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Monsta X's Shownu Was Going to Be in GOT7

Can you imagine the dad of Monsta X performing all of GOT7's cuter songs? ;)

The truth is, Shownu was a JYP trainee for quite a while, training alongside Miss A and of couse GOT7.

He was actually planning on being in the JJ Project, which was going to be a 3 member unit.

For unknown reasons (i think he sort of decided to leave the company to find a better opportunity?) he wasn't placed in the group and to be honest I am thankful.

Monsta X would be incomplete without him <3

You can see him meeting up with his old friends, GOT7, here and discussing how hard it was to not debut with them.

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It's ok he's not with got7 cause he makes a damn good leader for Monsta X
6 months agoReply
totally <3
6 months ago
omo... i cant even imagine that much sexy on one stage! 馃槏馃槏
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GOT7 is my UB group and I just can't imagine Shownu being a part of it and to be honest I'm glad he wasn't. He fits in with Monsta X and their image.
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He is so adorable!
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I think there is always a reason for anything that happens in our life. I believe that during his time in jyp was not the right time for him but now he has found what is right for him.
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