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안녕하세요 친구

Hello lovely Fantasy and soon to be Fantasy loves.


It's is your SF9 Taeyang mod supporter here 이솔다 bringing you our week's theme of our members as superheroes.

Pero like what's a superhero?
The definition according to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary.
Interestingly: it also states *an exceptionally skillful or successful person*

Now it can be argued whether the definition fits him but he is exceptionally skillful. He is the sunshine of SF9 and that there is an exceptionally skill indeed. Not everyone may be the spark of a group in the sense of title wise. Yes they may light up your world but to hold such a title (officially in a group) is quite powerful and maybe even burdensome to others.

So with that being said: I picture Taeyangie as the Killer Sunshine superhero

Whichhhhhhh...interestingly enough I read that there is a Sunshine superhero cartoon/character.
How cool is that?

Examples via photos of why Killer Sunshine:
Aren't they all lovely, killer looks, and bright pics of him??
See what I mean. lol

Welp there you have it...I picture Taeyangie as the:

Killer Sunshine Superhero

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I love it! Unique!
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You're welcome!!!!