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I’ve never once imagined there would be a time I would be saying goodbye to your sweet smile. Here I am holding you in my arms as tears fall down your face and your hands on my chest trying to push me away. I am trying to hold you tightly in my arms. You finally managed to escape as my heart crumbles at your words.

Goodbye, Park Jinyoung.

Your words so formal but rang with finality. Stunned, speechless, and shattered I watch you walk out the door and I hear it shut. I stare at the door for what seems like hours hoping you turn right back around and walk back in through it.

There are no tears down my face, but inside my soul weeps for you and my heart trying to make sense of what just happened. I turn and push past the members who have been trying to get my attention. I find sanctuary in my room but immediately assaulted by your lingering smell. I fall unto my bed and grab my pillow and close my eyes inhaling your soft scent.

The tears silently fall. I bring my arm up over my eyes, as I hear a soft knock and the creaking of my door opening. Who ever opened it soon retreats. Not once in the four years would I have imagined you would leave.


Why did you leave?

Was your love all a lie?

I drift to sleep with these thoughts and tears flowing down my face.

To be Continued...
As many of you know I stepped down from being a mod supporter for a couple of communities...and I'm sort off going to wrote a goodbye thing for each of my communities. they will have the same theme but delivered differently by story. The most heartwrenching feelings, because they are my own will be felt through my words hopefully. The stories same themed but different. Each will be filled with my reasons of my hiatus slash break. So hopefully it will be entertaining, emotional, and connect. I hope you will enjoy the stories...

This one will probably be the hardest one I write because JinYoung is my bias right after my ub top,... I loved bringing him to you guys. Like the title hints is it really goodbye or just a goodbye for now?...

stay tuned for the next 4 wks to find out?

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