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A Mystic Messenger fanfic by farleythewill; source HERE. Please follow the link and drop him some kudos if you like it!

Chapter Summary:
Two months has passed by since Jaehee admitted to herself that she is in love with you. Neither of you have told the other your feelings yet, but signs of affection are shown between you two. Today is also the day that the two of you will go to Jumin, in regards of the bakery cafe you and Jaehee wants to open up. Meanwhile, Zen wakes up from a psychic dream that terrifies him, as well as conversing with the one who kidnapped him, revealing his true name. The hacker then creates a new plan of action, finding out that the information given to him was inaccurate...but this new info brings a sinister smile to his face...

More Than Friendship...

by farleythewill

Chapter 9: Months Together

    Dear Diary,

    It's been about two months since I've moved in with Jaehee, but it seems like I've been with her my whole life. We get along so well. I had a feeling that we connected deeper on that day, when I finished the art piece I wanted to give her...and I was right. We've been fairly affectionate towards each other, cuddling more, watching movies together, and on rare occasions, holding hands in public.

    Though, it might just be a sign of our incredible friendship. I never got to find out exactly what she and Zen talked about that day, but since then...she's really changed. She's even more sincere now with her opinions, and listens to ever detail that I say. She's rather admirable on how much detail she can remember.

    I really wish that I can tell her I love her. I get the feeling that she wants me to...but I'm so unsure of how, or when, to do it. I don't really want to do it now, since there's the threat of the hacker again...hmm, now I think about it, it's been a whole month since we've heard from both Seven AND Zen. All I got was a text from Zen, saying that he had to leave town because of his new role. It seems that everyone received the same text, so I doubt the hacker was involved with that. 

    ...anyways, enough of the hacker. Let's get back to Jaehee and myself. Today's the day we finally go to Jumin, and let him know of our plan to open a bakery cafe. He said before that he didn't have high hopes of it succeeding, but Jaehee keeps reminding him that he promised that he would help out. I know Jaehee has enough money to start us up, but just enough. I thank her for going with Jumin's plan.

    To end my thoughts for today...I just want to write down what I said before, that I am in love with Jaehee. I want to constantly remind myself that, even though there is no way I can forget. This feeling in my heart...it hasn't changed. I'm still the same person I was two months ago, and she is still the same person...except her hair is a bit longer now...I do love her with longer hair. I want us to have a wonderful life together, and possibly have kids...though, that's weird, since we're both women. I know there are options for kids, but...oh, look at me. Already thinking about this kind of stuff...I need to focus on what's right in front of me. Until next time, diary...

    As you close your diary, locking it with your small key, you notice Jaehee, leaning against the door frame, smiling, her amber eyes fixated to your gaze, her brown hair touching the back of her neck, about shoulder-length. Your peripheral vision notices the light pink blouse she's wearing, a silver pendant hanging from her neck, and a matching skirt, about knee-length. "Aren't you ready to go, hun? Jumin wants us to meet him in half an hour, and you know how much he hates it when someone's late," she lets out, happily.

    You smile back, standing up, looking down at your own apparel, consisting of a pair of black jeans, a silver belt, and a gray shirt with Zen's face on it, the words "Zen's Biggest Fan," written on the back. "O-oh, is it that time already?! I, I have to go change," you belt out, scrambling around your room to look for a more proper attire.

    Jaehee giggles, causing you to calm down. "It's okay, you can come dressed like that. Besides...you look cute wearing that shirt," she lets out, grinning, as she turns to walk towards the garage. You blush, following her, knowing that the shirt your wearing is actually hers.

    "Tell me, why are you wearing my shirt," Jaehee asks bluntly, turning her head to look at you, her grin still on her face. You panic, frantic to explain the reasons, while the reason was simple: it was Jaehee's shirt. "W-well, you see, Jaehee...I kinda spaced out when I was grabbing clothes to put on for today, and I guess your shirt got mixed in with my clothes," you say, nervously, your voice breaking every now and then.

    Jaehee turns her grin to a smile, turning her head to face frontward. "Well, if you like the shirt, you can have it. Like I said, you look cute in it."

    Your blush intensifies, lightly grasping the fabric of your shirt. "Thank you, Jae..."

    As the two of you enter the car, buckling your seat belts, you place your hand behind the shift stick, located between the seats. Jaehee places the car into the reverse position, slowly driving out of the garage, making her way out to the street, then puts it in drive, moving the two of you towards the C&R building.

    "You know, Jae...," you begin, leaning your head against the head rest, turning to face her, "after we deal with Jumin, we should go get ice cream."

    Jaehee turns to look at you, smiling, the edges of her hair brushing against her neck. "That does sound good, hun! That way, I can find out what your favorite flavor is," she says, sweetly.

    You blush again, looking back onto the road. "That's right! You don't know what that is. We've been living together for two months, and we still haven't gone to get ice cream...what's wrong with us," you ask, laughing.

    Jaehee giggles, nodding. "I know, right? At this point, we should know everything about each other now...everything..." she trails off, losing some color in her eyes. You take notice of her change, and instinctively rub her arm, from her elbow to her shoulder. You knew that this was one thing you could do to comfort her, feeling her soft skin against your delicate fingertips.

    Jaehee blushes when you rub her arm, bringing a small grin to her face. You smile, knowing that you have done your work, and gently place your hand back onto the shift console. Just after, Jaehee places her hand onto yours, squeezing it gently, sending your heart fluttering.

    "This is nice...you're always there for me, just like you were when I was going through my crisis while working under Jumin. Only, this time, it's not through the phone. You're here. Next to me. I was so embarrassed to hold your hand, but when I first did it, it felt so...natural. It's been an incredible two months with you, my angel...and I'm happy that my mind is no longer confused by my feelings. I love you, so much...but the only thing that can be considered difficult right now...is keeping my thoughts from you," Jaehee thinks to herself, rubbing her thumb against your delicate skin.

    Your blush intensifies, looking out of the side window, making sure that Jaehee can't see your bright-red face. "Seriously...why can't I just tell her I love her? I know the hacker threat is still lingering, but Seven hasn't said anything...and it's been forever since Zen even said anything, aside from that text. If it were just us two, with no threat or anything, I'm sure that I would have already told her, whether Zen interfered or not...but, oh well. I'll just keep this to myself...it does feel good to have her show such affection towards me, though. I love every second I spend with this woman...," your eyelids lower, your soft smile expressing happiness and bliss.

    "Hey, hun," Jaehee begins, looking towards your direction, "do you remember when I first started with the coffee idea?" You lift your head, turning it back towards Jaehee, smiling. "Of course! I remember Jumin wanting you to slack off on that coffee project, but you were so interested in it...I definitely admired your determination to make it happen. It would have been fun to see the project come to life with you there...but this is a whole lot better! Why do you ask," you question her, tilting your head.

    "Well, I thought...that was around the time that I really took an interest in you. Right off the bat, you were defending me, focusing all of your energy towards me. It took me off-guard, really...but, I'm really happy you did. I truly believe I'm a different person because of you...truly different..." she trailed off, looking back at the road, with a soft smile on her face. "Jae...," you begin, intertwining your fingers with hers, linking your hands together, catching her off-guard, "I like the new you. You're so sweet and gentle, yet can still hold your own when the situation arises. I know I keep saying this...but I'm glad that you're by my side."

    Jaehee smiles a bit more, squeezing your hand, looking back into your eyes. "And I'm glad that you're by my side. And I will never get tired of saying it."

    After a few more minutes of the two of you exchanging glances at each other, you reach the C&R building, Jaehee's old workplace. Jaehee parks the car on the side of the street, as the two of you climb out of the car, your eyes fixated on her attempts to straighten out her skirt. "You know, it doesn't matter what you do, you can't make yourself any more beautiful, right," you state, folding your arms across your stomach, leaning against the car. Jaehee instantly blushes, and quickly turns around, acting a bit naggy. "D-don't say things like that when we just got out the car. It's embarrassing," she lets out, slightly annoyed. You laugh, walking towards the building, exchanging a glance with her, grinning. "I'm just telling the truth. No need to make a fuss about it."

    As the two of you continue to walk towards the entrance of the building, you notice many faces locked onto Jaehee. You turn to look at her, and notice that her face is bright-red, her eyes down, glued to the sidewalk. "Hey, what's wrong, Jae? Are you still upset of what I said? If so, I'm sorry...I'll keep to myself from now on in public..."

    Jaehee looks into your eyes, shaking her head. "No, no...it's alright. It did make me happy when you said that, it just took me by surprise...but having all of these people stare at me...it's something I've never had to deal with before. I've always seemed to be in the shadows, but now...it feels like I'm in the spotlight."

    You giggle, causing her to smile. "Well," you begin, "it could be because you're wearing such a cute outfit. That, and your beauty is really showing. You were just never able to show it, since you were working for that tyrant, forcing you to wear the same old attire. Now, with me around, you can express yourself in many more ways than before...oh, and in case you get really embarrassed of people watching you walk...just imagine that the only person watching you is me, because I'm always going to be watching you. Just focus on that, and you should be alright."

    Jaehee's smile spreads further, your words causing herself to giggle. "Thank you, hun. Really."

    You rub the back of your head, feeling embarrassed as well. "By the way, why are you calling me 'hun' a lot more lately? Don't get me wrong, I love it. I'm just curious."

    Jaehee's blush returns to her, quickly looking away from you, still smiling. "Well...I still haven't figured out a nickname for you, so I just went with the first word that came to mind. So, 'hun' it was."

    You blush as well, then become startled as you hear the electric doors open up, revealing a hectic world of paperwork and panic. "Uhm...Jae...is this really where you worked?"

    Jaehee feels a sickening feel in her stomach, but quickly swallows it back up, knowing that she's here as a friend, instead of an employee. "H-heh heh, yeah...I definitely do not miss this place."

    The two of you walk towards the front desk, headed by a red-haired woman, wearing glasses similar to Jaehee's old frames. The woman appeared really stressed, writing on papers quickly, yet efficiently. She finally takes notice of the two of you, and quickly changes her facial expression to that of a happy, friendly look. "Oh, hello! Welcome to C&R! How may I be of help?"
    Jaehee tilts her head, then widens her eyes, as if she recognized her. "J-Janet? Is that you?"

    The woman tilts her head, in response, pondering who this mysterious woman is who recognized her. "How do you know my name? I...I don't think I've seen you before."

    Jaehee laughs, opening her bag, pulling a pair of glasses out, placing them onto her nose. "There. Is that better?"

    It takes a few seconds for the woman to figure out who she is, but finally, her eyes widen, as if she's shocked. "J-Jaehee! Is that you!? Oh my god, you look incredible! So that is what happens when you leave this hellhole..." she trailed off, looking depressed.

    You giggle at Janet's reaction, looking into Jaehee's eyes through her glasses. "Well, it's been awhile since I've seen those...wait...why did you bring them in the first place," you ask.

    "Well, if I know Jumin, he might take me a bit more seriously if I had these on. You know, just as a precaution," she says, winking, turning her attention back to Janet, who is simply staring at Jaehee's outfit. "It's so cute! I'm sure out that you're taken! And whoever he is, I'm sure he's lucky to have you!"

    The two of you blush hard, freezing in place. You feel your fists clenching, wanting to defend her stance on the matter of Jaehee seeing a guy. Before you were able to contemplate doing anything, Jaehee fires back, "I'm not seeing a guy right now, Janet. I also don't plan on seeing a guy in the future."

    Once you heard those words, you let your hands relax, enjoying the words that Jaehee had spoken. "Well, that makes me happy. I want to be the only person in Jaehee's life, and hearing her say that...I don't know, it just makes me happy," you think to yourself, smiling.

    "Oh, that's too bad...well, whoever you end up with, I'm sure that person will enjoy your presence...oh! That's right. Are you here to see Mr. Han," Janet asks, looking at the two of you, smiling, being oblivious to the looks that you and Jaehee are exchanging with each other.

    "Yes, that's right. Mr. Han's expecting us. May we head up to his office? I'm sure it hasn't changed locations," Jaehee says, politely, smiling.

    "Of course! I'll let him know right away," Janet says, picking up the phone, dialing a number. As she waits for Jumin to answer, you lean towards Jaehee, whispering, "Hey...after this, we're definitely getting ice cream. I can already tell that chaos will unfold when we go further in here."

    Jaehee leans towards you as well, inches away from your face. "Yes, that plan is still a go. Then I can finally figure out what your favorite flavor is," she whispers back, smiling.

    "...Hello, Mr. Han? This is front desk. Ms. Kang and her guest is here to see you...okay, I will, sir. Thank you," Janet says in the phone, before putting it down. "Yeah, he is still in the same old office. Oh, and Jaehee...be warned...it's in there."

    You tilt your head, questioning what she meant, but you look towards Jaehee, who has a look of panic on her face. "Oh...oh god, no...not her..." she lets out, weakly. You widen your eyes, realizing that Janet was referring to Jumin's cat, Elizabeth 3rd.

    You nudge Jaehee, breaking her out of her internal screaming. "Hey, Jae...let's go. We can get through this. If anything, I'll clean your clothes when we get back to the house."

    She nods, slowly making her way to the elevator, with the help of your playful pushes. The two of you enter the elevator, Jaehee pressing a button to take them to the tenth floor. "This building..." you begin, "...is really big. I honestly didn't expect it to be this large."

    Jaehee laughs nervously, adjusting her glasses, which causes you to blush, admiring how cute she looks with them on. "Yes, it does have a lot of commodities. I swear, people live here...well, I at least know that Jumin does live here. His penthouse is at the top of the building."

    You widen your eyes, looking at Jaehee with excitement. "Wait, what?! He lives here!? That's...actually pretty cool! Though..." you trail off, looking slightly sad, "it does seem sad to live where you work."

    Jaehee giggles, placing her hand on the back of your head, stroking your long strands of hair, soothing you. "Yes, it is quite a sad life. I just thank God that I no longer have to deal with this place anymore...on a work-related manner, that is."

    Jaehee quickly retracts her hand when the elevator stops on the tenth floor, the doors opening. The first thing you see is a familiar figure: slender body. Short stature. Blond hair. "...Y...Yoosung," the two of you let out simultaneously, shocked at seeing him in this building, wearing a black suit.

    Yoosung has his hands on his knees, panting for air. "Y...yeah, that's my name...how...how may I help yo-" he cuts himself off, looking at the two of you, locking eyes onto yours. "Oh! Hey! It's you! And..." his gaze shifts towards Jaehee's, causing him to blush. "J-Jaehee! Wow...you look great! That's definitely a good look for you!"

    Jaehee smiles, bowing. "Thank you, Yoosung. We're on our way to see Jumin...oh, why are you out of breath...and why are you...here?"

    Yoosung sighs, all energy drained from his body. "There is a meeting in about fifteen minutes, and Mr. Han wants me to attend it. I need to gather all of the materials needed, but I can't find the reports! I'm going crazy!" He then looks at his wrist, and begins to panic again. "Oh, no! I have ten minutes left! Sorry, girls, but I have to jet! I don't want Mr. Han to yell at me again! I'll catch you later," he yells out, running down the hallway.

    The two of you exit out of the elevator, and turn towards the direction of Jumin's office. "That...was weird, seeing Yoosung here," you let out, confused. Jaehee has a confused face on herself as well, but quickly realizes something. "Hmm...well, I know Jumin is still trying to find an assistant. Maybe he pulled Yoosung out of college, and got him to take the internship..." she says, slightly concerned about Yoosung's well being.

    The two of you finally make your way in front of Jumin's office. Jaehee takes a deep breath, and begins to open the door, but is stopped by your hand being placed onto hers. "Jaehee...let's open it together. This is the next step of us living our life together. Please...let me help you with this," you let out, sweetly.

    Jaehee blushes, smiling, as she lets you push your hand against hers, opening the door. As the two of you gaze into the luxurious office, Jaehee looks around, noticing that nothing has changed in here since she last worked for him. Finally, her gaze fixates on the black-haired male, his elbows placed onto his desk, his chin resting on the back of his hands.

    "Hello, you two...please, take a seat."

     (A month and a half ago)

    "Nhgh...what...where am I? Why am I in this dark room? And why am I sitting in this chair? I feel like...I'm waiting for something...for someone...and...wait...!!! Why are you here?! You need to be with Jaehee, not with me! God...why does it smell dusty in here? It's almost like a...dungeon. And you...why are your eyes so...empty? Don't tell me...something happened between you two? Please...don't let it be that I took you away from her..."

    Zen wakes up from his bed, startled. "Oh, oh god...it was a dream...but it felt so real..." His eyes lowered, saddened by his realization. "...it was another psychic dream, huh? Dammit, this isn't good...I have to find a way to make sure that doesn't happen..." he says, angrily.

    "Well, that sounded like a nice dream you had. You were all smiles," said a voice familiar to Zen. As the male said these words, Zen quickly tried to get out of his bed, noticing that he is handcuffed to the railing. "W-what the hell?! Why did you handcuff me?!"

    "Heh...well, before I answer that, I'll at least tell you who I am, since I know your real name is Hyun," the male casually said, walking into Zen's cell, his red highlights standing out in the dark, his mint-green eyes glowing sadistically, as if he were possessed. "Hello, I'm Saeran. Nice to meet you. And you're handcuffed because I can't have you move around right now."

    Zen angrily snaps back, "I don't give a shit what your name is! Let me go!"

    Saeran laughs, walking closer to Zen, holding a syringe in his right hand. "You know I can't let you do that. Not yet, at least. But, just know, I do plan to let you leave. I just have to do this one thing..."

    Before Zen was able to react, Saeran injected the needle into Zen's arm, causing him to cry out in pain. "Godamnit! What the hell did you just do?!"

    Saeran narrows his eyes, smiling. "I just began the initiation to Magenta. The Savior wanted to be here, but she has other manners to deal with. So, little old me will have to do."

    Zen's vision began to blur, his muscles weakening by the second. "Gah...what...what do you want?"

    Saeran kneels down, looking into Zen's fading red eyes. "I want you to bring the maiden back to us. You know, your 'girlfriend.'"

    Zen's face sprang into confusion. "G...'Girlfriend?' What the hell are you talking about?! I don't have a girlfriend! It's been forever since I've been on a proper date!"

    Saeran's look doesn't shift, but his tone becomes more serious. "That's bullshit, and you know it. I know the conversations you had with her. I know all the times you flirted with her, even though her attention was towards you and...that assistant of his."

    Zen's eyes widen, realizing something. "...you said your name was 'Saeran,' right? Well...Saeran...you're a freaking idiot, if you think my conversations with her meant anything," he let out, laughing.

    Saeran's face finally changed to that of annoyance. "What the hell are you talking about, Hyun!? We have evidence showing that you two are-"

    Zen stops his speech, with a simple phrase: "You obviously can't put two and two together, can you? I've even admitted defeat at least twice between those two...heh, and you call yourself a hacker. You can't even figure out what's in plain sight."

    Saeran pauses from his interruption, thinking. "What the hell is he talking about?! I thought for certain that they were together! That's the whole reason why I took you, you bastard! If you're not the one she loves, then who...who..." Saeran's expression relaxes, hints of hysteria appearing across his face, "oh, shit...no way...no freaking way!"

    Saeran begins to laugh out loud, causing Zen to widen his eyes in shock. "Oh my God! The maiden and the assistant?! I cannot freaking believe it! Of all the people in the RFA, it was HER that the maiden fell in love with!?! Oh my God, this is too rich!!"

    Zen grits his teeth, struggling to free himself from the handcuffs, but the injection Saeran put into him has taken effect, forcing his muscles to relax. "If...if you touch one hair on either of them, then I'll...I'll..."

    Saeran stopped laughing, looking down at Zen's pitiful expression. "Oh, I'm not going to touch them. In fact, I'm not going to leave this palace. I do, however, have a plan now. A plan that will destroy the RFA once and for all! And best of all, the one who will deliver the final blow..." he trailed off, grinning menacingly, as he clenched his fist, punching Zen in the face, causing him to black out.

    "...is you, our new Disciple."

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