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Jay tells you to get dressed and come outside. He's got a surprise for you since you have the day off.
You walk out in your favorite outfit and find Jay.
He's leaning against the car and he turns you around to see him wearing glasses. He looks so cute so you smile big. He's crazy about your smile so he comes over and gives you a kiss. Then he kisses your nose and tells you to get in the car.
You two arrive at the baseball field and you start getting excited. Jay isn't a huge fan of baseball but he brought you to a game. You thanked him with a giant hug and millions of kisses on the face. "Damn baby, I can't wait to see what you do when you see the rest of what I have planned." he says.
After the baseball game, Jay takes you to the mall to go shopping. You caught a baseball during the game and you got it signed too so you wanted a case to keep it in. You two passed by a build-a-bear workshop and your eyes get big. He laughs and says, "Go ahead baby get whatever you want."
You got a bunny and named it after Jay. He laughed and you gifted him with a deeper kiss. "I'm liking the way you're showing appreciation." he smiled. You laughed and he took you back to the car.
It's almost sunset and you two have a nice romantic dinner on the rooftop. You two flirt and talk and he asks how you enjoyed the date. "I've got to hand it to you Jay, you did very good." you smile happily. "So how are you going to show your appreciation this time?" he grins. You smile bigger, "Baby just wait until we get home. I'm gonna give you the best thing you've ever had." you say. He licks his lips and says, "So you're finally gonna make that chocolate cake?" You laugh and nod your head. "It's about time I do, who would think you'd go through all of this for cake." He laughs showing that huge grin.
"Baby girl you know I'd do anything for you but yeah I've been asking for that cake for a while now."
I know it's Corny but I thought I'd end it as a fluff.
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hahahaha u make fluff! nice a skill I could never master! love the ending Jay want dat cake! lol
lol Thank you. (I can only do fluff one shots. my fluff stories suck.)
omg how cute
Its just cause you miss him huh?! lmao
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@BabydollBre Lmfaoo but Why 😂😂😂😂😂 Bahabaha I mean he already know what it is