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BaeBum Wednesday: Happy 5 Year Anniversary JJP ūüéČ
Good evening everyone! Yes I am back. I want to apologize for not bringing you all your weekly dose of Jaebum and I but I have just had personal stuff going on but as I said we are back. This this week for my Jaebum special day I wanted to celebrate JJP's five year anniversary!!
JJ PROJECT, where do I even begin with yall too. I love how yall stuck together through it all
How much I love how close the two of you are and have been since the beginning.
How you always support support one another!
How they always seem to balance out one another!
Bottom line is I love you both so much! You two and now the other 5 too! Happy 5 year anniversary JJP!
Hope yall enjoyed it! All credit for pictures/gifs goes to the owners!

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Love me some JJP!
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