate. The rules were already set in place for that though. Had they started the problem the day of or even after the wedding then the three heads and you would have to decide what to do with them. You didn't necessarily have a problem with Jay and Kiseok other than the time Jay seemed to try and scare Digit. Still this was an issue that only Myung Joon and the Grand Elders had a say in. You and Mintaek made it to the coucil room to see both parties standing before the Grand Elders. Myung Joon stood next to them and they all were speaking to each other. You got up to them and you looked down at the Wolves and Vampires glaring at each other.

"Considering the trouble you both are in now I would seriously consider getting rid of your attitutdes." You said.

The Wolf looked up at you and snapped,

"Like we have to listen to what you say."

"It would be wise to. The Daggar doesn't care who it consumes and rarely anyone is ever released from it." You said.

He seemed to calm at the mention of the Daggar.

"Do you think that either side wants to do this? That any of us wishes to continue to fight and separate the way that you already have. Look at what the world has become because of the fueding, because of the Fae going into hiding, because the only thing you two could ever agree on was that they Fae were two powerful. And look at that, both of you were wrong. The world you live in now will eventually die and you will be nothing but dust while the Fae survive and thrive and rebuild. Or who knows, all the races may be destroyed. Think of your families, your mates. You have clans and packs, Marks that you need to take care of and yet you two sit here and cause trouble because of petty differences. I would like very much not to have to see anyone go to the Daggar but a rule has been set in place and someone must answer to it." You said.

"There is a reason why we've come together to end the fueds between both sides. There is a reason we have representatives for us and every side must abide by the rule that was set. I'm disappointed in you both." Myung Joon said looking down at them.

You looked to Myung Joon and the Elders,

"Have you decided what's to happen next?" you asked.

"We believe that it should be your judgement in this. You know how to reveal the truth of what happened so show us what happened and then we will follow your decision." Thanton said.

"I will but we should all come to an agreement on what should happen not just my say. I'd like to be considered a last resort. I'm a neutral party even though I will represent the Fae. Our Union is dependant on us working together not one person holding complete power." you said.

Thanton smiled as if he were proud to hear you say that. Mintaek smiled as well and you turned to the Wolves and Vampires.

"Secerts unveiled, reveal the truth, show those who need the proof. Choices made that can't be undone show me the wrong that has come."

You were able to project a wider frame of what happened to reveal the truth of everything. Jay and Kiseok were in the courtyard clowning around when the Wolves passed by them, coming for Myung Joon at his request. The Wolves were passing by just when Jay tripped over something not paying attention to what he was doing and hit the Wolf. One of the Wolves pushed Jay back calling him an idiot and telling him to watch where he was going. He used some term that was offensive to Vampires and that's what triggered the fighting between the two. Kiseok was helping Jay out which prompted the other Wolf to step in. You sighed seeing this and felt disappointed at how childish the incident was. You looked down at them standing in the coucil's court.

"So both of you were to blame." you said.

"You saw it, they started it." Jay shot at you.

"He merely pushed you Jay. I've done worse to you and you've restrained yourself enough to walk away yet you couldn't seem to do it this time with a Wolf? Perhaps even apologize and tell him it was an accident. And you, you Wolves automatically put your hands on a Vampire for bumping into you and then to call them names like five year olds. How childish can you be? Had both sides put away their pride and just decided to coexist then childish mannar wouldn't take place. Do either one of you feel any regret for what you've done?" You asked.

They looked at each other and then looked away both too stubborn to give in. You sighed and turned back to the Grand Elders.

"We should be of our word, the Wolves will go to the Daggar." you said.

"My King!" the Wolves shouted.

You looked to Myung Joon who was looking at them in a harsh tone. Myung Joon knew he'd lose more if an example wasn't made. You could see the hurt in his eyes though, that he had to send his Wolves to Daggar. You looked to Mintaek feeling just the same but all three of you were plainly aware of the destruction that would take place.

"The Vampire's, Jay and Kiseok, will join them." you said.

"Y/n!" Kiseok finally spoke.

You turned to them both.

"There was one simple rule given out to all sides and that was that no fighting should take place between the two races or they would be sent to the Daggar. Now whether it was out of fear of the Daggar or that there haven't been many interactions between the Wolves and Vampires you four broke the rule. You both escalted something that didn't need to go this far." You said.

"I agree with her decision." Myung Joon said.

"As do I." Mintaek voiced.

"As do we." Thanton spoke for the Grand Elders.

You took in a deep breath and decided to display the future that Janera showed you, the one that ended the world in fire. They looked up at it,

"This is the world we are trying to save all the sides from. If this rivalry continues this place goes down in flames. People will die, your familes and mates will no longer exist. This is a world we are trying to spare you from. This is what we will send you to the Daggar with. Think about your actions while you're there and pray that your world doesn't turn to dust." You said.

Mintaek sent guards out to take Jay and Kiseok. Myung Joon sent his guard to take his Wolves to the Daggar. You sighed feeling like that was the hardest thing that you ever had to do but the rule was the rule. Hopefully by sending both parties there they would decided to get past their differences. You looked to Myung Joon, the Elders and Mintaek.

"The day of the Wedding we should release them." You said.

"Three days is all you wish?" Thanton asked.

"I'm riding off of some hope Thanton. With both sides in there, they will know that we are serious and perhaps once they are out that can share that with the others around them. Hopefully quick enough that they will behave during the ceremony. Besides I get the feeling that both Mintaek and Myung Joon did not want to see their friends go and now that they both have the knowledge of what will happen if the fued doesn't end perhaps they'll be more inclined to act right for the sake of survival. Sometimes mercy is a good thing." you said.

"It will not be easy to end such a fued." Myung Joon said.

"I do not expect it to be easy but I also don't think it makes sense not to try. This is the hope that we have to save your world. Our World. I honestly do not wish to die before I've met my daughter." You smiled.

Mintaek came and grabbed your hand and you looked up at him. He brushed your hair back and kissed you softly.

"Three days." he said.

You nodded and the Grand Elders nodded as well.

"Three days."

Three days passed like it took forever for you but with Mintaek he said it felt like it moved quicker. You two had spent most of the past two days in bed humping like bunnies. Genieve came to visit the Society and run down the ceremony one last time. Then in no time it was time for the ceremony to begin. You walked down the hall in your briliant red and gold dress, your hair in curls and Digit at your side. You saw the open doors to the terrace where you would meet Mintaek. He looked back and saw you and smiled, you couldn't help but smile back. Your mother was standing next to Genieve and Hyukwoo stood next to Mintaek. MyungJoon stood on the side where you would be and watched as you came out. There was music playing in an orchestra that sounded like a royal ballad rather than a wedding march. You didn't quite care that it wasn't a traditional wedding but a part of you kind of thought you'd drag him to Earth so that you could get him to do a traditional wedding in front of your family. You reached the end and made it to Mintaek. He took your hand with a smile and kissed you quick. You looked out and your eyes got wide seeing the large crowd of people: Vampires, Wolves and Fae in one area looking at all of you and not fighting. You felt excited and smiled even bigger, you looked to Genieve and she nodded to you like you had done a job well done but it honestly wasn't even you. Not you alone, it was Janera, Digit, Myung Joon, Genieve, Hyukwoo and Mintaek. This was an effort built by not just your ambitions but theirs as well and you were so proud. Hyukwoo stepped before you two,

"We are here to announce the union of Oh Mintaek and his Mark, the next Queen of Vampires Y/n. This union is a blessed one and one far more imporant to our kinds than you may understand. We are building a new world, one where we live in happiness and coexist with each other. The destruciton of our world has come by our own hands and we wish to get it back. To live together as we once did. I hear by announce that the Grand Elders no longer hold power over the Society but that Mintaek should take his rightful place as King of Vampires, just as his parents would've wanted. Mintaek will take his bride as his Queen and she will be the bridge between Fae and Vampires as well as Human and Vampires. Mintaek will be her connection and they will work as one. Vampires show your alligence to your new King and Queen." Hyukwoo said.

He turned and gifted both of you with crowns that both of you would only wear on special occasions it was more ceremonial rather than you needed to wear it everyday. The Vampires raised their fist in the air with a loud crowd and placed their fist to their hearts.

"Hail King and Queen!" they shouted in unison.

This was kind of exhilerating to you. You smiled and looked up at Mintaek and kissed him. Myung Joon stepped up next and Digit stepped up to him.

"Digit is now representing my house. He will be my second hand and he will be the bridge between Wolves and Vampires. Protect your Wolf brother as his mother, Queen Y/n, protects him. Digit will up hold the honor of the Wolves and he will see to it that the truth shall always last. He is our connection; he is our representative. Honor your brother Digit!" Myung Joon said in a commanding voice.

There was a tone in Myung Joon's voice that made you understand why his Wolves didn't challenge him and why they saw him as a leader. He held the honor of all the Wolves in him and he held it with pride; one that even you could see Digit was proud of. You smiled as the Wolves howled out to Digit and sang their praises to them. You weren't sure if it was the motivation from Myung Joon's voice, if it was because they didn't want to be taken to the Daggar or if it was because both the Wolves and Jay and Kiseok spoke of what you had shown them but neither side looked to fight with each other. Nor did they seem to be buddies, they kept their divide not mingling between the two but they were coexisting for the moment and that was the beginning of it all. Genieve came up just as Digit came over to give you a hug. You hugged him and picked him up. Genieve's obvious royalty had even the Wolves settle for her. She was very beautiful in her white dress with a gold neck line. Her hair was in a half up do with curls in a crown and then the hair hanging down in beautiful curls as well.. Your mother stepped up to your other side and placed a hand on your shoulder. The crowd calmed in a way that you were awed by. Even Mintaek found himself entranced by her, nothing for you to feel insecure about but amazed about. Genieve looked around for a moment and then smiled,

"This is a glorious day not just for the Wolves and Vampires but for the Fae. We have been given a chance to come out of hiding, to live amongst other races again and it is because of the open mindedness of all three parties that we have made it to this point. We are looking for a new future and we will rebuild this one to its former glory. An old world with new rulers each one willing to set aside their differences and see a bigger picture. This is our home, not just the Fae's or the Wolves or the Vampires. Together as one this is our home and we must do everything we can to help it survive. Y/n,"

Genieve turned and reached out to you and you set Digit down. You took her hand and walked up to her.

"To my Fae brothers and sisters, I look to you to watch over our young princess, she will succeed me when the time comes. Help her keep our world alive and fresh. She is the bridge between not just Vampires and Fae but Humans and Fae. She is an important part of us and while she is the Queen of Vampires she is the daughter of my most trusted warrior and best friend, Maryeen. She is the new princess of the Fae; she will represent us here." Genieve said.

You looked back at your mom when she mentioned that they were close friends. Maryeen smiled back at you looking as if she were always pleased to hear that she was trusted by the Queen. Genieve looked to you and nodded,

"Are you ready?" she asked.

You nodded.


You stepped up closer to her and you two held hands. You took in a breath and closed your eyes. The world that you saw before was one that came to mind. Jeju came to mind, the waters, the cool breeze, the grass, the flowers. The world you ran into when you were just a child, the Fae world they created in their little bubble realm. All the things you found breathtakingly beautiful you visualized and began to make real and slowly but surely the desert burned lands began to grow green and look beautiful, lush and the smell was so wonderful. On another side, a field of wheat sprouted and yellow tulips next to them. Genieve built monuments and buildings that looked like they were coming from ancient Rome and Egypt. There were buildings that looked like they came from Greece and even something you'd see in the Valkayrie world. In the distance, where the Wolves were, you built a mountain that gave Wolves a high ground, you could see the castle sitting at the top of it. Trees that looked like palms but had colors of your wildest dreams began to sprout. The Fae that came began to start dusting them with their Faery dust. You didn't know if it worked as a fertlizer or something to perserve it but you didn't focus on it. This was taking a lot of power out of you but you kept going.

"Chimera!!!!!" Someone in the crowd screamed.

You looked out and stopped creating. It seemed like a huge field of Chimera were on their way towards the Castle. You were stopping and Genieve pulled on your hand.

"Do not stop." she said.

"They'll kill the people here." you said.

"This is the perfect time for them to fight for the world they want. Don't worry, keep going." she said.

You weren't sure about that. Mintaek stepped up.

"Don't worry babe. Finish it, it's for a new future, we'll take care of them." Mintaek said.

You nodded.

"I'll go with him." Myung Joon said.

"Hyun Jung keep an eye on Digit, if they get to close get him out of here." you said.

She nodded.

"You two be safe." You told Myung Joon and Mintaek.

They nodded to you and jumped off the terrace and began to fight with both sides. The Fae there that were warriors began to fight as well along with your mother who began to fight with them. You and Genieve continued creating you. You closed your eyes to keep your concentration. Alot of your energy was being drained you could now see why you wouldn't have been able to do this alone. You kept going with Genieve and you opened your eyes to see all the Races working together to survive the Chimera attack. The beasts were large and visicious but they were holding their own. You smiled feeling better about that then you looked to Genieve,

"The Chimera have a Queen." you said.

"Please don't tell me you're thinking of getting her to join our truce." Genieve said.

"No. Listen the Chimera have a Queen. They are all connected. She can create multiples even when one dies it doesn't matter to her but if she dies all the Chimera go with her." you said.

"Who told you that?"

"I read it in a book." You shrugged.

She cocked an eyebrow at you and you rolled your eyes.

"Look, let's at least try."

"I don't know where the Chimera nest." she said.

"I do." You said.

You conjured your chain scythe and your dagger and changed your dress to a black crop top and black pants with black boots. You looked to her,

"Can you keep it open for me?" you asked.

She nodded. You hooked your scythe into the ground and hung onto the chain.

"Two shakes and you get me out, more than that you close it." you said.

She nodded.

"Eomma be careful!" Digit yelled.

You gave him a wink and opened a portal to get you to the Chimera's nest. You jumped through holding onto the chain. You got into a dank looking cave and started looking around. She would still have Chimera protecting her and you were already drained of energy you had to be careful. You made your way deeper and deeper, moving as fast as you could without attracting any attention to yourself just in case. You came to a corner and turned to see the Chimera Queen waiting. She was awake with a bunch of Chimera nesting around her. Shit, how were you supposed to survive this? You turned your dagger into a bow and arrow. You didn't train much with them but you were hoping to get a hit. You aimed carefully and let go. The arrow headed straight for the Chimera Queen and she didn't seem to react until one of her Chimera caught the arrow in their mouth.

"Shit." you whispered.

You quicky ran as the Chimera started to chase after you. You looked behind you for a second and created another wall to the Chimera cave to block them off. You ran in the other direction but Chimera were coming from that direction as well. The tail attacked you and you quickly created a shield to block you from the attack. It came after you again and you used the shield. You turned the bow into a sword and swung at the tail cutting it off. The Chimera roared and jumped onto you. You used your shield to block your face as it tried to bite it in half. You shifted under him more. You stabbed it in the stomach than quickly rolled from under it. While it cried in pain, you jumped up high enough to get onto its back and stab it in the head. You quickly jumped off of him and opened up another part of the cave and tried to find a clear way to get to the queen. You projected another part of yourself on the other side of the cave and opened up that part. That projection whistled to get the attention of the Chimera and bring them closer and away from the Chimera Queen. You quickly opened your part once the projection got them far enough away. You stood before the Queen that stood up and roared loudly. She was ten times your size.

"Shit." you said.

You didn't read that part in the books. You looked at her looking down at you and her tail stuck at your side. You blocked with the shield but her tail was powerful enough to knock you over and send you rolling on the ground. You looked up at her panting, she still somehow knocked the wind out of you. How were you supposed to beat her? For some reason Johnny and Taekwon came to mind. You used to watch them play video games all the time. The Chimera Queen jumped at you and you quickly slid across the floor to dodge her. You were on the other side of the cave. She hit her head on the wall and shook her head but the walls to the cave were breaking and the ground was shaking a little from her landing. Taekwon and Johnny used to face large creatures in their games when the people were super small; one time Taekwon was yelling at Johnny to throw a bomb into the monsters mouth before they both died. That was it! From the inside out, because you were way too small to fight it one on one like this. You began to spawn bombs around the entire cave for extra measure. You taunted her,

"Come one girly, time to take your medicine." you said.

Her tail hit the wall repeatedly making you wonder what she was doing. You dropped to your knees for a moment feeling weaker. You called your projection back to you so you could get more power back. You stood again once the walls brought down and Chimera started gathering around.

"Aw shit." you yelled aggrivated.

She roared and you found the perfect opprotunity to run and throw the bomb into her mouth. You made one big enough for her to really explode and as the Chimera came to attack you, you ran and jumped on their heads to give you enough height to get it in her mouth. You yanked twice on the chain as quickly as you could and threw the bomb inside of her. You were being yanked out of the portal and you created stone walls around you to keep you from getting hit by Chimera. You landed on the floor of the terrace coughing and you looked into the portal.

"Boom." you said.

The explosion went off and Genieve closed the portal for you.

"Momma." Digit ran over to you.

You looked up at him and smiled; You looked to see the Chimera had actually dropped dead and their bodies seemed to dissolve into dust. You sighed but your energy was so drained you passed out....

When you woke up, you were in your bedroom. Mintaek was sitting next to you looking worried and he was holding Digit on his lap.

"She's awake!" Digit said happily.

You smiled at him when he got down from Mintaek's lap and he climbed onto the bed next you.

"Hi baby." you said petting Digit's head.

He hugged you and looked up at you from between your chest with that innocent child like smile.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"I think so." you said.

You smiled at him and he kept his head laid on your chest but he looked at Mintaek. Mintaek got up and came closer to you. He softly petted your head and came down to give you a soft kiss.

"I thought I lost you for a second." he said.

You shook your head,

"No you'd know if I were dead. The Mark keeps us connected but I felt you worrying about me." you smiled.

"I always worry about you. I'm glad you're okay. Geneive said you exhausted a lot of energy, you've been out for two whole days." he said.

"So I was in a mini coma, cool." you gave a small laugh.

He shook his head lightly and sat back down,

"She said that you exhausted your power and the baby's."

He covered his mouth looking kind of dark in the face. You shurgged and looked at Digit on your chest, he seemed to be falling asleep. Then you finally registered what he said and you turned back to look at him with wide eyes but a confused look.

"Mine and the what?" you said.

Mintaek smiled and chuckled lightly.

"No, you better be playing with me Oh Mintaek because it's only been like three days or five. There's no way that-"

"It's possible and you know it Y/n."

"Even still how could she know I'm pregnant before I know?" you said.

"It's a Fae thing honestly. The same way that Fae are extremely furtile, the same way that Fae have very different pregnancies than humans. She said that if you went to a human doctor right now it would seem like you're already a month along."

"What!" you yelled.

He started laughing and you quickly looked down at Digit on your chest. He was asleep and not waking up anytime soon. You quickly shifted him on the bed so that he could rest while you got up. He must've stayed up for a long time just to make sure that you were okay.

"Hyun Jung and Myung Joon are together in the Wolf Kingdom. She said she'd be back in a few days. They seem to like each other. Seems like Myung Joon joining us was for a little more than saving our world."

"I wouldn't doubt his honor like that. Besides with Wolves there's loyalty in family and their pack. Just like how Digit sees us."

Mintaek nodded and you sighed.

"She really said that our pregnancies are different?" you asked.

He nodded,

"Actually Maryeen said that when she was pregnant with you she had only carried you for like four months; she considers that long because you were half human. Since the baby is Fae, Vampire and Human she expects it to be a little longer but because humans are used to nine month pregnancies she figureed you might freak out about being a month along already."

"I can't see my family like this. They saw me a month ago if I show up with a brand new baby in like two months they're gonna flip their fucking minds." You said.

He laughed,

"Time moves differently here than it does there remember. We'll keep you here for a few more months and then we'll show them the baby how about that. Besides Maryeen and Genieve both said you should have the baby here and with the Fae because she'll probably be delieved in swadling orbs of light."

"You're really not helping the process right now." you squinted your eyes.

He smiled and came closer. He cupped your face and you could feel all the love he held for you. He kissed you slow and softly, he said,

"This is what we've always talked about. That first year and a half I fell in love with you and wanted you so bad. We talked about getting married and having a baby and now it's all come true."

"Even though I lost the first baby." you said.

"We won't lose this one. You and I both know that." he said.

You leaned into his chest and smiled, you closed your eyes and sighed softly.

"It's good to see a King love his Queen." A voice came.

You opened your eyes and saw Janera standing in the corner of the room. You looked at her amazed.

"Janera? You're not in the temple?" You said surprised.

"No not anymore. I was hiding out there to keep from the negative life of this world. Had my plan not worked I would've had to start again. Remake life and that would've been such a long process. I'm glad that things have worked out." she smiled.

Mintaek stood up and said,

"Thank you for what you've done for us and this world." he said.

She nodded and looked at Digit asleep on your bed.

"He will make a great King one day, you'll be proud of him I assure and Y/n don't worry about your children. They will be happy and healthy." she smiled.

"I hope so. Digit's such a good boy."

"Yes he is but Digit isn't the one I was talking about." she grinned.

"Oh?" you said not getting it.

She laughed and you stared at her and then started trying to process what she was saying. Mintaek's hand went to your stomach. You kept staring at her and she laughed,

"Sometimes getting a glimpse of the future you don't see everything that you want or need to see in one go and sometimes you can change the future by knowing too much of what happens." Janera said.

She disappeared. You stared at the spot that she was just at. You laughed,

"No." you said.

Mintaek smiled at you gently....


Twins...She meant twins you soon found out in the delivery room just five months later. Even Genieve was trying to figure out how she miscalculated a second fetus in you but you had never see anything about a second little girl in that vision. Only your daughter with your golden hair and Mintaek's icy blue eyes but now you had two. Mi-Ok and Moon.

All three races were still making adjustments to coexisitng but they were much more willing to obey the laws after what happened to Jay and Kiseok and the other two Wolves. The world both you and Genieve created, they seemed to love and the Fae were happy to be free. With the tower, you were able to call home regularly and talk to your brothers which they were happy about. Digit seemed to be growing into his role and he loved being able to travel to the different cities and see the people. You were happy not to see the Society so dark and depressing as it always was and you and Mintaek had put a friendly sport together in the competition room that you set up like gladiators. Fae Warriors, Vampires and Wolves were allowed to compete without killing each other. You visited Earth when ever you wanted to and it seemed like life was getting eaiser here and more peaceful. It seemed like because of what you did to stop the Chimera people were more than willing to give their alliance to you which made making peace much easier than it did before. You and Mintaek stood out on the Terrace with Mi-ok in his arms and Moon in yours. You looked at the world you helped build and the warm breeze blew your hair. Flowers began to grow on the edge of the terrace and Moon reached out for it. You looked behind you trying to see if your mother or Genieve was there.

"That wasn't me." you said to Mintaek confused.

Mi-Ok started to reach out to the flowers in Moon's hands and when she got one it turned pink. You looked at her with big eyes then Moon.

"Wait they're using their power this early? I'm not ready for this." you said distressed already.

Mintaek laughed.

"It's not that bad."

"Mintaek you set things on fire when you lose control of your temper. Again I say, I'm not ready for this." you said.

He nodded,

"Good point. Maybe we should ask grandma Maryeen." He said looking down at Mi-ok.

Ok so life wouldn't be as simple as you hoped but still it was better than war...
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