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Jackson Tells Markson Fans to Please Stop

Looks like some Markson fans took things a little too far recently...

Some Chinese GOT7 fans pooled their money and posted a poem about the love between Mark and Jackson on a huge screen at the People's Liberation monument...

Jackson used his official account to respond to the group simply saying "Please Stop"

Some fans think his response is rude or too direct but I mean, guys, that's taking it a leeeeeeeeettle too far...

What do you think? Was it just for fun or was Jackson right to not like this?

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I feel his response was reasonable. I mean, if fans are feeling that's too mean then what does that say for the fan's mentality? There is this thing called common sense...
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Sorry this is long and slightly ranty, lol. Reminds me of the recent V live where BamBam was reading comments and everytime he read one about shipping he told the viewers to stop shipping. Needless to say they didn't even have the courtesy to stop making posts like that during the live. Now, I've been a "shipper" since before "ship" was used in this context. You can't just "not ship" once you've started. I find ships in every piece of entertainment I see in life, lol. Starting with anime way back in the day. The problem is that so many people take it too far and when shipping real people, you have to acknowledge that your ship has a 99.9% chance of NOT being real (I say that # because who are we to know for sure). But! You don't force your ship on the real people behind them. All that may do is hurt them and make the friendship they have that you love awkward if the fans forcefulness goes too far. Jackson and Mark are not one of my ships, I see them as terribly close friends who saw that fans liked them being so close and ran with it for fanservice without noticing the monster that grew in their wake. This has happened often in the history of K-Pop. Look at TVXQ for a similar case (though the details of that are fuzzy, I never had got deep into fandom when I first found them). Anyway, rant done. TL:DR- I wish people that ship and do stuff like this would stop doing things that makes the REAL people involved feel uncomfortable. It gives the rest of us a bad name. @szewwy
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TVXQ: folks shipped Yunho/Jaejoong & Yoochun/Junsu realllllllly hard & various other combos of the OT5. It was weird. I've never shipped so I've never understood the seeming "need" for it.
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He can say whatever he wants.. just because he is a public figure it doesn't mean that he has to be nice all the time. Plus I would probably get annoyed too if fans are constantly shipping the group members. Probably in the past it was cute but now they got annoyed. He is only human.
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It was a little overboard tbh
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he has every right to tell them stop. just because ppl ship the doesn't mean they really feel that way and it probably makes them uncomfortable! wat makes ppl think this is ok and that him having his own response to a relationship that doesn't even exist seem rude?!?!?
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