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Its time for another round of Melody Festival! and its of the Aqour Group! Today I will be explaing what the Melody festival is before I upload the video of me playing it (well when its done loading.) and what the Rewards are!

Lets Get Started!

How to Play!

Tap on the Start Icon, It will bring you to to a selection where you pick the level of song you like and how mnay songs you want to play
1 song: 4 LP
2 songs: 8 LP
3 songs: 12 LP
1 song: 8 LP
2 songs: 16 LP
3 songs: 24 LP
1 song: 12 LP
2 songs: 24 LP
3 songs: 36 LP
1 song: 20 LP
2 songs: 40 LP
3 songs: 60 LP

The Higher the song level is the more points you get.

Also each song will be different and changes out after each round.

Selecting the Team

When playing songs you have to select a team, songs are based off a attributes Pure (Green) , Smile (Pink) and Cool (Blue). so pick your strongest team or pick your team that matches your attribute.

Adding Special Effects

you can add in special effects to help you out in your round. Each effect will be different and does cost gold (that you have in the game) if you don't want to spend your gold then you don't have to if you don't want to.

Play with your Friend!

this is not always gonna happen, but your friends can help you out in a love live show! They will appear at random before the game starts and they will give you additional bonuses too!

Event Pts. and Completion Rewards!

After you play all 1,2 or 3 rounds (which ever one you pick) you will recieve your rewards! you can get up to, gold, Normal Cards, and sometimes Rare cards. the harder the song is the higher change you can get higher rewards!

Event Points

again event points are given out afteryou complete the songs, but they're bonuses to this one as well. If you rank higher


When you hit the notes, it adds up on your score! The meter above is how high your score is, If you're any higher than a C rank on your match than when you earn your event points, you will earn points on your score for getting a high score, same goes with getting full combo.

Completed Rewards!

now in the game theres completed rewards! when you play an dearn yoru event points, the higher your points are the higher the reward is, like if you complete certain amount of point you can get the feature SR that they're giving out.

After The Event

theres also points for after the event. You can find out your rank if you go to the event page and click event ranking and you can find your rank and find out where you fall under. In this case theres a Feature card in the after the event . Most of the time its 1 SR per event but there are chances you can get 2 SR. Now you're asking "who do I get the SR after the event" Well you have to be ranked with in the the frist 3 slots. T1, T2 and T3. anything lower than those you get not as great rewards but its something for participating. The higher your rank is the better event reward you'll get.

My Video Game Play:

I hope you guys enjoyed the video and the Card and see you again soon!

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