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Disclaimer: I am so so sosososososososoos SOOOOOO proud of BTS. You all know I love them and this is not to discredit their win. They deserved it, they are some of the hardest working, sincere, talented groups in the business. This card is about how western media outlets are using BTS to earn money. This is talking about how Western media is being shady, not about BTS doing anything wrong.


If you've been awake for the past week you know that BTS made history as the first Kpop group to take home a Billboard award. As a result, they've been all over Western media. They've been in Vogue, on CNN, literally front page news for many sites.

And that's f*cking FANTASTIC. BTS deserves the publicity and so much more.

But the problem is, Western media has now seen how much money they can make off of simply mentioning BTS and as a result things are getting a little crazy (just for posting a video with a small clip of BTS in it on YouTube, they can make almost $1000!

They can't really be blamed for that because they're a business trying to make money, but when they take it a step further, and start writing articles about Kpop with no background info about Kpop, thats when it gets tricky.

Here's Rolling Stone:

1. BTS write and produce socially conscious K-pop.
One look at Psy is proof enough that K-pop acts tend to focus on crafting crazy-catchy tracks with an eye toward the Western mainstream, but BTS (an acronym for the Korean term “Bangtan Songyeondan” or “bulletproof boy scouts” in English) stand out as an anomaly among their peers. While other K-pop acts focus on songs about heartbreak and partying, BTS have connected with audiences by touching on topics such as mental health (2015 album track “Whalien 52” tackles loneliness), politics (see member Rap Monster’s collaboration with Wale titled “Change”) and even female empowerment (“21st Century Girl” has been performed on Korean television). All the while, the members have writing credits on nearly all their songs and are taking on more production roles with later releases – also a rarity in K-pop. The 2016 single “Save Me” has members Rap Monster, Suga and J-Hope all credited as lyricists and producers.
In this article that you should really check out, Asian Junkies explains the issue with the passage above:
**language advisory :) **
[This passage is an example of] the stereotypical reliance on citing PSY as some kind of CRAZY ASIAN dumbfuck clown that proves K-pop is just stupid shit compared to the great socially conscious and wise masters of BTS. Like I get that his dance tracks are what people know and he definitely loves to make people happy with his music, but even a cursory glance at his past would reveal his protest actions and songs like “Father” and “We Are The One“.
Discrediting PSY cause of his dance tracks would be as silly as discrediting BTS because their mainstream successes are owed to tracks like “I Need U” and “Fire“, ironically two songs that match well with why the article says the rest of K-pop is apparently worthy to be dismissed as sameness. Weird.

Basically, people are now writing about Kpop as if they understand the industry, but they really really don't.

BTS won Billboard award and is supposed to help other Kpop artists break into the American market, but if people continue to say that BTS is 'one of a kind' and unlike other Kpop groups, that's not going to help any body.

I hope that Western media changes its tune and realizes that while yes, BTS kicked ass, makes incredible music, and is one of the biggest groups right now in Kpop, there are so many other incredible artists waiting to be discovered by the rest of the world.

I'm so thankful for BTS for paving the way, but the media needs to get their act together.

I have seen quite a few interviews that have been great though, so at least its not everyone!


The whole point was always that BTS don’t need to be gassed up by the West with this type of bullshit for them to matter, because with or without them they’re still globally popular and dominating, and the fact that they can be used like this by journalists is testament to that. They need them and you, not the other way around.
All media is bad in one way or another great points were made in this card and in the comments and I agree with and respect all of your opinions. As ARMY no KPOP fans we should just continue to love and support of groups and show them how much they are loved. Who cares what other people think? I'm so proud of BTS and they don't deserve to be the next "fad" why pay attention to articles that are lies and irelevant ? Newer fans who may truly be falling for BTS will research them and correct their ignorant comments and find the information on these articles are not true. Everything will fall into place as long as we love and support them. At the end of the day in this case its about BTS and ARMY. We need to stay positive and not let negativity or ignorance get in the way of anything. Lets be the bigger people and show them that KPOP in general is not the next fad. We have voices on social media *heck we got BTS to the BBMAs and hopefully can send more amazing groups in the future* and correct all these wrong and ignorant articles and people. All I'm saying is not to turn this entire thing into something negative. if something is wrong correct them. Teach people educate them of other groups "if you like BTS you should totally check out.." we can make this into something beautiful! Music is universal let's not let them ruin the true beauty of what it means to be a KPOP fan. Even though it may be upsetting stay positive, we can do this guys. ♡
girl this is beautiful 👏👏👏
I don't like how it's made as if BTS is the ONLY group to write/produce/choreograph which yes that is good and not all groups are able to do that but like suju, bigbang, bap, seventeen, winner, ikon and others have too. Also it upsets me that when gangnam style came out western media was saying it was just to get views and become popular when if you look at his earlier releases he is known for his goofiness. Btw he has awesome album songs and even before gangnam style his songs were really good.
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@mkbmccann I really like that one too but "Daddy" was the popular one cause of how weird it was. "Entertainer" is a great one by him and I read he wrote that the propose to his wife with.
That rolling stones article is just insulting, like seriously, do a little research people, many, many groups are all having a hand in writing and producing their own music now, and although I love BTS its not like they were the first either... plus although I get mad when people think PSY is all K-Pop is, I still love him, he is awesome!!! Basically it boils down to being half truth, disrespectful, stereotypical, ignorant, garbage, spewed out in the form of an article... Thanks for this card @kpopandkimchi I had no idea it had gotten this bad :/
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EXACTLY!!! How stupid do they think we are? Like seriously?
This honestly breaks my heart. I did not see and watch our boys work their butts off just to be used to get money and publicity. This is definitely not what they worked so hard for. I even consider this slightly racist. as a korean, I was often told to go back to Asia where I belong when I was little. but now, thanks to kpop and other influences, people are all over Asians. I am constantly being told by others that I can do something because I am Asian, which I find offensive sometimes. Bts and all other asians r not meant to be used because people think we r a "fad" or think they can gain popularity from us. I really hope that this changes because I feel like these articles r covering up all of the hard work that bts went through to get where they r now
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I really hope that some people could realize that they r not the center of the world and that they should be accepting of other cultures and other people's preferences
It also makes me feel bad for all the other groups that have performed in the USA. It makes it seem like they don't count. Got7 had sold out shows last year, and Monsta X is sold out here now.
Totally! Kpop groups have been performing in the US for over a decade!
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