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Hello! This is for the Stress Free Giveaway!!
I think an awesome way to de-stress is to go an awesome vacation!!
I would take...
JOOHEON!!! On a trip to...
Places we would visit is...
Park Güell.
Walk around, take pictures, take selfies!! For Day one!!
For day 2, go see the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc. It looks so beautiful!!
For day 4, (Have a break on day 3 lol) we'll go to the La Boqueria, which is a public marketplace and buy food and try different kinds of foods.
Day 5, We go to the Barcelona Zoo and see many animals.
See rhinos, tigers, elephants, flamigos, etc. We'll take pictures and explore the zoo.
Day 6, we will go to a soccer game of FC Barcelona. Go cheer for Messi and Neymar Jr.!! It will be fun!!

Day 7, we will just walk around the streets and explore. Then go back home!

So this is my vacation scenario to de-stress! Hope you guys liked it!

Thanks for participating!
this is an awesome trip
it's a great ttip
that sounds like so much fun! Jooheon would be an amazing travel partner ❤😊