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Wasup peeps!!! Kim here with a little birthday present for our birthday boy, Chase, Cha Cha Malone!!! Yes it's the 26th here, but who says that you have to celebrate your birthday for one day?????? I hope you had an amazing day and I know you gonna turn up for the weekend!!!!! I hope you all enjoy this as well!!!!!!
It only took one night for him to change you. On that fateful night, you were tossing and turning in your bed. It was hot and stifling night and there was a little breeze coming in your window. You kept tossing until you felt a hand caress your thigh. Just the touch alone was able to jolt you out of your restless slumber. You then felt a finger press upon your lips, silencing you.

Your eyes popped wide open, only to see the most handsome figure hovering over you. You wanted to scream out but you couldn't. You had a sudden urge to lick his finger that was still placed on your lips. You parted your mouth to let your tongue go to his finger. Once your tongue reached his finger, you instantly craved him. You see a smile creep across his face and you felt his hand crept up your thigh and towards your waistband of your shorts.

The mysterious person then lowers his lips towards your neck and started kissing it. You felt goosebumps rise all over your body as he nipped part of your skin. You arched your back, hoping to get some contact from him, but he shifted his weight down to you.  You whined, wanting some type of contact. The mysterious guy smirked in the kiss and started to lick your neck as his finger went inside your shorts. You shivered to the touch as his hand went through your panties and started to touch your most sacred spot.

You felt an electric shock as his fingers began to caress your clit. You can feel yourself getting wet as he continued to caress. You moaned in pleasure and threw your head back in the process. Uuumm, you're so fucking wet, he whispers. By now, you so desperately wanted to touch him, but your arms felt like they were bounded together. You opened your eyes and noticed that they actually were tied together above your head. You looked at him, questioning why your tied up. He looks at you and smirks. Good girls needs to be tied up, he says. He then kisses up to your ear and whispers, It's gonna be so good saying my name over and over tonight. I hope that your ready cause I want you right now.

By then, you wanted to get untied and touch him, but he wasn't letting you do so. The mysterious guy start kissing all over your face and you felt a finger insert inside you. You moaned in pleasure as he stroked your insides. You then felt another finger go inside you, stretching you out. Your hips bucked and you arched your back upwards. You moaned in pleasure as a third finger was inserted. You were starting to feel your walls slowly tighting around his fingers as you was climbing towards your orgasm.

He must have sensed you about to cum when suddenly he took his fingers out of you. You looked at him with hooded eyes, wondering why he stopped. You felt your wrists go free as the cuffs were removed. You lowered your hands towards him as you felt him lift you up in his lap. Are you ready, baby. He whispers in your ear while licking your ear. You barely had time to breath out yes when you suddenly felt him enter you without warning.

You gripped his shoulders in shock as you felt him strech you out. You instantly wrapped your legs around him as he had you sitting on top of him. You notice that he wasn't moving, so you moved your hips to have him continue. Your mystery guy then starts to painfully move in and out of you while he sucked on your neck. You wanted him to go faster, but you knew he was controlling the pace. He noticed that you wanted more so he then picks you up and carries you towards the wall. Once he had you pinned, he slammed into you repeatedly.

Your eyes rolled in the back of your head as you moaned out in pleasure. He then starts to move faster inside of you and you felt getting closer towards your end. You sensed that mystery guy was near his peak too due to the fact that his thrust were starting to get sloppy. You knew it was only a matter of time before he made a mess of you when all of a sudden you felt his finger rub against your clit. It was all it took for you to come undone. Once your walls spazzed and tighten around his length, you felt him relaxed his seeds inside you. You gripped his tightly as he gave you your most powerful orgasm. Both of you continued to hold on to each other while he walked you back to the bed. He then gently kissed you forehead as he pulls the blanket over you.

You were trying to keep your eyes open, but you were drifting fast asleep. You woke up late that morning to see the sun shining in your face. You got up and put on an oversized shirt. Your nose got a whiff of cinnamon coming from the kitchen. You walked in and saw your boyfriend, Chase making French toast. "I didn't know you were here", you said while wrapping your arms around him. I got in late last night, babe. I was gonna wait to get you in the morning, but you were so enticing last night that I had to have you then. You looked at him weirdly. "So last night wasn't a dream?" you questioned. Why would it be? You know daddy has to take care of his princess. And right now, daddy wants his breakfast on his princess. You gave him a smirk and grabbed the syrup off the table. "I hope you enjoy having breakfast in bed," you said while walking back to the bed room. Of course I do, it's the most important meal of the day. "Well I hope I give you energy to last all day because your princess misses you and she can't go back to how we were before."

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omo!! i think i fell in love, i may be bias bc i love him but its not weird if i thoight it was me right?? lol 👍👍
Nope, not at all!!!
😲😲😲😲😲 You so fresh!! I'm telling!! lmaook
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@FromBlue2U So what is the point???